Sophie Fatu: The CUTEST 5-Year-Old Audition Ever! | America's Got Talent 2018

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glowworm2 : She has very good manners, she thanked all the judges when they gave her yeses.

Sharmella Krishnasamy : She looks like an angel.

h Family : Omg......How Cute She Is........😍😍I really like her...

Jamey Fitzgerald : Judge: What is your name? Sophie: thank you 😊 😇 Judge: What are you going to sing for us? Sophie: Thank you 😊 😇 Judge: Where are you from? Sophie: thank you 😊 😇 Judge: is thank you all you can say? Sophie (turns evil ): JUST PRESS THE F$&KING GOLDEN BUZZER!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 (Simon all scared and shaken up then hits the golden buzzer) Sophie: thank you 😊😇

8 HappyCat 8 : she looks like a tiny Sofie Dossi

Nedgyn Laloi : “OMG 😱 there is so much people” awww so cute😘🤗

Hannah C : She said "thank you" so much it's soooooo cute!!!!!!!

Charlotte’s random world! : She is the cutest little thing ever. She actually sings amazing for her age. And that “thankyou” is so cute.

Yoongz : *She make me soft specially when she smile*

XxAriXx_ YT : I love how she says “mr. Simon” SO cute! She has good manners!

Vibrational Magician : *She just 5 years in this world... how fun is that?*

Mithun Rajesh : How many times did she say 'thank you'? But still. . . So cute!

Lara xoxo : I absolutely love her but some things she says seem like it's scripted? Or her mum told her to say them

kristen chinosi : This is the cutest little girl ever I wish she was my little sister

Alande D : yoh i wish to meet her parents she has manners. She will grow up as a decent young woman nd not lyk all dese grls dat are rude and arrogant.

Klaryssa Hawkins : Oh my god my HEART ❤️ She’s adorable!!

YouTube Is Bae : "Fank you" x100 😂 She's so cute xxx❤️

Me&mi Smiles : There are no words to describe how adorable she is - except awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Charlotte Sadler : She’s the most adorable thing ever xx she’s so polite I’ve seen old people not say thanks

R.T : She is so cute and beautiful she like a walking doll

Temi David : This little girl is Brave She’s bold She’s talented And she’s a Star ⭐️

Nattie DollPlays! : I think 3 years later she should of came on America's got talent and i think she would of been better. You are so cute! Says one of the judges fuck .... then says something else in stead at 3:42

Naomi Boey : It is soooooooooooooooo funny when simon said u should date my son hahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!

Emily Franks : for her age she has a good singing voice

Layton pro 🎩⚡ : Adorable little girl singing frank Sinatra? This girl’s stolen my heart 😂❤️

Ava Leibel : She is the frickin cutest, when she’s older she will be gorgeous!

Marilu Mystics : Oml she is so adorable! I can watch this over and over again! She has an amazing voice! 😍

Татьяна Алиева : Какое чудное Чудо...эта девочка! Дай бог ей Счастья и Успеха! )))

Eclispe Bluemoon : ah. of course. a 5yo can sing a WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN A 10 YO. OF COURSE

Ms Rose Let’s Player! : I don’t get why everyone was laughing..

Julia L : Her Mom looks like Madonna in the 80's

ELISABETH M : LOL...Even the 21st Century needs Shirley Temple!! Here's hoping she gets picked up by a great agency and we get to see more of her!

Khanraima Khan : Lovely daughter

Linn Masilang : 0:27 the cutest and the most adorable...😍😇😂 so innocent..💗

Preet Singh : I saw this video and I will watch her everyday before I go to work coz after such a long time I found sm1 who bought tears with her thank you voice and a doll like face .....thank u little girl I wish I have a daughter like u in future 😊

Rabia Abid : Simon:I want u to date my son 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nashara Diggs/NAEL Photography : Simon out here arranging marriages 😂😂😂 she is so sweet though 😍😍😍


Usman Mehar : Oh my God there are so much people 😍😍😘😘♥♥👍👍 love from Pakistan

Toni : Modern day Shirley Temple!!! Oh my goodness you just wanna eat 'er!

glowworm2 : Sophie is absolutely adorable, but let's get one thing straight--she's certainly no Angelica Hale, that's for sure.

Lian Thangi : The child is so good and polite

scarlet frost77 : OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!! SHE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

Nicole Plays Minecraft : What a very well mannered Girl she always say thank you how cute and what an angelic voice

sahra mohamed : Omg very good beutifull voice

Half The Heart : *Lol, even 5 year olds can sing better then adults nowadays.* 😂

Emmerich Royals : Seeing this just prolonged my life by 80million more years

Bob T Joslin : Omg my god she is so adorable😄

ㄥ乂 卂尺ㄒㄖ尺丨卂丂 乂 : Everytime she said thank you I had to pause and smile for like 10 minutes. This lasted longer then it should have. She's just so adorable!!!

RenaXO06 : The amount of times and the way she says thank you though. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!