Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Live at Rock Montreal, 1981) [HD]

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Yazılım Bilimi : I don't want to die ....

ConvictedAshes : Freddie's voice gives me MAJOR chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not hating on the guy but Adam Lambert can't hold a Candle to Freddie.

AonoSaBo : Best Voice in the world

Roon Mc : I am sure that when we get to Heaven that Freddie Mercury will lead the angel chorus. The man's voice is unparalleled

Jay : Freddie Mercury LEGENDARY vocals. No one compares to him. He is LEGEND.

Nelson Mandela : The mustache of glory still grows in the tomb of Freddie.

Anselmo Morales : This should be the planet Earth Anthem!

E : If you go to heaven, you hear Freddie sing this song. If you go to hell, you hear Kanye sing this song.

iowagaming : How was this concert this high of quality...especially in 1981! Someone explain!!??!?

Ace Nah : I dont know why but i cry everytime when i hear this godlike voice

iqbal saputra : SUAREZ???

Iva Bistrović : when freddie slays his own vocals omg

Guanjyn : So jealous of every single person in this audience.

กีต้าร์ลงพุง By 92P.M. : Stupid camera when Brian May solo guitar!!!

Tristan Lewis : 4:09 that "oooo yeah" part gets me emotional i dont know why

Mark Koudstaal : I just can't understand how the quality of this recording is so fucking amazing and then recent recordings of any concert are just like they've been recorded by a potato... And most of the time it's not even a good potato...

Soggy Mcmoistcakes : Why does moustache freddie have a different voice than long hair freddie

fang : this song is dedicated to those who think they can sing using autotune!!

mweh kweh : I was never a huge fan of their music but fuck me if that isnt one of the greatest performers that ever walked this earth.After Kanye of course.

Kristina Dechert : I get the chills every time I hear this song. What a great song song to grow up with

jacques prevert : Immortal.

Robert S : After watching Kanye do what he did this weekend, that "performance" of this song (more like a bad singing in the shower and being paid to do it) I had to watch this to get clarity.

SpartanHighKing14 : Unprotected sex was how we got Justin Bieber and lost Freddie Mercury

I Love My Beard : 328 dislikes? how? HOW? How in Wayne's World could a human being ever dislike this. that's musical perfection.

Lucia A. : If I were on th font row I wouldn´t be so calm

Magnus Søvik : Anyone else here to clear your mind from that horrendous kanye preformance aswell ?

Blake Fall. : RIP :'(! Why do all the talented people have to die so young?

ronniezzzz : 352 dislikes why

The StrawberryGirl : I just started crying because I never heard such a pure and clear voice singing live in a long time... Sadly... What happened to our music world?!

cjetelomar2010 : I respect Freddie Mercury than Axl Rose. Freddie will always be greatest frontman to me in rock history.

Henrik De Wolf : omg even live he sounds like an angel

Sulthxn : 1981 and HD ? wtf

Aditya Sanganeria : Little did the people attending the concert know they are witnessing HISTORY IN THE MAKING

Qui Campbell : this is my first time ever crying for a song

sebatian : wish I was there...too bad my mom was 11 years old then.

LucaSilva : Incrível, a maior voz da música na minha humilde opinião.

Alé Al : Tell me know that Lambert and Kayne can sing so good.Tell it to me and I'll kill you. Freddie is unique.

Alexandre Gurjão : 3:08 I cried.

Rafael Paz : Freddy Mercury >>>>>>> other singers

Nicole Bosma : Freddie Mercury is arguable one of the best vocalists ever. His live shows are the absolute best. Sadly I'm 17 and never got to see them though :( Who agrees?

William Karam : The 323 dislikes are all from Kanye

Daniel Ackerley : As much as i liked Panic's version, nothing can beat the original and Freddie's vocals. I get way too many goosebumps from just listening to the beginning.

Kurt V : Teeth

Alexis Ramos : El artista más completo de todos los tiempos

nahilsolange : 4:20 I just can't help but cry

Ethel Elizabeth : This man is just other way to say Perfection. Long live Freddy Mercury.

IsabelleDNA : Haw come no one talk about May's talent

GioLabex : 265 dislikes.... !!!! some people must burn in the hell

報われないゴリラ : I wanted to be born and go to his LIVE before he died..

lorna anderson : a once in a lifetime genius greatly missed