4th Dimension Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy Carl Sagan YouTube

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zioxei : "We can go into our houses and do our flat business" :D

Max Pucher : Now I know who Agent Smith (The Matrix) reminded me of!

KoyasuNoBara : That's the first explanation of the fourth dimension that I've been able to wrap my head around. It's still completely bizarre and hard to think about, but I can at least vaguely comprehend it now.

Susan Vaughn : A woman in a waffle house over heard a conversation I was having and recommended I watch this video. I sure wish I could have got her name. I would love to talk about this with her. She seemed like a real cool chic. Its not every day sombody just reccomends a video on the 4th demension.

Idgarad Lyracant : The First Sermon. Sagan understood the concept of a 'God' better then most priests. If one were to exist, all religions, all interpretations would just be a shadow of it's true existence.

Enaz : who else came here from IGP

GG mi amico : Igp

GeneralGoon : I could listen to Carl Sagan all day.

OneillSG7 : Thanks for a good quality clip of Carl Sagan. Most of the others on here are blurry and, well, unwatchable. At least someone has respect for Mr. Sagan. It's nice to actually be able to have a friend see his face for the first time in a video, instead of backing out saying "nevermind if you can't see who he is". Thank you, thank you, thank you for good quality.

`[]' NicoNicoRee : Igp

Kevin : What's the string music playing

Beautiful Ogre : Igp...

brigitte george : Brilliantly explained.

Todd Everett : a small mad red head sent me here with a black man with dreds

Replieddawn : Great you just ruined a perfectly good apple

khryzbr : From the eyes of flatlanders, all other things like triangles, squares and etc would be lines. They wouldn't know which is which because they can't see from above. If you looked at the triangle guy, u'd see a line from left to right, not recognizing edges.

edible obelisk : one word ...mushrooms

sevan grigoryan : Agent smith from matrix anyone?

D13 Watchmen : This is exactly what the Bible describes about the levels of the Heavens.

Hunter McNutt : PROTOTYPES

MLKKK - : I knew the earth was flat!

Jace Noto : Time/measurement is@ the 4th dimension

Jonathan Day : Assorted ramblings. Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions is the book he refers to. Some are inspired by not, some are put off by it. It's one of those books. I was inspired. A dot next to a dot and so on becomes a line. A line stacked on a line stacked on a line, and so on, becomes a plane. A square, if everything is equal. And so on to the hypercube or tesseract. Sagan's explanation is better than mine. Of course, one moment is stacked on another moment is stacked on another moment. The whole universe stacked onto itself. We can therefore call time a fourth dimension, although it doesn't actually matter what order you stack things in. We can't point in the direction of time, or imagine what an outside observer would see if they looked at a universe of spacetime, although we can usually work with it. Four o'clock at the train station is a point in spacetime. We can understand that and imagine that. Which means we create three dimensional shadows in our mind. If we can do that, Square can create two dimensional shadows of a three dimensional universe in their mind. He cannot point that way, but he can describe them and study them. He can produce self-consistent descriptions and artworks. Just as humans like Harold Coxeter have done of higher dimensions. A slightly mad mathematician, John Conway, even produced a set of glasses that would create a sort of four dimensional view of the world. There are sequels to Flatland, although I rather thought they missed the point and I'd quibble over some of the claims.

Skrub Lord : dude what

Fauxsyn : So @ 0:46 this is how flat Earthers perceive the world?

JXGaming : I call bs

Luke Eruera : Sounds like Bobby Fisher

Colin Weiss : time is a flat circle...

Novarius Haze : This is cool. I liked how he explained the 4th dimension. Makes a lot more sense now. Thanks IGP for the link.

A. T. Smith : His description of the apple and the flat square reminded me of Dr. Strange's "trip" but what really was fascinating was learning that a tesseract was real entity.

Los Overwapos : is this from cosmos?

Peter Boone : I saw a girl on tinder who had this as her bio. But you can't copy links on tinder, so I had to type the URL in one letter at a time. So if you're reading this, hi Margaret.

Dimethyl Tryptamin : If we had a better concept of time, then maybe we could be able to explain the 4th dimension.

Derrick Duan : can you not keep sexually assaulting me with your deep voice

Adi Sucipto : Dimension, for me, is a human invention; only to limit our thought space. Let's think how God is not limited by dimensions

Adrian&Liz2035 : Stranger Things show brought me here.

Slade Areola : soooo, is he saying that no matter where the light is, is it just the same angle, height, width and length

Mark Van Gorkum : Now I'm even more confused.

Brennen Cox : I swear, it's because of videos like this, flat Earthers exist...

Циани Сундерлин : I wonder how high he was during the making of this video.