Screws: What You Need to Know

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Robert stevens : Thank you, Captain Obvious.

KiloSierraAlpha : Excellent video! Here's a quick suggestion for the next one: go around the barn or whatever structure you find handy and just point at structural or decorative things and tell us whether you'd use a screw or a nail to attach them to structure and what kind of a screw or a nail would be best. I have lots of screws and nails around but don't really know when one is better than the other given the situation. Thank you!

MrMcGoo : oop, your tool is showing at 7:52 lol

Oskar Bremer : More of these info vids! Im an apprentice, i find these so good for learning more and more! Keep up the great work!

John Callahan : great vid! might as well start making the basic crane signal vid now lol.

Adam Kreutzer : never knew screws were harder than nails. never really thought about that. thanks!

Ray Davis : Is GRK like Spax?

Tiff Stead : See a doctor about that finger my friend, Please!

Kit Johnson : I love these videos so much. I wish you had your own television show

Kevin Sanders : Love to see somebody that can signal a crane correctly very few know correct signals even old hands

John J. Hill : torx should be the new standard....

GeorgeGraves : New subscriber - love your videos. It would be interesting to hear you talk about how home construction has changed throughout the years. And why there seems to have been a real dip in quality at times, and why older homes seem much better made. Stuff like that. Seems that would be right up your alley.

Jumpstart & Backfire : Here You have it... Keep up the good work! 👍

mendaliv : "Yankee screwdriver". I've always wondered what the name for that thing was, ever since I saw John Belushi use one in Blues Brothers.

Daniel Billingslea : I am so glad I clicked on this video. I had no idea how much I didn't know about screws

Wilson Solt : I do not understand why there is anything but torx screws. I don't care for Phillips, and I might choke someone who brings me flat head screws.

Turning Point : As a Canadian it's fairly rare to find structural type screws with a Phillips type head since the Robertsons are so common up here. I'd much rather have Torx though. Today from what I see the most commonly found are made off shore. They seem to change there head forming dies less so it's not uncommon to find shallower head recesses than they should be. Steel quality used seem to be much more inferior and ending up with a rounded out head trying to drive them in hardwood, or the screws snapping even while driving them in soft pine. If there not properly processing the metal and treating for hydrogen embrittlement that might be a possible reason.I'm not China bashing, but I'm 100% certain the older ones that were North American made didn't have these issues. That yellow coating is usually a cadmium plating. Many don't know it, but it's very much not recommended to eat or even smoke after handling them without washing your hands first. Cadmium is a highly toxic metal.

David Barrera : Thank you so much I hope one day I can be as knowledgeable as you. God Bless

PLBIV : hahahaha the drill placement at 7:39....

Simon-the-Bar : Your voice sounds a lot like john goodman

rjtumble : Duluth Trading sells a few different parachute style bags. I've never used one, so I have no idea what the quality is like. I do, however, love their shirts, which have lasted for years. (search for "parachute")

Joe Mann : thanks nice vedeo I know a lot about screws but learnt something here....parashut bag takes care of the problem of opening the container wrong end and all the stuff all over the floor or worse right into the tool bag.

Justin bustin : I dispise a torx anything. Ill take a screw before a nail if its mine own shit. I wish i lived back in the day when the best stuff was the norm. Give me a stainless everything if its my own building project.

Robert Ketter : Over 20 Years I've been a general contractor... I find this man's video's incredibly informative and I learn something new with each one he produces. I really look forward to each and every video and watch them all... sometimes even binge

The Devil : What's so bad about a square-head? I never had any issues with them. Is there something I'm missing?

Cimara The Diesel Gypsy : I sell screws all day long at my job and I truly thank you for this video. I feel much more informed now.

Jeff Streak : That was good, thanks

Greg Stone : Enjoying your Videos.👍 Brick Mason from West coast.✌️

meandgyp : Interesting, but when talking about "screwing" I suggest not standing in front of the Driver!!! lol

Jerry Smith : Just discovered GRK trim heads for a fancy cedar fence job. They are the bomb, and worth every penny!

Raul Gonzalez : You sir are very knowledgeable

Ryan Cooper : Fantastic video, thoroughly enjoyed. Here in the UK the best screw available is the torx screw as well. No drill will ever cam/strip out these screws, quite why the construction industry still uses phillips is beyond me. Screwfix (biggest diy store in the UK) sell these multipacks which are the absolute best. Again thanks for your opinion, insight and experience and putting this on youtube for the world to watch for free!

crazycutz : This video actually hade me smarter.. thank you for the in depth talk about screws.. and to the point

Joker : Well said "you could always put it in"

LETHAL/F33D3RZ MUSIC : That's like a whole screw museum

pianosidechat : idk who makes your videos but the production quality is insanely good.

king james488 : hard to believe hammering a nail by hand has become a rare skill... almost everyone I've ever met can do it.

Patrick P : I though the Robertson has an advantage of not falling of a bit? Nothing worse than dropping screws when you need them. Seems like you just don't like them since like you said, you avoid anything with that tip.

WildFireburns92 : i once got into trouble with my boss because the ''unbreakable'' screws we use... well i found a situation in which they would break.

Artard Mcfudge : Impact drivers reduce your withdrawal capacity of your screws by up to 20% there was a study done in Germany. Sorry I can't link it right now but worth mentioning. It has something to do with the force required to break static friction every time it impacts, vs breaking static friction once with a standard driver. Also, Heco makes an awesome lineup of screws. Variable pitch ones really changes the way I build. We have a 5 ton crane hanging on 4 heco screws from wood columns. Each screw has a 2.5 ton withdrawal capacity in Douglas fir. Great vid. Thanks.

Tony Music : My nails are getting too long... They're growing out of hand. : The point against flexible nails against stiff screws is not valid to 100% There are flexible screws too. They are more expensive and made from stainless steel. I use them on the moving parts like doors, windows and the bicycle. Screws are great, and you can buy them by gram. At least in Europe. You go into the construction market and buy some screw for 20 cents or so. The price is only high, if you use a lot of screws. Also, saving on the price is easier, if we use the proper screws for the project, and only use as many as we need.

alex tworkowski : You might want to add a notation about the difference between a bugle head screw and one that is straight under the head. Bugle heads split your wood and the straight ones just compress it. that's why Kreg doesn't pack bugle head screws w/ there jigs.

Pablo Lanier : I use GRK for my furniture

Taylor Albaugh : You know.. I just learned before this video that drywall screws are horrendous to use for nearly anything but drywall. Lesson learned! Nice video! Thank you!

M AP : Well impress by your explanations. Are a teacher by profession? Sir

Balam Soto : Thanks for this great i formational video

Tom Norton : The yellow drywall screws are simply yellow zinc. It's the original coating but is basically just good enough but do not use in exterior or treated lumber applications.

Robert J. Simpson : Innovative materials and screw fearures + power(drills) increases productivity and ultimately wealth. A million innovations like those for screws in every area of life is what creates jobs and wealth - the innovations and choice of screws provides good concrete examples of fundamental principles in economics.

Snorky Snorkstien : He's talking about screws he uses but doesn't add to link. GSA or GSH...anybody have a link?