saturday night show audience legend (high quality audio, untouched)

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Smoothest Audience Guy Ever

Comments from Youtube

Jake Henry : I want to find this man and buy him a beer.

Benzel : This IS the best thing that have ever happened in live television.

rodan gojira : he broke the wall

Gerbilsftw : I aspire to be this man

Roy Silverans : I can't be the only one who watched this like 5 times:p

Wasabiofip : Press 5, 6, 7 quickly in order for a TL;DW

ADB : He won.

A British Man : If I had tonnes of money, I'd buy an tv for every room of my house and play this guy on a loop on each.. I think the quality of my life would be enhanced by a factor of 10.. 

Josh Hooman : the amount of times i've watched this

Bishop : Press "5" to watch him do it again.

Noobsaibot21 : This guy has literally impacted more people in three seconds than I have in my entire life :)

Usahi : oh my god it's bree <3

ghidfg : i came

Jonamon : i came back six months later and it WINS

Jaime Hernandez : legend!

jgraz11 : jealous?

Odium : This NEEDS to go viral NOW.

dragonjohn34 : It's something Jim would do from the office

DoritoDave : This guy can breed for me, i am not worthy

Super Kids : watch the guys eyes next to him

fLKommotioN : I bet he was just doing that all night and they happened to get it once... hahaha that was awesome

Leadman1989 : Legend!!!

FunkMasterFlex3 : There was most likely a monitor of the show as it appears on television within his view.

8four3 : Someone get this guy on to host.. we need more of this guy

reimuslocke : He is god.

Boomtrip101 : Some say he is still pointing to that camera today

grawlix : Damn he is smooth

Timothy Curtis : No, I think he pointed in the direction that he thought the camera might be, and when he saw it pointing directly from the monitors, he knew.

Takacchan Clone : Oh My Gawd xDDD

Monasday : Keep pressing 5!

thespoofs88 : "I see you"

awkookrenewed : haha i like that

Joeyj3dy : Cool as fuck

awkookrenewed : My guess: He works on set or is friends with the technical director, and he was wearing a bluetooth headset or something and when they switch to that camera he tells him so he knows when the camera is looking at him

Kaip911 : Ridiculously videogenic guy, we've found him.

LightningFastStudios : Ridiculously photogenic guy will be happy to know we found his brother.

th3docta : Needless to say he got laid

Sam Messi : if he'd had thrown a cheeky wink in there I think I would have died.

benjula2008 : Streetlight Manifesto avatar beats this video

Jamie Mannell : A God among mere mortals...

CalopogonNonpropagat : I bet he banged that actress after the show.

Sebastien Collomb : oh my fucking god :,) just wow this guy.....this guy should be on TV

Daniel S : LEGEN, wait for it... DARY

Hunter Greyling : SmoothLAD

trancehi : This is easily done as studio cameras have red tally lamps on them that light up so the person knows which camera is on or not. Still funny though and he saw the tally light going on at the corner of his eye and caught the moment.

DylanSmithMusic : LAD

Rei : You are confusing things. This is the original.

Pootles Smootles : I think that guy was probably forced to go their with his wife/girlfriend and he probably got so bored that he decided to watch where and when the cameras would be pointing at the audience, only to finally time this. This man deserves too many medals.

Sevag Manoukian : I have watched this no less than 45 times in a row now