Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Live at Rock Montreal, 1981) [HD]

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Yazılım Bilimi : I don't want to die ....

ConvictedAshes : Freddie's voice gives me MAJOR chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not hating on the guy but Adam Lambert can't hold a Candle to Freddie.

Roon Mc : I am sure that when we get to Heaven that Freddie Mercury will lead the angel chorus. The man's voice is unparalleled

Robert S : After watching Kanye do what he did this weekend, that "performance" of this song (more like a bad singing in the shower and being paid to do it) I had to watch this to get clarity.

Blake Fall. : RIP :'(! Why do all the talented people have to die so young?

AonoSaBo : Best Voice in the world

Jay : Freddie Mercury LEGENDARY vocals. No one compares to him. He is LEGEND.

Nelson Mandela : The mustache of glory still grows in the tomb of Freddie.

iowagaming : How was this concert this high of quality...especially in 1981! Someone explain!!??!?

Anselmo Morales : This should be the planet Earth Anthem!

Jeon Jungkookie : Wish I was born earlier to witness legends like this.

Ace Nah : I dont know why but i cry everytime when i hear this godlike voice

Iva Bistrović : when freddie slays his own vocals omg

iqbal saputra : SUAREZ???

E : If you go to heaven, you hear Freddie sing this song. If you go to hell, you hear Kanye sing this song.

Tristan Lewis : 4:09 that "oooo yeah" part gets me emotional i dont know why

กีต้าร์ลงพุง By 92P.M. : Stupid camera when Brian May solo guitar!!!

Mark Koudstaal : I just can't understand how the quality of this recording is so fucking amazing and then recent recordings of any concert are just like they've been recorded by a potato... And most of the time it's not even a good potato...

Guanjyn : So jealous of every single person in this audience.

mweh kweh : I was never a huge fan of their music but fuck me if that isnt one of the greatest performers that ever walked this earth.After Kanye of course.

fang : this song is dedicated to those who think they can sing using autotune!!

Soggy Mcmoistcakes : Why does moustache freddie have a different voice than long hair freddie

Kristina Dechert : I get the chills every time I hear this song. What a great song song to grow up with

I Love My Beard : 328 dislikes? how? HOW? How in Wayne's World could a human being ever dislike this. that's musical perfection.

jacques prevert : Immortal.

Lucia A. : If I were on th font row I wouldn´t be so calm

Magnus Søvik : Anyone else here to clear your mind from that horrendous kanye preformance aswell ?

cjetelomar2010 : I respect Freddie Mercury than Axl Rose. Freddie will always be greatest frontman to me in rock history.

The StrawberryGirl : I just started crying because I never heard such a pure and clear voice singing live in a long time... Sadly... What happened to our music world?!

Nicole Bosma : Freddie Mercury is arguable one of the best vocalists ever. His live shows are the absolute best. Sadly I'm 17 and never got to see them though :( Who agrees?

Henrik De Wolf : omg even live he sounds like an angel

ronniezzzz : 352 dislikes why

Qui Campbell : this is my first time ever crying for a song

Sulthxn : 1981 and HD ? wtf

Michel Cormier : Did Queen changed your life too ? Well read this... As you read this book, the physical make-up of your brain is actually changing, thus your environment is changing. You are becoming a little different physically. Anything you learn changes your brain chemically a little bit. The more time you spend with something or the more impact something has on you, the more you are changed. Your brain is actually changing physically right now. page 86 of the Present Seek truth ? Google truth contest and read *The Present*. Imagine what the truth could do to your Life !

sebatian : wish I was there...too bad my mom was 11 years old then.

SpartanHighKing14 : Unprotected sex was how we got Justin Bieber and lost Freddie Mercury

LucaSilva : Incrível, a maior voz da música na minha humilde opinião.

Alé Al : Tell me know that Lambert and Kayne can sing so good.Tell it to me and I'll kill you. Freddie is unique.

Łukasz Zalewski : Why does everybody not using theri phones to record concert....weird?

Aditya Sanganeria : Little did the people attending the concert know they are witnessing HISTORY IN THE MAKING

Alexandre Gurjão : 3:08 I cried.

William Karam : The 323 dislikes are all from Kanye

woogabooshi : wait, why doesn't he sing the falsetto notes?

Rafael Paz : Freddy Mercury >>>>>>> other singers

Alexis Ramos : El artista más completo de todos los tiempos

Kurt V : Teeth

nahilsolange : 4:20 I just can't help but cry

Ethel Elizabeth : This man is just other way to say Perfection. Long live Freddy Mercury.

Daniel Ackerley : As much as i liked Panic's version, nothing can beat the original and Freddie's vocals. I get way too many goosebumps from just listening to the beginning.