finger scooter

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Shino : 2xtreme4me

Atratvs : I like how the cam is shaking for about 3 seconds when he sits down.

Kyrpäkalan N.1 fani : why is people making fun of him? i feel sad for because everybody's their own kind.. stop this pls

mrkukres : 1:17  Oh boy, is he gona make it?!

Sergio García : Fino cabrón,enlaces al arca

Jonathan Hancock : 10/10 would scoot again

viktor jonason : Keep going and you will be best in world :)

OLD CHANNEL ! : It's very good for a disabled person :)

Dalton Swayze : Autism

sebre31 : It's not a fake it's the real Tony Hawk.

kay b : sick moves bro! 

Vertical Hunger : those tricks were actually kinda fyre!!!

Kyle Crocker : Those mid air stalls are really something...

crowdmosh : I just ordered my finger scooter after watching this! Can't wait to try these moves!

Christian Dinient : Practice and you will make it better :) (y)

Harry Russell : Sent here from Joey Brezinski on Facebook, lel

Misha Verdonk : I feel sad for him

macchi : nice tongue work bro

wangchung83 : I used the same finger techniques on your moms B-hole last night, it was amazing! We laughed,we cried,we both wished she had an abortion.

SteinerBombz : at first i was like -.- and then he pulled out the ramp extender and I was like O.O

Tim : He's not even wearing a helmet! Talk about taunting the Grim Reaper

matichable : Typical american teenager

ElOliTW : Me da una pena de la hostia. Cuando saca la lengua, haciendo un super-esfuerzo...PFFF FINO, ESTE TAMBIÉN MEA SENTADO.

Zortan : God dammit tyler... or austin. I can't tell you apart. This is amazing.

Felis Plays : Well, he are doing something he likes. btw dont be so mean

Almighty Mc Bean : What am I doing with my life.

Uncleogee : Shit's gnarly bruh

plaidbob : defies gravity!!

RM13 : that last trick was clean af

Kevin Eichelberg : This is one of the greatest things I've ever watched. Thank you for completely making my day

Tobi The Viking : He nailed the tricks with surgeon-like precision.

ivan alonso : ahora se que hay algo mas triste que un scooter un maldito finger scooter. dedicate al parchis chaval

MarleyMadness : Sick moves bro!

Patryk Pstrąg : śmiesze bo grubas

Desmond Castillo : Music fits in perfectly and you gotta love how people just assume he has a disorder in the comments 😂😂

christam24 : look at all those edges

SuperbFlashzplayer : Sick finger skills

george0911 : 2/10, nice try fagg

S lugo : Are u professional?!

iceX cubeX : 0:14 the bomb drops

mark entwistle : this video is cool but finger scooter are just for people hoo can t scooter

abdunystävä : Booooooo lololo nössö plösö

Robert Ballard : This fat ass would be doing this

walshygel2 : /asp/ in a nutshell

jack fairhurst : #beast

MrDJBoNg : this skill

Commander DoucheFaggit : Pure alpha

Adolf : läuft

ASTRONcl : Läuft bei ihm xd