Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting
This video gets me every time Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested

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I'll stick to the keyboard


KidOnTheNet : "Thank you... delete thank you."

Kevin Rustles : 5 minutes in and we're right where we started.

Dave Jacoby : "I don't scroll this conflict"

Ovenman940 : The delay is perfect comedic timing

nougatzimmerframe : How George RR Martin is writing The Winds of Winter.

Wipper : Why is this so funny, dang it XD

Samsomite : I just hate those input eagles as well.

NeverenCH : Please, i just had a lung surgery and this is too hilarious , it hurts xD

Austin Burns : At first I thought this was supposed to be instructional and not funny

Jaynes : "delete 'i'" haha it's "delete 'me'" lern 2 englsh

ChronicCVS : It does sound like he's saying 'M'

Sabrin Islam : "Lower case open the helpful" is the name of my windows vista tribute band

SonicDucky : The programming of Half Life 3.

Sudev Sen : delete eagles

rapchee : first i was like damn 10 minutes no way im gonna watch that all the way ... many laughs later ... oh its over

AllAtOnc3 : Have you tried "Hold shift"?

sakakazu : 10 years later, my sides still hurt watching this thing

alexc165 : IM fleet captain m

Bram06 : I am commenting on this video using Speech Recognition. it took 30 minutes. : )

Lairex Rai : I'm crying in laugher so hard

Pancakes with wings : So this is how Toby Fox made Undertale!

Lip22Gloss : I was **CRYING** I laughed so damn hard!!!:😂😂😂

Treasuretrails RS : Shitty 2007 technology this is hilarious

Joshua Bauer : This is my fetish.

l s : "backspace...backspace...backspace....ENTER!"

Ed Bradburn : Funniest thing I watched in a long time. Patience of a saint. My sympathies :=).

Logan Schmidt : Stop saying thank you, learn.... but this is funny lol

Nick Bogan : That was easy.TXT ... "It's pretty amazing"

David Jung : I started cheering for it when it started typing out 5 lines of command!

snelpiller : Actually pretty impressed how well it recognized words and whatnot. A lot less impressed with my moto 360 now

Apex-Funplayer : Did they even bother testing this program?

robotparadise : Guy: Select All, Delete Vista: Will Cycle, delete fleet :: Outside, a fleet of warships suddenly go dark. Guy: _Face Palm_

alxjones : INPUt EAGLeS

molbac : this was easy^^

TheOfficialCzex : "Delete eagles." TERRORISTS WIN!

SKELESANESSS : "This is the hopeful than a pool" "IM fleet capital M"

PanTF : "It's pretty amazing"

veggievampire : this is strangely arousing

Kugluck : What about self-study of voice recognition soft, like in Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Dylan Kelleher : Hooli XYZ

Hobo Joe : Every few years, I come back to this video and re-watch. Kills me every time. Comedy GOLD

fean : Adult scrolls conflict.

Pygmalion : Are you sure this is faster than typing?

Carl : meybe try stop talking to the computer like an idiot

Mr. : Still better than Cortana

ChronicCVS : "I'm the yankee ok to have"


221b : I remember using speech recognition in OS/2 4.0 in the late '90s. You had to train it to your voice and pause between each word, but it still worked a lot better than this.

David Brown : I feel so bad for quadriplegics in 2007