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First We Feast : You heard the man: 5 female guests you want to see on Season 7 of Hot Ones...GO!

SoliDeoGloria 7 : Aubrey Plaza Selena Gomez Olivia Munn Gal Gadot Ariana Grande

Blacken Blue : The Five female guests - MUST BE THE SPICE GIRLS !!!

Kenneth Pardee : Joe Rogan. It's like Fear Factor.

Pachanas : Michelle Obama Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Tiffany Haddish Aisha Tyler Anna Kendrick

Hoody Kidd : I dont wanna see Gordon, id rather you give Jamie Oliver a fun interview. i bet he would enjoy it if you let him make his own couple of hot sauces and bring them. anyone agree?

Borginator : Sean, it's rumored that Gordon can be lured onto the show with a bit of.. Lamb Sauce!

Adam GB : Tina Fey Amy Poehler Jenna Fischer Kirsten Wiig Tina Fey

nicholas Aiello : AUBRY PLAZA!!!!!! Anna Kendrick Tina Fey Amy Pohler Ellen Degeneres

Laurissa Wilson : Ina Garten Martha Stewart Cardi B Zendaya Scarlette Johansson

Ástríður Jellyfrost : How about Bjork? I think she lives in Brooklyn. Or Kaitlin Olson from Always Sunny.

Draven Stedman/Tsunxmi : Aubrey Plaza, Noname, Serena Williams, Erykah Badu, Amy Poehler

Phantom Warden : Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Silverman, Martha Stewart and Oprah

Janelle Williams : Jenna Marbles, Blake Lively, Trisha Paytas, Sofia Vergara, Kathy Griffin

John G : Mila Jovavich Tina Fey Keira Knightly Amber Heard Amy Adams also get rid of the sauces that are crap and replace them with good flavorful sauces of the same heat. Preferably organic.

MWYANT19 : snoop dogg and martha stewart, combo guest

Nir as : I say: Danny Trejo. Quick before he's dead ;)

Yiddishgirly : Tiffany Haddish, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tati Westbrook, Malala Yousafzai, Misty Copeland

Therry Hicks : Aubrey plaza, Serena Williams, gal gadot, Queen latifah, Trace Ellise Ross

Trixiea : 🌶🍗Jennifer Lawrence 🌶🍗Jenna Marbles 🌶🍗Emma Stone 🌶🍗Blake Lively 🌶🍗Margot Robbie

Alyssa Carroll : Jenna Marbles, Chrissy Teigan, Ariana Grande (with or without Pete Davidson), Michelle Obama, Hayley Williams

Fernando Varas : 1. AUBREY PLAZA 2. AUBREY PLAZA 3. AUBREY PLAZA 4. AUBREY PLAZA 5. AUBREY PLAZA Please like this so they can see this.

Patrick Chiu : Ask Michelle Obama to try. She is so cool I think she would say yes.

Edenjung : Maice Williams Emilia Clarke Lena hardey Stormy daniels (;D) Halle Barry Charlie sheen

SpartanB88 : Ivanka Trump, Margot Robbie, Olsen Twins, Gal Gadot, Claire Danes

first last : Male Jussie smollet Sebastian stan Chris hemsworth Chris evans

Monkey Abroad : Ellen Musk Elenor Musk Elonoise Musk Elle Musk Ellary Musk

David Stev : ariana grande icarly girls mia khalifa dr disrespects wife

SwlfT_LaZy-_ : DUDE I WANT TO BE ON "HOT ONES"!!!!!!

Lisa Ward : Hannah Hart ❤️

Daniel Bare : Aubrey Plaza, Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman, Ali Wong, Natasha Leggero. Im sure some of these women would love to be on the show.

Sweet Jazz812 : 1.lana del Rey 2. Esther povitsky 3. Emilia Clark 4. cardi b 5.millie Bobby Brown

gunz : Lindsey Lohan, Mary Kate & Ashley, Rihanna, Kaitlin Olson, Leslie Jones

Andrew Lopez : Kate McKinnon, Aubrey Plaza, Hayley Williams, Alex Morgan, Anna Akana John Mulaney, Bill Burr, Chance the Rapper,Justin Turner, Tiny Meat Gang

Bread : Bhad Bhabie Halsey Mila Khunis Emily Oberg Karrueche

Jordan S. : Theo Von Theo Von Theo Von Theo Von Brian Callen

Znub : 1. Mia Khalifa 2. Alexis Texas 3. Riley Reid 4. Adriana Chechnik 5. Piper Perri

Hoody Kidd : To bad alot of women wont show because their to concerned with their makeup running and having to feel spicy intense heat instead of pretty. oooh were all thinkin it....

Charles M. Bate : invite Emilia Clarke

Ali Abdi : Come on guys, let's get Gordon Ramsay on hot ones. We can do it!

Jordan Lutz : Reviewbrah or we riot.

Lessthan450 : Betty white, Aisha Tyler, Lady Gaga, Danai Gurira, Your Mom

Joe Gourmet : Sandra Bullock, Serena & Venus Williams, Maya Moore, Blake Lively, Melissa McCarthy.

David Stev : smoke. less. weed.

David G : maria sharapova

Joshua Miller : Angela Bassete Jenifer Lewis Cynthia Erivo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Misty Copeland

Pinnacle Of Man TM : *WE WANT REVIEW BRAH*

orville edwards : Christina pazsitsky

O_R : Gal Gadot

Slyferstar : Ellen DeGeneres Jennifer Lawrence Stevie from GMM Kim K Sean's Mom