Pop idol-Eye Of The Tiger (FUNNY As HELL)

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Bystander : The infographics show That's all

Wang Wenda : Infographics show squad checking in!

Samuel Matthews : I watched the inforgraphic show, as it said this guy was stupid, but this guy is studying a maths degree so he must be smart

jennifer whitney : Infographics brought me here

MelancholyRose : It's the frill of the fight!

My grand piano : He reminds me of Roger Federer.


Something Survival and games : Infographics show anyone?

CRO BRO : Infographic show anyone?

Thomas Raahauge : "Not the reaction I expected" :-D

Boss2119 • : Info graphics channel?

Leonard Aslarona : "Delated"

merv629g : Comments 90%-infographics anyone??? 10%-quoting the song 0%-comments from 10 years ago

Wouter Bosmans : Music should be entertaining, well this certainly is. Wonderful, I watch this every time I feel down. Love this guy. THANK YOU!!!

M1gh7y8u77 : hahahahahahahahahahahah

PK Freezy Pop : eye of the potato

cant relate m8 : eYe Of ThE tIgEr

Emily Wilding : ok???????

SkoczMiNaPukiel : He sounds sexy xD

Cata Lin : Repeat 0:51 10 times

peter cotterill : Yep...here because of The infographics show ...he reposted so it would not be delated????

Mike Corr : It isn't funny. First time watched.

Trial by voyeurism : This guy is considered stupid because people liked his singing as per some study by some psychology student studying Dunning Kruger effect

CrAzYkid 123 : Better than anything I could do

Steven Flores : Good thing this wasn't *delated*

gundamzerostrike : It sounds bad, but that's how most people here would sound it they tried to sing this... He failed to realized he's just a normal person, not a singer.

Mark Dugni : I just heard about it and I thought it would be terrible. It's actually not that bad. He's singing better than 90% of people and he's got some balls.

adi123 kandhai : 1:15 do you even English bro

Luis Felipe : The infographics show send me here

Liam L.E. : That's just painful to watch.

Moses Estrada : Beautiful😢

SkoczMiNaPukiel : Don't make fun of this talented dude, he's the next Bryan Ferry 😂😂😂

jack jo : Came here from the infograpics lol... 😂😂

Jayerson Skinner : Infographics!!

Rick Grassi : They knew this would be popular so they let him through the preauditions

Brø2 : It was rude for him to laugh but who can blame him?

SukMa Dek : Do you honestly belive that you're the next Popeye?

Castorm 2140 : RISEN UP

RobiWan : i kinda even like it, sounds good

Something Survival and games : Don’t take the hate man!

Johan Retsler : Honestly, this is not bad. Am I crazy?

Coconut :3 : That is bad AS hell

Bleachy Yeet : i cant beleive this vid is 10 yar sold

Sam Almazar : I n f o g r a p h i c s h o w

Captain Picard : Y I K E S

tlongelben : Ten out of Ben

ᗩ乙Ꭵᖇᗩᖺᗩᙓᒪ : And yet they are still better than me.

thecapito888 : Lol

Levi Ackerman : OMG XD

Cin Thang : 0:01