How to Draw with Tenacious D

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CreepsMcPasta : How much for the drawing asking for a friend

TheAverageMatt : I can't believe they didn't even beat the devil out of the brush... Not even once!

Robthetimekeeper : This is not the greatest painting show in the world. This is just a tribute.

BztnO : "There is no right or wrong here, there is just Kage".

Maximum SS3 : Lol the drawing wasn't all that far off tbh

Walken McSexyBeast : Jack bob ross Black in Tenacious D and the brush of destiny

I Dunno : Well great, now I'll have to walk around with a giant boner for the next hour. Thanks Tenacious D

greje656 : "A little yellor" :D

John Joyce : Oh Kage, you're such a rapscallion.

Giuliano 224 : I am learning so much

Witte Artistry : This was the greatest thing I never knew I needed 💚

Ariff WM : There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.


michi9955 : His pants are like a traffic accident. You cant look away...

Ryan Dailey : I like to think of it as a tuna can

Oilid : Best erotic bromance of the world.

HoWdY : Why does it look like they’re Photoshopping Kyle’s head onto a body that’s actually even more out of shape than his actual body?

darkstar878 : Rip Bob Ross

c8 E. kiNz : I'd explore your body, Rage Kage 😉🤣

Devon Palmer : So this was the reason for the beard



marshrover V : "Is there a part of the show where you're just standing around making poses trying to look sexy?" Oh Jables, Kage doesn't need to try.

Mauricio Calasich : what the hell I was eating my breakfast, should have put a warning

Melanie Anne Ahern : i didn’t know i needed this

MCPrimetime : Kage should get all the props for sharing that body with the world.

Raymond DeLeon : That man thong really accentuates his exquisite physique

Moosin Around : You guys should do an episode with Drawfee!

Lemmy K. Is God : Holy Shit, it's Bob Ross !! 🎨 Happy Trees 🌲 & Happy Clouds ☁️ Everybody !! 🤘😇

TarantulaDan : Fantastic video, I love Bob Ross videos, I think this was done very tastefully. You should have sold the painting for charity 😁

Abbreviated Reviews : I feel like I've really connected with KG today.

Retro Game Players : It's a HAPPY MISTAKE

Approachable Pancake : Just yesterday I was listening to Tenacious D for a couple hours while studying and thinking, "It's time the D released something new. The world is lonely and yearns for the D's special touch." Lo and behold one day later my wishes were answered. It's time to get touched.

R : Kyle still has the body of a young man....from America.

DelinquentDJ : There's no right or wrong here, just Kage

Default5 : this is.... ART

ian jones : This video is a godsend

Benedikt Prumbs : Tenacious D, I cant wait to see you soon on youtube. And hopefully next time in europe! So many people wait for you, for your Rock, for you kind of making art!!:)

ReviewBruh : Bob ross approved. Kielbasa sausage

Martin Prokopiak : "That's kinda distgusting."

CH4RLIEonUtube : Come back in Italy, cazzo!!!! 😁😂👍🏻😌🔝😉😎🤘🏻🤘🏻🇮🇹

muffin gaming msp : Hey remember when jack black was on yo gabba gabba

Devan Wetenkamp : Haha it's funny and I see why they went here. But Deadpool did it better.

Michael Gallimore : YouTubes just got better. 🤘

Jinkx Monsoon’s chipped tooth : I’M YELLING WHA—

Danny : Btw its my birthday today. Thanks for the gift guys !!!

Telic : Album is out the day before my Birthday :D Awesome

Kalle Kotlett : I am an egg 🥚

Luca Vincent : every which way but loose :D

Gray : This is the reason I'm still alive