How to Draw with Tenacious D

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CreepsMcPasta : How much for the drawing asking for a friend

Matthew McDonald : I can't believe they didn't even beat the devil out of the brush... Not even once!

Robthetimekeeper : This is not the greatest painting show in the world. This is just a tribute.

BztnO : "There is no right or wrong here, there is just Kage".

Walken McSexyBeast : Jack bob ross Black in Tenacious D and the brush of destiny

Witte Artistry : This was the greatest thing I never knew I needed 💚

I Dunno : Well great, now I'll have to walk around with a giant boner for the next hour. Thanks Tenacious D

John Joyce : Oh Kage, you're such a rapscallion.

greje656 : "A little yellor" :D

Oilid : Best erotic bromance of the world.

Ariff WM : There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Giuliano 224 : I am learning so much

HoWdY : Why does it look like they’re Photoshopping Kyle’s head onto a body that’s actually even more out of shape than his actual body?

michi9955 : His pants are like a traffic accident. You cant look away...

poison shift : I like to think of it as a tuna can


darkstar878 : Rip Bob Ross

Devon Palmer : So this was the reason for the beard

marshrover V : "Is there a part of the show where you're just standing around making poses trying to look sexy?" Oh Jables, Kage doesn't need to try.

Melanie Anne Ahern : i didn’t know i needed this

c8 E. kiNz : I'd explore your body, Rage Kage 😉🤣

Mauricio Calasich : what the hell I was eating my breakfast, should have put a warning


Raymond DeLeon : That man thong really accentuates his exquisite physique

Moosin Around : You guys should do an episode with Drawfee!

MCPrimetime : Kage should get all the props for sharing that body with the world.


Lemmy K. Is God : Holy Shit, it's Bob Ross !! 🎨 Happy Trees 🌲 & Happy Clouds ☁️ Everybody !! 🤘😇

DelinquentDJ : There's no right or wrong here, just Kage

TarantulaDan : Fantastic video, I love Bob Ross videos, I think this was done very tastefully. You should have sold the painting for charity 😁

Approachable Pancake : Just yesterday I was listening to Tenacious D for a couple hours while studying and thinking, "It's time the D released something new. The world is lonely and yearns for the D's special touch." Lo and behold one day later my wishes were answered. It's time to get touched.

Abbreviated Reviews : I feel like I've really connected with KG today.


Default5 : this is.... ART

R : Kyle still has the body of a young man....from America.

ian jones : This video is a godsend

Martin Prokopiak : "That's kinda distgusting."

Benedikt Prumbs : Tenacious D, I cant wait to see you soon on youtube. And hopefully next time in europe! So many people wait for you, for your Rock, for you kind of making art!!:)

Michael Gallimore : YouTubes just got better. 🤘

100 subscribers without no videos challenge : That deadpool did it batter.

CH4RLIEonUtube : Come back in Italy, cazzo!!!! 😁😂👍🏻😌🔝😉😎🤘🏻🤘🏻🇮🇹

YERRTV : Bob ross approved. Kielbasa sausage

Devan Wetenkamp : Haha it's funny and I see why they went here. But Deadpool did it better.

Gray : This is the reason I'm still alive

MintSodaOWO : Hey remember when jack black was on yo gabba gabba

Danny : Btw its my birthday today. Thanks for the gift guys !!!

Jinkx Monsoon’s chipped tooth : I’M YELLING WHA—

elbajoloco : Mr. Jack that was funny but you could have done so much more. Bob Ross is freaking hilarious, a super positive and philosophical artists who we love to watch just as much for his hilarious commentary as for his art. A great kind soul. You should have done the brush smack or dropped in a few trees, it's that easy, there are no mistakes here, only happy accidents. Good luck on your new show

Kalle Kotlett : I am an egg 🥚

CUZ LIGHTYEAR : We need to crowd fund Tenacious D and the Bong of Destiny!