Hams of the Steamed Republic (Steamed Hams but it's KOTOR)

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Beef Stew : It's an older meme, but it checks out.

TierZoo : This is a masterpiece

CleverUsernameDude : I was begging for you to press “Your luncheon ends here!”

Hero of Kush : How was you lunch Carth? do you want to talk about it for once

Chipper Tate : The inclusion of the loading screen is the real winner here.

Atnas Ingetnamn : I fucking LOVE that you cut out Skinners replies and made him a silent character, just like the game.

Retardo Revan : You missed an amazing opportunity to have it say [Success] when skinner passed the aurora borealis persuade check

Toa of Gallifrey : Kreia: Must you be driven by your base impulses and steamed hams?

TheDarthfede : Wow, this is pure gold. The best way to resurrect a dead meme

Tobisaru : This deserves more views on the alt dialogue options alone 😂

slowzen : The "Yes, it's a regional dialect" vs the "[Lie] Yes, it's a regional dialect" killed me.

John : Brought me right back to Taris

Zultry : Smart avoiding the Chalmers bonus boss. His force crush basically instant kills any character you can have at that point.

FullTimeSlacker : Can you do this with fallout? The speech checks!

Architect of Pain : Influence Gained: Kotor Pazaakposting

AUSHTEEN : [ Dance for Chalmers ]

Darth Jar-Jar Binks : Dark Side Points Gained


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DanFarOut : It's an older meme but it checks out.

Michel Villanueva : Ayyy you’re back!!!

Ben Willock : This is almost as good as the MGS one

E sosa : this is the best video I've ever watched in my entire life

Ebony : I have a bad feeling about this.... 😂

Some : This is beyond brilliant. Excellent execution

Jamemes : this is one of the best crossover memes I've ever seen

Alex Saunders : Bravo. I never thought one classic of the nineties and another classic of the naughties needing to be brought together. Turns out they did, 🤩👌

Inuki : I never played KOTOR but I did play Neverwinter Nights. This is my favourite video this year regardless. Somebody make some of these games but modern! Damnit!

Xeno87 : But he doesn't say nothing, he says "It's just the northern lights, mother"

Blackrock215 : It's perfect. Everything about it. I love it.

ultimabk : The Aurora Borealis bit is where i lost it. this all fits the kotor format so well.

Zephur Wallace : Thats pretty frickin dank my guy.

BairzRcute : I'm glad you included the various opportunities to attack the person you are talking to, just like in KOTOR!

L G : This is important work.

Soda88 : that forced resample tho

TheWitherling : God bless you

HK 47 : Bastila trying to hide reven Identity in a nutshell

aibohphobe : That was beautiful

GypsyLeah : This is so goddamned good.

Дарт Ксенос : It's masterpiece

Ebony : this is PERFECT

Slashoom : thank you so much for this

Emil Fihlman : Any more like these?

666tReaper : Loved it.

Scott Mansfield : You sir are a genius.

Gea Force : [Attack him]

Wladislav : Nice work!

Lucas : Amazing.

PasteurPipet : Gold

Col. Tayniyov : Masterpiece