Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting

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Thomi : this is how they are programming half life 3

Wipper : Why is this so funny, dang it XD

KidOnTheNet : "Thank you... delete thank you."

Ovenman940 : The delay is perfect comedic timing

nougatzimmerframe : How George RR Martin is writing The Winds of Winter.

Dave Jacoby : "I don't scroll this conflict"

Kevin Rustles : 5 minutes in and we're right where we started.

NeverenCH : Please, i just had a lung surgery and this is too hilarious , it hurts xD

Jaynes : "delete 'i'" haha it's "delete 'me'" lern 2 englsh

Samsomite : I just hate those input eagles as well.

Austin Burns : At first I thought this was supposed to be instructional and not funny

ChronicCVS : It does sound like he's saying 'M'

rapchee : first i was like damn 10 minutes no way im gonna watch that all the way ... many laughs later ... oh its over

sakakazu : 10 years later, my sides still hurt watching this thing

SonicDucky : The programming of Half Life 3.

Sabrin Islam : "Lower case open the helpful" is the name of my windows vista tribute band

Sudev Sen : delete eagles

l s : "backspace...backspace...backspace....ENTER!"

rex : so THIS was how the kinect happened...

AllAtOnc3 : Have you tried "Hold shift"?

Prestige Clips : Groundbreaking stuff.

Pancakes with wings : So this is how Toby Fox made Undertale!

Joshua Bauer : This is my fetish.

alexc165 : IM fleet captain m

sbowesuk : Pretty funny, but let's be honest, half those mistakes were human error. If you blurt out random stuff like "thank you" when the mic is still active, then of course the computer is going to take what it just heard and try to process it. I was actually amazed at how many times this guy made that same mistake over and over, without learning his lesson. Classic case of the user being as bad as the programme.

Lip22Gloss : I was **CRYING** I laughed so damn hard!!!:😂😂😂

Lairex Rai : I'm crying in laugher so hard

Netram Jaundoo : I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! hahaha

Treasuretrails RS : Shitty 2007 technology this is hilarious

THEODYSSEYE : "pretty amazing"

snelpiller : Actually pretty impressed how well it recognized words and whatnot. A lot less impressed with my moto 360 now

Brian Douglas : It's a sign that your speech is not very good, and that you didn't train the program (if it even lets you).

Mr. : Still better than Cortana

tarantularose : 7:50 actually impressed me

Dylan Kelleher : Hooli XYZ

Apex-Funplayer : Did they even bother testing this program?

McCree : I find myself coming back to this video every year, and every single time I burst out laughing till everyone around me thinks i'm having a psychotic episode.

David Jung : I started cheering for it when it started typing out 5 lines of command!

LunarAlmanac : I'm cackling

veggievampire : this is strangely arousing

fean : Adult scrolls conflict.

Nick Bogan : That was easy.TXT ... "It's pretty amazing"

Just a Youtuber : that was easy.exe

Eclipse162 : Just watched this again, it is hilarious. Voice input is the future!

howdj : It isn't healthy to live so close to military airports mate, close the window or something.


Bram06 : I am commenting on this video using Speech Recognition. it took 30 minutes. : )

Kevin Sørensen : hes pretty bad at this

George Hamilton : You can hear the frustration building.

Carl : meybe try stop talking to the computer like an idiot