Pop idol-Eye Of The Tiger (FUNNY As HELL)

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Some geek on pop idol and sings his little heart out!


Wang Wenda : Infographics show squad checking in!

merv629g : Comments 90%-infographics anyone??? 10%-quoting the song 0%-comments from 10 years ago

Samuel Matthews : I watched the inforgraphic show, as it said this guy was stupid, but this guy is studying a maths degree so he must be smart

MelancholyRose : It's the frill of the fight!

My grand piano : He reminds me of Roger Federer.

jennifer whitney : Infographics brought me here

Thomas Raahauge : "Not the reaction I expected" :-D


Leonard Aslarona : "Delated"

Something Survival and games : Infographics show anyone?

Steven Flores : Good thing this wasn't *delated*

Garrison B. : Not smart enough to recognize how he sounds by audience feedback, smart enough to graduate from uni, checks out

Wouter Bosmans : Music should be entertaining, well this certainly is. Wonderful, I watch this every time I feel down. Love this guy. THANK YOU!!!

PK Freezy Pop : eye of the potato

The Red Sterling Mc'Bae : I love how he's standing there smiling like he was just accepted..... even though they are laughing in his face. XD

M1gh7y8u77 : hahahahahahahahahahahah

ok : eYe Of ThE tIgEr

Richard Hawkins : Infographics crew here. Cruising on thru. "Rising up to the challenge of OUR RIVALLLSSSS!'

Boss2119 • : Info graphics channel?

Emily Wilding : ok???????

Bolter : Infographics show anyone i did

DeepBullets : His eyebrows is shaped like a bird..

One Channel : master grade

ajh90210 : careful, he'll Dialate your comment :)

Lord Papi Darkwing : hope this never gets delated lol

ROLAND BISHOP : Better than the original? Only time will tell.

111highgh : Fabulous comment.


BigBrianStormer : Trust me, this will never be delated

Dream Creamy : Unibrow Of The Tiger!!!!!!!

M1gh7y8u77 : time will tell? time will tell you need a reality check

shralster : haha. I've always thought that!

Owneador1337 : Unibrow hulk-faced singing anus. Dafuc is this.

Lord Papi Darkwing : Sometimes you just laugh even when you don't mean to be cruel but Fox was in tears lmao

turnbacktime : the first time i saw this i was laughing so hard i thought i was dying.

eddied111 : LEGEND - more entertaining than Lady GaGa

DeWina512 : Simon was staring and thinking "WTF wrong with this guy?"

v4c : @videos4candy But he still sux :P

v4c : I see what you did thar. (He sung bad on purpose to see judges reactions.)

Bruyneel : The best part starts at 0:37 ;-D

george slash : 0:32 epic!!!

babycute557 : Unibrow

emmaaa3451 : unibrow... :P

NauticaMo : I sing better and i'm 12 xD

BiteOffYourFingers : Perfect song for him, I like him, at least he was serious.

train of thought : its the "frill" of the fight...

WinterMadness89 : when Jay Leno was at his 30s..

IngoGarza : Best comedian ever.

Rkill Poarote : 0:01 a masturbate! am i right ?