The Graham Norton Show S11E11 - Miriam Margolyes The Word "like", Painters and Tree Masturbating

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Comments from Youtube

aisey100 : Will i am not used to being in the company of someone being so honest and real. The world he usually inhabits seems so fake and bull shitty. Must've been a real revelation to him. Miriam is a total gem.

sarika love : I don't know who this lady is but she is fucking funny and now i must watch everything she has ever made.

Chris Vei : Omg I swear can this woman get any funnier I was dying te whole time

Ji Hui Tang : You've got to support the troops! - lol!!!

Kiano M : Will was so in love with her by the end of this video.

TheXyaan .H : Miriam and will are so cute together!

Jeanette Gallagher : "You've got to support the troops!!!" Oh god, I love Miriam Margolyes.

Duncan Sands : Who said women aren't funny? Why does she not have her own chat show in the bible belt?

Tonymount : This lady is a National Treasure !

Andrea Roll : Miriam Margolyes and Gordon Ramsay on the same episode, that would be epic

Eirin Johansen : Miriam should be on at least once a month! x'D

Cobus Coetzee : "What is your occupation?"

Edward George : Some man, somewhere, has got a handjob from professor sprout...

Victoria ASMR : When I'm at that age, I want to be like her! Laughing about life with no a care in the world.

whatiwasgoingtosay : Oh my God, I love this. Will has no idea what to make of her. I need to see them star in a sitcom together.

Francisco Baraglia : THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING

Halinspark : I love her stories. They're always very well articulated and posh sounding until "my tits were wiggling" or "and so I let out a massive fart".

LoveIsTheAnswer : Miriam Margolyes and Betty White need to make a movie together. These 2 National Treasures are priceless!

Michelle Thomas : I kept my composure until she said "You've got to support the troops!" then I lost it

m b : better than any comedian. naturally funny

Auzzie015 : Will.I.Am is so fond of her by the end of the show.

RespectedGamer72 : "Where do you live, Will?" "Los Angeles." "And what do you do?" "Live there." LOL

Exoixx : When I grow up, I want to be Miriam Margolyes.

scatt jax : 3:08 No one cares if that guy's gonna be offended.

Harriet Earle : I was nearly ill with laughter watching this.

Elisheval : And i thought the matthew perry-miriam margolis interview was awesomely awkward.... An then this came along. I bust a stitch laughing!

TheUKMarshall : Will's face at 2:23! lol  

Lily Lieng : lol's squeaky laugh XD

Hans Wurst : she is marvelous

Rigsby 1 : Probably the best hour of chat show theres been

glennsilvaable : You have to support the troops!

Joseph Schneider : Are you, are you, cumming from the tree... strange things have happened here, no stranger could it be...

Skye Baggaley : is far too adorable for words :)

Mary Jensen : Like is to Mariam margoyles what awesome is to me. It makes me crazy how people overuse and misuse the word awesome

BlytheWorld1972 : I love this woman

kim buck : I want to be her

dbertobis : I just love Will, he's so funny and charming

BUSTY69 : I just love that lady and will I am

Violet : "You've got to support the troops"😂😂😂

Joan Anne Wallace : She's brilliant.

D B : Will and Mariam should go on the road good together.😏😚

WalterLiddy : New favorite comedy duo.

Stefania : She's my spirit animal

Eric Taylor : American solders on the street, solders in trees. She seems to like solders a lot, especially for a lesbian.

Beautiful Loser : First saw miriam yrs ago when she was in James and the giant peach. Love her.!!

Shams : I love her sense of humor. (humour).

H BLUEBELL : she is who i want to be NOW!!! Bad ass

cdgh99 : You've got to support the troops!

Jayne Sullivan : She is so funny don't matter what situation she is in brilliant :) would love to meet her .