Wiggle Wiggle Boxer Dog

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Lauren Brown : What a good dancer!

toby_2009 : damn let me get at her snap dude! what else that butt do though 👅💦💦💦

Genskiel : LIVE Hot Potatoes and Wiggly Wiggly World are the Wiggles best albums for the record.

Zebrous : my australian shepherd walks with his butt forward like this

dominha : It would be even more adorable, if she had something to wiggle with.

thestyffenbalife1801 : Adorble

Jeffrey Sutherland-Legault : Ahahaha! Awwwww so cute! What an adorable baby

microelsa : What a treasure!!! Such an adorable doggy!! Can't get enough of this video.... Uplifts my spirit.... Thank you!!! <3

The Malt Wizard : Who is she

Semper Femina : This is a video that deserves to be viral. Love you ZOEY!

dustypan83 : haha at first i thought she was scared

I subscribed! : 0:08 oh he can’t wait dat little booty of his xD

Life in Las Vegas Baby : So Cute. What a great dog.

Manic KM : Love it

Matt Williams : Just saying. I made this video go viral

Theresa Longo : This is not cute this is cruel! This dog has something bothering it causing it to act this way. It needs a vet; it is not dancing or acting "cute" the poor thing is miserable and needs help. Shame on whoever uploaded this bull crap video.