Screws: What You Need to Know

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Oskar Bremer : More of these info vids! Im an apprentice, i find these so good for learning more and more! Keep up the great work!

Ol James : ..YesSirRee, those GRK are wonderful!! Pricey, but worth it. As long as the threads get a bite, they will pull slap thru a board...

Matthew Marroccelli : Thanks Essential Craftsman. Now I'm properly educated for when I get screwed!

John Callahan : great vid! might as well start making the basic crane signal vid now lol. : The point against flexible nails against stiff screws is not valid to 100% There are flexible screws too. They are more expensive and made from stainless steel. I use them on the moving parts like doors, windows and the bicycle. Screws are great, and you can buy them by gram. At least in Europe. You go into the construction market and buy some screw for 20 cents or so. The price is only high, if you use a lot of screws. Also, saving on the price is easier, if we use the proper screws for the project, and only use as many as we need.

rjtumble : Duluth Trading sells a few different parachute style bags. I've never used one, so I have no idea what the quality is like. I do, however, love their shirts, which have lasted for years. (search for "parachute")

AustrianAnarchy : At 5:23 doesn't that dot on the screw head indicate it is Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) rather than Phillips?

David FP : "Grabber" brand yellow zinc screws made in Taiwan are terrible. Have broken off several before I finally drove back to Lowes. The Hillman "Deck Plus" exterior star drive screws are incredible. Have built several fences with them, and I now use the smaller ones for interior shelving and cabinets. Not one has broken. Star drive T25 is here to stay.

Adam Kreutzer : never knew screws were harder than nails. never really thought about that. thanks!

121212 : Philips screws are just awful. They are designed to cam out and slip. Here in Canada you will never see them except for cosmetic and non structural applications.

Garage Shop Shenanigans : the yellow is zinc plated with a yellow dichromate acting as a sealer.

Gosforth Handyman : Really interesting vid - thanks for putting it together! In the UK 90% of the time we use Pozidriv - they're excellent and never cam out if you use decent bits. I did a screw rust test vid a while back - the screws I commonly use are very corrosion resistant and never break - about $3 for 200 screws. They're very, very hard but not brittle. Would be intrigued on your thoughts - can send you a selection if you like?

Jumpstart & Backfire : Here You have it... Keep up the good work! 👍

evo4aps : I love to screw

shawn keller : please please please upload as much as you can, I love your videos!

Brand O : Have you ever thought of a shop tour? came across your channel great stuff thanks

B M : Just bought my first set of Torx head screws this weekend repairing a shed behind the house I'm selling. Never used them before and wanted to see if they were worth the fuss. They were. I'm a convert now.

heriberthuber54 : Did you get the dog that gnawed off your finger?

West Texas Prepper : Duluth trading has the parachute bags

Andrew Debasque : I used thousands of those tiny GRK T-10 3" screws in my redwood deck and didn't have any snap off, nearly invisible and great choice! (made in Taiwan)

Nothing nothings : screw this.

Kit Johnson : I love these videos so much. I wish you had your own television show

JKC : i just have to add this, drywalls screw are pretty much different from ALL other construction screws when it comes to hardness. a drywall screw has zero plastic deformation before breakage. everything else will bend.

mendaliv : "Yankee screwdriver". I've always wondered what the name for that thing was, ever since I saw John Belushi use one in Blues Brothers.

Chad Martfeld : was with u until you said Torx is better than Robertson... wtf man Torx bits twist off. and when they strip they leave circle... fun. Torx are junk. robertson all the way. Robbies are so positive that they take effort to pull off the bit

Cesar Castillo : can you do a video more about the hand signalling you did at the end of the video

Justin Lindle : as an almost 2 decade residential and commercial framer and carpenter I can assure you this man's advice is beyond invaluable to any homeowner or entry level craftsman. Thanks for providing your hard earned knowledge. ps I just bought a Burke bar. done without one for 17 years and instantly understood the applications when I saw it in your hands. Just like the press and your friend, I will think of you every time I use it. Thanks man

Garry Sekelli : Screws will always be better than nails in every way except for speedyness to pound in. Easler to take out though and reusable.

Andrew jones : I really appreciate your videos. At 30 with 14 years in a assortment of trades. I want to be like you when I grow up. Thank you for sharing!

misternormL : 1:45 "GIGGITY"

Dale Richardson : Right on, GRK has a great product, usually they come with a shank sizer smaller then most manufactures (less spliting) but still plenty strong. I hung a stairway up temporarily with 4 screws of a different brand, everything was great until two of us were on the stairway at the same time and we sheared all 4 screws and I was at the top of the stairs and it dropped about 8 feet and that's when I learned about shear strength. You should of seen a carpenter friend try to rip a porch down that I had put together with screws using a Sawzall, didn't happen as he planed.

Mike Ried : EVERYBODY if u like the video then LIKE the video help the channel out

Reel McCoy : Lot of good information

Blakehx : I still like square drive but I agree that you can't beat Torx!

Chester Birchwood : Where do i get a display of screws like that?

thedge7 : Couldn't agree more on the GRK's  Counting the days until  I have used up the last Phillip's in my supply. One word for you: "manicure" YIKES!

kmcwhq : I'm a Machinist-Welder, I hate wood (Lumber) and it hates me. I butcher it occasionally only out of pure necessity. Up till about 2 years ago I never paid attention to other screws besides Drywall screws and used them for everything. Then I discovered Deck Screws. Then I discovered SPAX screws. Wood work goes a bit better now.

Shane Watters : everytime i need three different tips to remove one temporary board, i have a 'talk' with the crew. now a video on the werid wonderful world of nails!

Maverick Wagner : The para shoot bag is great. I am still a fan of square drive. I buy the ceramic coated deck screws with the #3 phillips . They tend to stick to the good square drive bits well and if i have to i can drive them with a #2 phillips .

Kal El : Great video! I too have come to the same conclusions you have. Would you mind making a follow up video about load, notching wood to support load (such as in fencing) vs relying on deck screws or carriage bolts to support load vs just attaching planks to posts?

Kevin Sanders : Love to see somebody that can signal a crane correctly very few know correct signals even old hands

Forrizzledog : I would love a video about the proper way to hammer.

Mike Ried : another great video!! I totally agree on the torx bits and the GRK fasteners i "try" to get all t 25 size torx heads to limit the bits.... easier said then done tho haha.....i think alot of people are unaware of the 1/4" 18 or 20 volt impact driver cordless drills as well those REALLY made long screws and those big GRK fasteners easy to sink in

Robin Coomans : Torx is absolutely the way to go! Nice one!!

Ray Duerksen : Good vid, now if you could do one on bolts that would be great.

kookiemoose : Drywall screws and cheap tubes of caulk hold together where I live in our nations capital. Except for the federal buildings. Nothing but the best for them guys

ArthurVaquero : Loved it and learned a lot! How about a video "The definitive guide on screws" would like to know what an expert uses to hang curtain rods, mirrors, and picture frames. Great channel Sir.

Michael Dougfir : When I was growing up we moved a lot. So Dad built a number of pkywood boxes for kitchen, linens, etc. But he drove the screws in with a hammer up to a point, then used a Yankee Screwdriver to seat them. Now with him gone I sometimes have to repair those boxes. Thanks for this video. I'm subscribing to see what else you do that I can learn from.

Rico : Very good info. I have been getting confused by the on slot of all these new screws. So your video has once again given me some more knowledge. Thank you my new friend.👍

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : So much knowledge.. thank you for doing this.