All the different words for vagina in Scottish

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RedPug : I'm here from ozzyman reviews

GreenskinHolland : The way you say "AXE WOUND!" pure awesomeness :D

Indica Sativa : the Great Limo Garage the Sin Bin the Drip Slip the Pink Envelope the Cozy Coin Purse Clam Shell the Mushroom Marinade Slip n' Slide the Fun Bun Her Car Wash the Mangled Eyelid Ocean Lotion (for those girls that just don't clean) the Popped Balloon naming vaginas is a full-time job.

Stephen Walker : Crying with laughter

mr clean : "Penis flytrap"

CollectPanda33 : Baby cannon was my favorite

Underground Chamber Muzik : think i might start watching scottish porn with subtitles

Paranoid Android : That's actually amazing. Just saw that on 9gag, instant follow. You're hilarious. The notorious V.A.G. still resonate in my head. Kuddos gurl.

Bonz Studio : that cute smile 0:53

stale memes fuel me : This is so much more poetic than the Shakspeare shit we learn in English!

Fly Wan : Ozzy Man brought me here! Is not disappointed.

reptilespantoso : LMAO badly packed kebab thank you for the laugh

o k i : u r hot babe

Stig Weard : Never laughed so much in years , Subscribed . you're fkn awesome

DrizzintahL : LAD Bible on Facebook sharing this around and barely any credit in any of the other shares. This shit is gold and your channel is still so low on hits that shit just isn't right ><

RocketPig Gaming : Im here from ozzy

Bree Berzerker : I will never stop watching this

Dagoberto Saraiva : HAHAHA love this accent. Greats from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

taylorgonesmoking Gang : my front hot dog is hard for her pink panther

Tech and Gaming News Inc. : You forgot whisker biscuit

mrrhum : I bow down to you, oh great one!

Tree : I just want a hug really. Everything isn't going to be alright. Forever alone. But a wee little smile a day keeps the noose away.

borisdookie7 : I think I'm in love lmao

AmokBR : Sing "Foxtrot Uniform" by the Bloodhound gang.


Stuart K. Seels : HA HA HA!!! Came here from Ozzyman.

MrHedning : I just love the Scottish accent :)

DigUrOwnHole : the notorious v a g !!!!

Fatih Gülaçtı : Masterpiece xD

Karen Fairservice : Hilarious 😂😂 honestly I'd pay to watch this 😂😂😂 brilliant

Ernest Cota : you forgot snatchagawea

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : count dankula is that you

Carol Sharma : Both my parents & brother were birn in Scotland, (plus many extended family that i don't know b/c my parents lost touch) & my sister & and i were born in America. Other people could hear my parents accents, but i never could. They just sounded American to me. But i absolutely can hear yours, & i love it! Wish i had that accent!

James Kuno : She forgot "Minge" and "piece of chewed up chewing gum"

parker Azz : I need her saying "your vage" every time i get a message!

boondocksaints2011 : This was so funny. Thanks for teaching me some new cuss words lol .

NicoGambinoLyfe : I fckin luv your videos ! You'd be fun to hang out with driving

Badja : What part of Scotland is this lass from? She’s lush and hilarious haha

1701spacecadet : I'm seriously turned on here.

Jp Fitzpatrick : Ye missed a few! lol

Lothar labelle : haha i luh dih gurrr

Paul Welsh : Aye awrite you boy george

Captain Lee : This is a dude! 😲

Paul Wilson : Bratislava.

Gaming : WTF???

brandon c : It's fowl and the world must know how awesome you are my dear. I've not had such a gut busting laugh. Thank you.

Mohammad : LOL

Dy'Quavia Cleveland-McFarland : That little quiet giggle after you say "A wizard's sleeve" has to be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Enough so that I actually had to find your YouTube channel just to state it. That, and to see if your smile was as cute... which it is! 😍

AnimusFlux : I almost subscribed to another channel with this video on it. Boooo! But on a good note I can't decided if the names are hilarious or the delivery of them. Either way, you earned my sub.