Dice Parkour

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Tnuts : awesome dice work brahhh

guitargod3333 : @JorickHorn I really don't think he gives a fuck..

Spencer Lemay : Franklin Roosevelt could do better parkour

Spencer Lemay : Wow what a boring fucking douche

sayhi2death : This is so fucking horrible what the fuck...

ABostonElite : penis

Freakazo : I like potato.

OBAgentcel : just....awful

Nyanch : @sirswish10 Hey look! A kid that got his vocab from his mom and dad!

Jonas Ryan : you comenters shouldn't be so harsh, hes just maken a video, your actuly giving his video more popularity by posting coments .............on second thought, go ahead and do what you want :P

Jonas Ryan : @sirswish10 harsh much?

Jonas Ryan : @sirswish10 harsh much?

Rukin : Awesome vid :)

pjodd A : @sirswish10 what the fuck is your problem you fucking ass monk!?

james furci : true that

Jeff Ding : huh can you do a back and/or front flip while keeping the dice stacked? that would be pretty cool

james furci : exactly why respond to the comment in the first place

james furci : all i know is you put in so many hours of practice into a quite fankly unproductive hobby, that sir is a waste of time

james furci : Your right, your life is in the countless rubiks cube videos, regular stacking videos and not to mention the trebuchet.You are a real wild boy!

james furci : WHERE'S YOUR LIFE....LOSER

james furci : but the stunts were not even hard to do even with keeping the dice lined up in the cup

james furci : just cos u wear a superman shirt, that doesnt mean u are super

andy00112 : super man shirt! man those stunts are dangerous!nice!

AshesWasHerName : oh sorry, I meant the way you pronounce parkour. you pronounce the "our" as in "dOOR", but I pronounce it as in "endURe". you know what I mean. I guess I pronounce it like the french do, most people here do it like that. some morons actually pronounce it like "hOUR", though. which makes no sense if you're portuguese.

AshesWasHerName : hahaha, this was refreshing. I've been practicing parkour since 2005, this was very funny and original. you rock. and you spell parkour in a funny way :p

shaun cooney : how shit

RhythmHappy : that was very pathetic yet so awesome at the same time.

Emerson Herrmann : well the dice could fly out and hit you, that probably one of the most dangerous parts, cool vid =D

Ryan Williams : Uhhhh, well...

Adolphus Alobander : LOL, man at about the 00:28 to 00:32 you look like a magician. that is what you need to be jorick, a magician.

Ryan Williams : Hardly professional, but cool backwards 12 ft. jump.

Daniel Borgardt : DRAGON FORCE!! Awesome vid jorick!

em0481 : ur really good at dice stacking but im sorry to say this is not parkour

ddr122 : Cool moves very impressive. Did you quit stacking?

rothbern : thanks i love black sabbath...cool intro too...i loved the last video too...very political...i think more people should watch your videos, cuz your really send out a great, positive message

rothbern : u do parkour....i do too but still cant dice stack lol nice vid keep 'em comin btw wat is the name of the song that starts at about 1:10