Cyborg Hearts - How Humans Computerised The Heart

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Real Engineering : Just back from a trip to Guam with Wendover Productions and Real Life Lore, you can watch the terrible vlog about it here.

seasong : wasn't there this computer scientist that hacked her own pacemaker?

FutureNow : Anyone else particularly cognizant of their heart beat while watching this?


Zunar Zulfiqar : Hi, great channel. Although, I like your old logo better. I'm not sure why. The old one seemed more along the lines of engineering. Being a bit taller and slimmer made it seem more like a tall structure with some kind of support base at the bottom which just works with this channel. I feel the new logo doesn't portray engineering as well. The old one seemed to be a structure while the new one seem like just a logo. Still, a great logo.

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment : Best way to fix a broken heart is sex drugs and rock and roll 🤔👌

Lachie McFarlane : Thank you for the free 2 month long Skillshare code!!!

Kyle Li : *Real Biology*

Striker : GF: *broken hearted* Me: *gives pacemaker* GF: Boi what is this Me: you heart broken right? According to my research you need this

FutureNow : I like the new(?) logo in the intro with the RE symbol as the "A" in "Real."

Justin Y. : A crossover with Wendover and realifelore? Top ten anime crossovers

Alpha Tango : How to Fix a Broken Heart? With Love :3

Rex McStiller : In my opinion the old logo looks better. More slim and not so bulky.

Van Hendrix : It would be great if we could be like WOLVERINE

The Student Official : 3:04 you almost laughed

Kris : AWWW NO the new logo look worse then the old one!

Uriah Siner : Someone please think of a joke about the first inventor being named Hyman.

GURU PRASATH : Awesome content ; keep it up 👍

Mexie Mex : TBH, I think the original logo looks better

Human Person : So, now how to fix an emotionally broken heart?

Hoàng Trần Minh : we want the old logo back

The Spherical Earth : Now THIS is something that you need to find the charger fast

nicholasowenjones : I like the old logo more. The new one looks fat and not very well engineered - like someone has taken your old design, given it a few big macs and added a stroke to it on Photoshop. The old one was trim, sleek and angular like a well-designed car or plane. But hey, graphic design is completely subjective, so if it makes you happy, it doesn't matter either way. The videos are still great!

Our Tube : we all know only true love’s kiss can fix a broken heart... which I’ll never get.

The Spherical Earth : Now if my comment is hearted, I can say my comment is pacemade

Sanity : I like the old one though :)

Joonas Puuppo : Some constructive criticism: I liked the video, but the way you ended it (seamless transition to the sponsor read) felt a bit unrewarding. It felt like the final "punch" of the video was taken away by the ad. I'm definitely not saying that you should get rid of the sponsor read, but perhaps you could separate it a bit more from the main part of the video in order to give some room for a satisfying end point.

Arushad Ahmed : I like the previous logo better

Renan José : The old logo was better.

Francisco Arandano : I like the old logo better :P

markus thiel : Honestly, I prefer the original logo. The new one is OK, it's just seems a bit thick and stumpy. Thank you for great videos, keep them coming. It would be nice if you had a longer 20 to 30 min video every once in a while. But we appreciate the hard work you do put in.

cayge sinnett : I thought the old logo looked cool.

Landdolphin Gaming : I honestly like the old logo better...

Rodrigo Capociama : The older logo is a lot better.

jret bullion : Honestly like the old logo more

the_L3G. : did you pay a guy to make your logo 10 pixels thicker?

Edward Hodges : I don't like the newer logo

Medlife Crisis : Just wanted to say as a practicing cardiologist and fan of medical history, this video is superb. The evolution of the pacemaker is a fascinating story, from huge bulky devices like the ones shown (another stage in their evolution is when they were large boxes implanted in the abdomen) to the tiny leadless device shown at the end - we now take them for granted and they are easy to do. Battery life has also increased massively - one can expect about 10 years on average for a simple device. I often wondered if wireless charging could be used but I learnt that it's very inefficient...from Real Engineering!!

Sven : Old logo looked better imo

metalema6 : Old logo was a lot better

Michael W. : New ones have titanium batteries.

NeZyyy : this should've been posted on valentines day

GAMING PARLOUR : I am not the first

Veteran Bicycle : I use a Medtronic insulin pump. I'd like to learn more about its history.

Ropsana Khanom : Wow this video could not have come at a better time, literally just started work experience in the cardiology ward today

Derek May : I like the old logo. The new one looks like a Real Engineering knockoff.

Alfa WF : I thought you were speaking about the heart as in mental heart. I am disappointed, but I approve of this technology.

David Perry : Preferred your old logo that my two cents

The EPIC Time Traveling walrus : i actually like the old logo more

Minstorm : I prefer the old logo, honestly, it seems more slim and angular and while the symmetry helps, the curved feet detract from the rest of the logo, maybe. I dunno.