Wiggle Wiggle Boxer Dog

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ewe.linko : How did u train her to do this, lol it’s cute

Lauren Brown : What a good dancer!

Genskiel : LIVE Hot Potatoes and Wiggly Wiggly World are the Wiggles best albums for the record.

Gamer GIRL : Omg so cute

toby_2009 : damn let me get at her snap dude! what else that butt do though 👅💦💦💦

Gregory munoz : dog dances better than me

microelsa : What a treasure!!! Such an adorable doggy!! Can't get enough of this video.... Uplifts my spirit.... Thank you!!! <3

Josh McNulty : Funny af 😂

Life in Las Vegas Baby : So Cute. What a great dog.

thestyffenbalife1801 : Adorble

Zebrous : my australian shepherd walks with his butt forward like this

dominha : It would be even more adorable, if she had something to wiggle with.

Jeffrey Sutherland-Legault : Ahahaha! Awwwww so cute! What an adorable baby

Manic KM : Love it

Blue Jay : I died when I first so this!! 😂😂 it's really funny!!

Semper Femina : This is a video that deserves to be viral. Love you ZOEY!

AcePilotJones : Who is she

I subscribed! : 0:08 oh he can’t wait dat little booty of his xD

glowworm2 : This is hilarious and cute!

9GAG TV : Hi there ! This is James from 9GAG. Awesome clip ! Can we share it on our Facebook and Instagram ? Will surely credit you back ! Can' wait to hear from you soon ! James

dustypan83 : haha at first i thought she was scared

Theresa Longo : This is not cute this is cruel! This dog has something bothering it causing it to act this way. It needs a vet; it is not dancing or acting "cute" the poor thing is miserable and needs help. Shame on whoever uploaded this bull crap video.

Matt Williams : Just saying. I made this video go viral

RedsevenEnter : Hey. We would love to show this cute clip in our german TV Show. Do we have your permision? Please PM :-)

Theresa Longo : Get your dog to a vet! Are you stupid? It isn't "dancing" it is in agony and cannot itch or bite the spot at the back bothering it. It is clearly in discomfort. Recognize the signs and get it a medicated bath or take it to a vet. Some people are so ridiculous and should in no way be pet owners. Shame on you!

SEX WEIRDO : nice ass