Sneaking Hot Dogs into Peoples Pocket's (short)

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RossCreations : One of you dedicated subscribers commented this idea on one of my videos. Thank you!!

catbeweird : Now, this is the kind of prank we need. Harmless and funny, yet weird and creative. Would love to see more strange crud like this, hillarious!

Wale Aliz : I find throwing it at people or cars disrespectful, just sneak it in its way better

Newjorciks : Should have come up to them and told "Your wiener is hanging out dude, put it away at least".

His Majesty : That dude who threatened to call the cops was definitely a Vegan 😂

NovaBlitzz : 0:32 His reaction is the best part of this video. I thought people where going to freak the hell out, haha.

Noctale : It was pretty funny but I think the throwing it at people was probably more annoying for people than funny :^) The best parts were definitely hiding it in pockets.

yuch1102 : 2:06 IM SO DEAD THAT OLD MAN

K-391 : This is genius haha

jaydon lewis : i love u please upload more <3

awkward ape : The old guy at 2:07 thought it was the dementia.

`Be Quiet ́ ッ : Who was the one who came up with this idea? 😂😂

Kiang : It was hilarious until you started to throw hotdogs in people, its kinda over the line

Shivam Kumar : Homeless Casey Neistat is funny.

Nickxx : Next time try and pile as many as you can get in their hood 😂

Shane M : "Sneak - 100"

Stephen McMahon : nice prank! i can also see how people would get upset, but you communicate very well

fdmzoppp13 : lots of very tolerant people

M B : Dogs hot

BlueMew Plays : I’m in bed right now cackling and waking my whole damn family up 😂

Yadira Idkkk : I don’t understand is Ross homeless?

MixtapeX : I was in TEARS when you threw the hotdog and it ended up being the same guy you pranked the 1st time holy shit that was funny

J D : Yeah, there’s been a wave of pickpockets sweeping country the country in which the thief will replace the stolen item with a hotdog. The perfect crime.

Nicky D : instead of saying short you should of said prank.. might get more views

egor-1337-top gusarov-1337-top : This is хорошо

Merlin Merlinovich : This is хорошо

TatoPotato : PICKPOCKETING 100

SHOKOLAD PRO : Я от This is Хорошо

nicksimpson88 : you should keep these shorts on this channel and use the vlog for the longer video, instead of uploading both vids on both channels

C North : That douchebag didn't even have a wallet on him, then tried to accuse them of trying to steal his wallet.

Cletus Zimmerman : Half way thru I subscribed.

BF Magee : This is so...not funny.

Vag Rocker : Part 2 female edition!

Cano : I'd like to see their faces if they follow a vegetarian-based diet.

hi hi : I bet everyone went back to the beginning after 4:05

Luke Price : front page of redditttttt

Brenda Galicia : on facebook you have 1.4 million views!! awesome !!

Акакий Акакиев : Кто от Стаса?

Dionis : Топ контент 2к18

kikiluthra : Looks a lot like impractical Jokers

Anton Chupin : Кто от "Стаса" - лайк!

Accurate Arsenal : Pranks:2012 "Ulitmate break up prank!!" Pranks:2018 "Sneaking hotdogs into peoples pockets" *Wow times have changed*

Skylar K : this is too funny lol kalSDJFghjk, especially the clueless ones lmfao

hjkoi 67u79o : Id be happy . Giving a free hot dog

deraleigh88 : I have a such a good feeling about this vid, that even I myself keep coming back to check the views. Well done Ross! Keep up the good content! I think it's unbelievable how over looked you are. Love you man!

Liyan Said : At 2:36 I was like "one direction?"

MrRiggyRiggs : So good.

Angel A : LMFAO, you should walk around with tied up hotdogs in your hair and see what kind of reactions you get.

Buffalol : This is exactly who I pictured someone who puts hotdogs on other people to look.

Antyvega Antyvegovna : Подсовывать в карманы- это забавно)А вот бросаться сосисками-тупо. Можно и в еблет получить за такое.