The Graham Norton Show S11E11 - Miriam Margolyes The Word "like", Painters and Tree Masturbating

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sarika love : I don't know who this lady is but she is fucking funny and now i must watch everything she has ever made.

VioletWillowTree : ''Jesus Miriam'' XD What a riot

Chris Vei : Omg I swear can this woman get any funnier I was dying te whole time

aisey100 : Will i am not used to being in the company of someone being so honest and real. The world he usually inhabits seems so fake and bull shitty. Must've been a real revelation to him. Miriam is a total gem.

Kiano M : Will was so in love with her by the end of this video.

Ji Hui Tang : You've got to support the troops! - lol!!!

Andrea Roll : Miriam Margolyes and Gordon Ramsay on the same episode, that would be epic

TheXyaan .H : Miriam and will are so cute together!

Jeanette Gallagher : "You've got to support the troops!!!" Oh god, I love Miriam Margolyes.

Cobus Coetzee : "What is your occupation?"

Eirin Johansen : Miriam should be on at least once a month! x'D

Tonymount : This lady is a National Treasure !

Victoria ASMR : When I'm at that age, I want to be like her! Laughing about life with no a care in the world.

whatiwasgoingtosay : Oh my God, I love this. Will has no idea what to make of her. I need to see them star in a sitcom together.

Edward George : Some man, somewhere, has got a handjob from professor sprout...

LoveIsTheAnswer : Miriam Margolyes and Betty White need to make a movie together. These 2 National Treasures are priceless!

m b : better than any comedian. naturally funny

Francisco Baraglia : THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING

Michelle Thomas : I kept my composure until she said "You've got to support the troops!" then I lost it

Rigsby 1 : Probably the best hour of chat show theres been

Harriet Earle : I was nearly ill with laughter watching this.

Elisheval : And i thought the matthew perry-miriam margolis interview was awesomely awkward.... An then this came along. I bust a stitch laughing!

Mary Jensen : Like is to Mariam margoyles what awesome is to me. It makes me crazy how people overuse and misuse the word awesome

Joseph Schneider : Are you, are you, cumming from the tree... strange things have happened here, no stranger could it be...

WalterLiddy : New favorite comedy duo.

Lily Lieng : lol's squeaky laugh XD

BlytheWorld1972 : I love this woman

Jayne Sullivan : She is so funny don't matter what situation she is in brilliant :) would love to meet her .

Joan Anne Wallace : She's brilliant.

TheUKMarshall : Will's face at 2:23! lol  

Hans Wurst : she is marvelous

dbertobis : I just love Will, he's so funny and charming

kim buck : I want to be her

Stefania : She's my spirit animal

glennsilvaable : You have to support the troops!

Skye Baggaley : is far too adorable for words :)

RespectedGamer72 : "Where do you live, Will?" "Los Angeles." "And what do you do?" "Live there." LOL

Amy McLean - Author and Movie Reviewer : She's just...I can't even...Miriam Margolyes is unrivalled!

BUSTY69 : I just love that lady and will I am

The Gay Catholic : I love Miriam's American accent, reminds me of Kathy Bates in American Horror Story

H BLUEBELL : she is who i want to be NOW!!! Bad ass

Amanda BYOC LIST : I like to think they've hung out together since then. Sometimes people are instantly friends. :)

Auzzie015 : Will.I.Am is so fond of her by the end of the show.

Beautiful Loser : First saw miriam yrs ago when she was in James and the giant peach. Love her.!!

maryjhanep : i love it when was checking her face to see if she's lying at 3:40

Shunshine Divine : This lady is hilarious!!

tigress63 : OMG - I love Miriam.   She is sooo funny.   What makes her so funny is she is so serious about everything she says and she's not scare of saying anything but she says it so politely in her British accent.

Zed1967 : Will I Am is another variation on how to spell the word Wanker.

Nikhil Sukumar : Men alwayz boast about being wierd but women can be equally charmingly wierd.

Shams : I love her sense of humor. (humour).