This Is Priceless

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Barry T. Smith : Wait for the "squeaker".

Major Diarriah : Nature is truly magical.

paradroidx : i fed a hippo popcorn at the zoo one time, never laughed so hard in my life. He farted then shit and burped or puked.. then flopped on his side.  Me and my gf ran laughing our arses off.  We went back to see if it was alive though, it was thankfully.

HoleyHouseOfAir : i was just eating chinese

Greatest Ever : It sharted

toke brøgger : this is so funny

RT038 : sounded like a chain saw

Tyler Rakstis : Something that James Rolfe said came true.

Mi T : hahahahah. "okay I think we're done here."

111 111 : USA 2016 presidential elections in a nutshell

harmoniumkane : This video is a reality check.  It reminds me it's time to get off the internet and get productive.   ...  What on Earth am I doing with my life?

Deal With It : I farted during this video

L E R I U M : a truly majestic creature

Depression to Expression : NO WAY! ! ! ! ! LMFAO

BestAtNothing : @EugenKaalikas Because it was also shitting fucking everywhere and batting it around with it's tail?

Survive the Jive : fake sfx

llVIU : 0:01 wooooooooow look how cute he is!

raph009 : That's what happens after burrito night. Even to hippos, kids.

Danwolf15 : His tail like a freakin' Ventillator xD Is this real or just a robotic hippo controlled by Ace Ventura ?

Danwolf15 : Damn're SCARY !

thechosendude : Hippos will swing their tail in a circular motion to fling feces in a 360-degree pattern marking their territory.

AeonofOblivion : I love how there was an ad for "How to Get Your Ex Back" on this video. Alright, internets, I'll try it! I trust you would never mislead me...

Alec J : That's... what hippos do.

Melina Bender : Click like if you're still ROFL-ing!

Haus von Fluffenstein : Priceless indeed. ;)

Marc Valeros : That gay bare at =3 cant compare to this your move jubjub

Dyaebl : I used to fart and shit like that, then i took an arrow in the knee...

sociobalto0 : faked

MikeGuitarPlayer07 : That's very interesting. Idk how that is even possible though!

ClearSky Productions : thankfully no zookeepers were around when this happened

ClearSky Productions : 0:28 Best Youtube moment of all time.

ClearSky Productions : thumbs up if 0:28 was the best part

ClearSky Productions : first I was watching balloon twisting videos, then I was watching dancing elephants, now this. LOL

ClearSky Productions : Even if the sound is fake in 0:28 fake?

littlesoldiergraba : Shit happens...

qwill60 : i think i just shat myself

sublime.abodes : That sounded like a chainsaw.

Darragh Blake : @CutestKittyChannel we <3 ray

niptuck117 : This is literally the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Bryan Lee : 0:35 - "Ok, I think we're done here..." XD

Themacinthehat : Lol sounds like a fucking chainsaw

Marty Howe : I gotta know - was the farting sound dubbed?? If not, this is damn hilarious! I ask, because the comments in the video are "Did you SEE that? What was that?" Anybody with ears certainly would know what THAT was, if it indeed produced a sound.

Break the ice : lmao at the end "i think we're done here" LOL

jq747 : Now the shit has really hit the fan . LOL

Sir NOSAJ : Simple flatulence? That was an all out explosion.

Jakub Krajňák : Hippocopter!

Trevor Lynn : Sounded like a buzz saw going through porridge

Derek Adams : Did i just hear the lion crying from wizard of oz at end?

Misty Parrales : OMG O.O WUT DID I JUST SEE O.O

maxsil89 : Enjoy having your hand covered in shit