Macho Man and Steak - @OpieRadio @DanSoder @JimNorton

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Ruben Vazquez : That's a spot on randy savage impression.

Mitch Farkas : There no flaws to that impression. Not one.

ruscopcoltrain : Thing is, Pete's impression isn't half bad, but next to Dan's it sounds like amateur hour.

BottledUp : I've watched this so many times, hilarious.

T R : Dan is SO god dam good at voices

The Gold Standard : The voice is spot-on. The mannerisms are perfect. But Soder's on-the-fly thinking and improvisation puts him at another level.

Eddie Carrero Jr. : I know people beat the shit out of Pete in the comments for jumping in, but I think Ope & Jimmy were ready blow past Dan saying "Randy Savage" until Pete said something. Then Dan just took over as Randy Savage! Absolutely one of the best impressions of any celeb I've ever heard.

Objective Christian : His impression of Randy Savage is better than Randy Savage actually was. LOL

andrew centrella : IT'S THE MOST PUREST A LOVE ʸᵉᵃʰ

Wickedashtray : no one funnier than Soder when he goes into Randy Savage mode.....

S I : Thank you Pete Davidson, for opening that can and giving Soder a reason to riff on it.

devlinX : I could listen to Dan's Savage impression all day, Macho was the dogs bollocks.

Scott S : That was so perfect. The voice was dead on and the improvised speech was insane. Everyone was cracking up except Pete trying to crowbar some shit in.

Marcello Capone : Soder's voice is ridiculous. Imagine being lucky enough to have a voice that deep.

Kenny Rollins : That has to be the best Macho Man impressions ever

Jason Wilson : that was perfect

DMOB79 : crackle crackle

Sage Antone : Everyone not Soder SHUT UP

Amazing Briz : Heaven forbid we get an Uncle Paul bit, though.

matt606 : Dan should be permanent third mic. He's excellent. Seriously, hire Dan Ope.

daniel florio : O and J and Bonfire have been great lately. Too bad Jay doesn't come on O and J since he is an Anthony guy and automatically has to hate on Opie.

Gregory Sigmundsson : That was the best part of my week. His fucking dialogue is amazing then his impression is spot fucking on. "It's a double whammy, yeah."

Jobin McGooch : Dan Soder just got so many more points in my book, not just for the great impression but for his Queens of the Stone Age shirt 🤘🏽

kyle damron : I never realized Randy discussing molestation was funny

The Machine : BEST Macho Man impression. BAR NONE.

james beaet : Pete davidson embarassed himself here. Yikes, he made it awkward. Soder crushed.

chuck ware : I was literally dying listening to this the other of the funniest things I've ever heard on the show.

Jake Lang : honestly I think Soder does a better voice impression than Jay Lethal and that's saying a lot cause lethal does it very well.

Grapefruit Simmons : theres a "Best Of" videos for Chip, Ted, Uncle Paul, and Edgar. Can someone PLEASE make a Best Of Dan Soder: Macho Man !!???!!

Hennie Depennie : dan is the best

Artstar2 : In order to appreciate this, you need to watch this and then search YouTube for Macho Man Promo 1989.  He is so spot on it is scary.

guitarzan36 : Pete Davison is the worst. Just stand aside and let Dan do his bit. You can't do the voice so sit there, shut up, and laugh at it. Stop trying to force your way into every bit.

EGarrett01 : Notice that Jim Norton, the other professional comedian in the room, recognized that Dan was killing it and didn't interrupt.

KiLL DoZeR : those 2 guys failing at the impression

JohnLoCicero : Great stuff. I like how Norton is acting like he's not setting him up for the impression all worried about the accuser's name being Savage.

Idgarad Lyracant : Growing up in those days with, and will always be to me, the WWF, I gotta say, that is so spot on I swear he was possessed.

CapitalJ2 : My voice can't get low enough to do certain impression like that. He does a good Sam Elliot too because he can make his voice really deep.

808kiker : Dan is just the best ! Most of the time the show is radio cancer.

elljay81 : That's probably the best Savage impersonation ever

Peezy : so great

rockforlight : I wish someone would animate this.

peter jones : This made me laugh all 612 Times i watched

disco desanti : I'm crying!

Doug Unfunny : im crying. Lol

Georgie Presley : Please don't talk this way obout macho man

Out_Of_Sight Apellido : dan soder has the best impression, but the dude next to him laughing, his laugh was so authentic, perfect combo..

Edward J Garza : soder u carry the BONFIRE!

Tony Bones : best savage impression by far

Bruce Kelly : wow

Jose Montalvo : Dan Soder! Unbelievable, just broke everybody in the room. Thanks for making me laugh like never before.