Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen discuss Fritz Haber

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M B : Have you ever heard the tragedy of Fritz Haber the wise?

Ryannn : i guess thats what happens when you have podcasts for 3 hours and are pseudo intellectuals.....

Sasha Cicvara : Fritz motherfucking Haber.

PRIMEgaming : he really looked into it, look at that, Joe finally listening to Eddie, btw, The Eddie Bravo Experience when?

Utterly Enthused : Did you guys know half the nitrogen in human beings came from Fritz Harbor?

sean14sc : when you've already told each other all of your stories and have nothing new to talk about

jlira01 : You could also do this with the mongols and god knows how many times he has completely explained 11 hydroxy metabolite. Any time he mentions either of those 2 I skip the rest of the episode.

乇volve Outdoors : Anyone ever hear the story about Fritz Harbur?

Adam D : Dude, this is epic. Great work!

Realist : its like propoganda

Will Hleucka : God damn Fritz Haber

Lila Garvin : Hilarious. I hope JR sees this.

3S88Sat : Yupp Fritz Haber