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Brandon : I'm blown away, Danny. Bravo.

Skye Walker : 10/10 great vid. I would like a series like this, thoroughly enjoyed it

kiuftecha : I enjoy these historic tales very much!

Momcilo Klikovac : Pricaj na srpskom jebemti m**u

Geogamy : Great video, entertaining as ever! Never know where you'll be or what you'll talk about next :)

Kangiten Productions : How is it that you made me laugh and educated me at the same time..?

Exarp Omega : I like your interpretation a lot.. I approve! From this day forwards, I will say Moses was hor.... no wait.. let's not add more things that could be... misinterpreted...

Michael Fogg : Miss your vids man! Been around sense the "How to kiss" days!

Christian Akkari : What a goddamn badass that Michelangelo was, I knew about the prominent nudity in his works to supposedly screw with the church but... But what he did on that masterpiece. Just amazing xD I can always count on Danny to bring a level of knowledge and entertainment combined to create wonderful storytelling! Awesome video ❤️

Aelfric V : Best interpretation ever.

dracula666dracula666 : I love this vid, it was interesting and funny and this new idea of telling stories is just plain awesome. You rock. "Horns in your face" but it makes sense -your theory :-)

djlosmi : Good and useful stuff - explained in your own unique way. Nice one Danny!!!

MSmateo : I want more of this

Gr1m 0S : I would love to see you do a philosophical series. Your parable with the spoon in the Louvre alone has had a big influence on the way I live my life. Maybe throw in some interactions with other tourists or locals to caprure that viral attention; I've always loved your awkward chemistry and humor with strangers. I feel like the fact that you never have to see them again gives you the edge to be as risque and weird as you want. anyways keep it commin ill keep clicking it

danny velchev : баце, ти си на нерез

Boris Drezgic : Man I follow your videos for years, and yeah, we have similar thinking about stuff. Pozdrav iz Srbije.

crarls27 : This was awesome!!!

Joseph Bennett : I like this ...

NYR144 : Woah that was some serious important work

Chris Slack : And now I know something I didn’t know yesterday. Thanks man!

Mac : Yeeeeeees booooy

provyprov : you're so good at these types of videos. I love them

miloshsh : To je kao Gruna Stramen 😀 search The Books of Knjige

r1freak1 : This was epic.

Noirfifre Noirfifre : Ohhh I am one happy Lemon Drop- HISTORY! I much appreciated this art history lesson Danny! I am here thinking some folks are tearing down statutes/sculptures on one of the world whilst others keep it "hidden." More History, please :D!

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. : But why'd he sculp Moses throwing gang signs? XD

seDj64 : Learned something new

Anxious Clan : So I came back 7 years later after watching the effects of alcohol to see if you were still alive. And well here you are! I’m glad to see you haven’t changed unlike most youtubers. XD used to watch you all the time when I was younger

Nick Matic : dobro jutro from sydney jebote that moses statue is truely amazingto look at it boggles the mind how he made that with only hand tools hubba hubba.

Dewsta26 : Yes Mikey ✊

Chris Cox : More and more reasons to love Danny. Continue the important work.

Kolarovski : next serbian lesson!?!??!

Stevie Mallia : This is great, I've been to Italy, seen this statue and this video still made me appreciate it more

AlexandarJL : Wow, you should be a history teacher :D

Jana : ❤️

Dylan Colombana : First

Clowny Moose Bean : Michelangelo took shit from nobody!