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anapau_villa : The girls are the coolest ones in this episode. All of them. They made me not lose faith in today's children.

Matthew Marracci : 5:29 kid says sounds like gunshots If only he knew...

Dick Baguette : Kids react to Meshuggah?

Iron Alchemist : Master of Puppets was my lullaby

Lucy Black : Kids react to Iron Maiden

Blake CZ : Kids react to Motörhead or Iron Maiden please

Aaron Hopkins : teens react to metallica

the real kat : When that one kid was like "ugh he is screaming" I laughed because he literally wasn't even close to screaming lol

Mr ZebraButt : kids react to avenged sevenfold

Tyler Atkinson : Teens react to Metallica

DidIAskYouM8? : Kid:How is this classified as music? Me:Fnaf songs are not classified as music

Genny Lynn : "I don't thinks this classifies as music." ha wow ok

Laura Saldaña : Kids react Slayer

matthew anderson : Kids React to Guns N Roses

alexander : They should react to Led Zeppelin !

Andrew Cheesgeger : el chamaco de lentes estara feliz si le ponen JB o One direction


Connor Jones : Kids react Motöhead

PowerWolf : Metallica is the past the present and the futur !!!

Lisa Dixon : haha. that. was. hilarious.

LeviLewisDrums : this video honestly hurt me so much, Jesus Christ.

balgus82 : Couldn't they have chosen a better Metallica song?

Fear Insanity : Disturbed!

austin pharris : teens react to the misfits

Coon&Kirk 1 : Kids react to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Svtanist : "guessing this is like the Rolling Stones" I'm out, bye.

Coon&Kirk 1 : Kids react to Lynyrd Skynyrd

Connor Bohnert : Kids react to slayer

Monica Cross : Metallica was what I sung to my children as lullabies

Aidan Middleton : Kids react to Iron Maiden.

Brett Hobbs : The kid who asked if it was the Stones and said he saw the Jenner chick wearing their shirt needs some serious help. I would revoke his man card but I doubt he was ever issued one.

Squig Rattlehead : Make 'em react to Stryper

Pandanator : This hurt me

MysteriousMan : Kids react to infant anhilator

Stinga : Kids react to AC DC

Vinny Chops : *Song barely starts* "Say some words already"

Matt Arias : I love metallica since i was 5

Rhett Odenweller : I'm 14 I love Metallica

The Killing : kids react to slipknot

Erepyon : The girls are overall enjoying it much more than the boys

Coon&Kirk 1 : Kids react to Lynyrd Skynyrd

Ramm Stein : Kids React To Rammstein !!!

Gabriela CR : Kids react to guns and roses

LeSentinel84 : the guy with the glasse is a future homosexual maggot lol

kornfreak78 : I weep for the future....

Jackson Edwards : when he calls Metallica The Rolling stone

addictedtochaos : Kids react to The Offspring.

bluerose 5676 : kid react to skillet or shinedown

Fagola Fap : Kids react to iron maiden

Irfan Hibat : I actually want to punch that boy with sunglasses