finger scooter

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Mindd Kidzag : That's the only thing he fingered.

Виктория Чебан : Что с языком вот время 0:20-0:30 примерно так

freddy 05 hun : Noob


[ Insert Name Here ] : Who would've thought he'd be retarded enough to be driving an autistic taurus 8 years later

Shino : 2xtreme4me

Matthew Schulte : Kys

JUSTIN JACKMAN : I used to be gay enough to play with these in the 6th grade 😭😭😭

YT Huracan : DØPe

Trinity Waldridge : I dont know if u still post but i do finger bosrding so u can check it out if u want to

Sergio García : Fino cabrón,enlaces al arca

Parker Wier #7 : You’ll get better with practice

Razz Matasen : You a so god ad is god music

MAMBA : yuck

hgxnorton : im W E T

Atratvs : I like how the cam is shaking for about 3 seconds when he sits down.

Desmond Castillo : Music fits in perfectly and you gotta love how people just assume he has a disorder in the comments 😂😂

Tom Joad : Get a life ! XD

ByRoN fornite : Otiste

ByRoN fornite : Mdr on dirait un autiste

Dalton Swayze : Autism

Angel Cabanillas Alvarez : Primero aprendes a hacer los trucos y luego grabas


Alex alex : wtf

tuukka kallioniemi : Noob

OLD CHANNEL ! : It's very good for a disabled person :)

Buuna FB : #Cringe

cole w. : Most fingerboarders don't even skateboard. Lol


ST.Ethan Pedersen : stop

viktor jonason : Keep going and you will be best in world :)

Sylas Rohl : Good 👍

Meflon : No freestyle scooter

coco bigs : what the hell is this

Amy Steigleman : The music does not go well

mrkukres : 1:17  Oh boy, is he gona make it?!

cartmanovec cz : It could ride a real scooter benefit😉

VocadoYT : mat... you are a beast !!!!! #lol

Malachite : Pussy slayer

Familia Garse Pa cagarse Curro : punto amo

Vertical Hunger : those tricks were actually kinda fyre!!!

Yeetmanboli : this is Cancer

Vayvay03 THE GREAT : The criiiiiinnggeeee. There is nothing hardcore about this why is he playing metal while SCOOTERING?????!!!!! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME

the_gaming_pizza : Hey that's pretty gay

Still NJP31 : awsome

Jonathan Hancock : 10/10 would scoot again

Siso Sisin Soso : jajajajajajajaja. hahahahahaha

Best Fortnite : Your good

Almighty Mc Bean : What am I doing with my life.

Jonah Walling : Jumps 1 inch and five minutes later com s down