This Is Priceless

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Major Diarriah : Nature is truly magical.

Hugajohan : Darude shitstorm

paradroidx : i fed a hippo popcorn at the zoo one time, never laughed so hard in my life. He farted then shit and burped or puked.. then flopped on his side.  Me and my gf ran laughing our arses off.  We went back to see if it was alive though, it was thankfully.

HoleyHouseOfAir : i was just eating chinese

Greatest Ever : It sharted

toke brøgger : this is so funny

Tyler Rakstis : Something that James Rolfe said came true.

Mi T : hahahahah. "okay I think we're done here."

111 111 : USA 2016 presidential elections in a nutshell

harmoniumkane : This video is a reality check.  It reminds me it's time to get off the internet and get productive.   ...  What on Earth am I doing with my life?

L E R I U M : a truly majestic creature

Maira G : Hehehehe

Dave Budrus : Thank God for creating the person who created you tube

simon jensen : this is so awesome

Rykster 01 : Kind of gross, kind of funny, it is priceless. Where was this?

emmy corujo : ha ha

Gin Gorp : Everybody's watching her, but she's poopin on yooooooou

Charles Boose : He's getting out of the wateerr!! Lol......... and he cocked his tail to the right on the last part

Charles Boose : Poooooooooooooooofart!!

RT038 : sounded like a chain saw

Kristian Hovmøller : GB

CallyWasHere : Irish government at work

Amelia Monica : Truly a laugh till you cry moment!!!!!!!!!

ron artwell : yummy!

Octavio Arrestegui : Whatdafaqisdisnigga?

Barry T. Smith : Wait for the "squeaker".

Tuomas : WHY??

SketchyScratch : a true shitstorm

SSS365 : I should add this link for my F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin video. "It's fucking insane."

kira symphony : this video is sooooooooooo mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily : If the shit hits the fan....

billy bob : 50 caliber machine gun

Haus von Fluffenstein : Priceless indeed. ;)

Depression to Expression : NO WAY! ! ! ! ! LMFAO

GINSHINKZL s : This is the GREATEST THING I have EVER seen.

DSHanska : That`s why I`m here :D

Travis : If only some poop hit the camera lens

Sebastian DeCecchis : Holy crap literally that was hilarious

Archie Mora : he just told the humans to FUCK OFF !

James Park : that was amazing

courtney cummings : Hippos: we do this to be more clean! :). Me: "more clean?"

Bryan Lee : 0:35 - "Ok, I think we're done here..." XD

TomC826 : fake

MainBaze : Hey MrCarrot14 I'm also a Carrot I mean to Carrots :P

Евгений Жодик : ahahahahahha

Symbiose Studios : SHITCOPTER

Şahin DENİZ : gezegeni osurdu :v its farting planet :v gosh :v

raytisan : and here i was, expecting that hippo to give birth to jim carrey

Nicole, Ann Cool : lol that was so funny

Josh Hepperly : The kid looking back at the beginning knew what was about to go down.