The Art of Language Invention, Episode 1: Conlang Types
The Art of Language Invention Episode 1 by David Peterson Creator of Dothraki and High Valyrian

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Creating a conlang, and don't know what the first step you should take is? Watch this video! LINKS: (1) 1:55: Matt Pearson's conlang Okuna: (2) 2:07: William Spruiell's LCC5 talk on his bureaucratic conlang Yešqūr: (3) 3:27: Denis Moskowitz's conlang Rikchik: (4) 4:01: My first conlang Megdevi:


Chene Louise : Stealthlang sounds so badass

Alex T : If you were to create a language spoken between humans and ants, would that be a ScottLang?

Will Worth : I've always had a problem associating phonological form with meaning, i.e. making my first words/roots. If you could make a video addressing how you tackle this, that'd be cool :)

Mickeal van der Haar : Hi David! You've made some really good scripts in the past, and I myself (and probably tons of other conlangers) have had trouble with making a script that doesn't feel like complete bogus. Maybe you could dedicate an episode to how you make scripts for your conlangs? That'd certainly help a ton! Cheers, Mickeal.

Natalie Ishii : I was going to just hardcore hate comment on all of your videos but I'm too lazy

ečnasaufuqt : I was in the hospital while this gold was made? HYPE, dis vid gon b gud

Nobody Nowhere : You know, I really wish I'd seen that this series existed *before* I emailed you. I'm gonna watch all of it right now. Surely you couldn't have addressed ALL my questions!

Jay : You forgot to mention a priori vs. a posteriori

JordanClunn : This series is tremendous, thank you so much. I really did need a multiple-video explanation.

Shenanigan Samurai : I just bought your book and I have found it absolutely fascinating. That being said, I'm completely new to all things linguistic. As a result, there's a lot of phonetic symbols that I'm completely in the dark about. Where would be a good place to start concerning those symbols?

калинка : my conlang is like a stealth/fictlang. im making it for a fictional world but also in mind for real physical speakers

Creamofthecrop : Lol i wanna see that squirrel! Can. You talk about agglutinative, isolating, etc types of languages?

PoisonedJello : do the abbreviations remind anyone else of newspeak?

The Major : MegDavi sure sounds like a great name for a language, if it weren't for why and how it was named... other than that, this video was a good introduction, I feel like, watched your Google talk and found this video. Languages and their uses are not something everyone get to study, so it's a very interesting topic, and I believe it will actually help me understand a lot more about my own native language too.

HCN : Artlangs?What do ðose have,More perfect rhymes?

InterCulture : I read this book and it was an excellent source of information for the monography i've made involving conlanging, psychoanalysisamnd semiaotics. Congratulations for your book.

anotherjohn : No 'type' for minimalistic languages?

Arno Colin : My family speaks a stealhlang for some generations. 🙂

xShadowHunterx : Thanks for the video! I'm making a language called Kalim which uses some Korean and Russian theses. This is very helpful.

Bwiazhoguhaz Bvashonong : I have 2 jokelangs, the rest of mine are personal or fictional. My name is actually an insult from one of my conlangs. I also just noticed a typo in my name.

Casimir III : My main reason, I guess, can best be summed up as to better suspend disbelieve and create a more realistic world. Mostly, I started off with the intention of coming up with better place names/proper nouns.

Orion Barbalate : Yes, i've been waiting for these videos my whole life

Sebastian Featherstone : I'm excited to learn from this series. :D

Tóth Ede : Սալծ! Լեետ իզ տե կա՝նլենգ ենեետեն տե կթնսփռակտօ, ե՝ տե բիգլի լայկ մօն. ՂԴ

Pedro Koury : ur awesome

frank x : Grathl por tan vido, amo!

Thepsychocyborg315 : Zei lok ruk olanak zeos

Arga _ : _Tei waya doŋ onte kanto. Wa isi sila loi wia kaŋ ŋumua tei kanto. Buŋ dadawi pagun._ This is my 1st language. I took about 3 years to make this language. It still on process.

Copeland : my is auxlang called earthlang-(sivorlinvo)

Communist Guy : Wıwu áʟ sớ ʟıu This is my Languege Its fiction

This Dude : Oh wow. I have your book! Didn't know you also had nifty short video instructionals as well. You're really doing a great service to us non-Academics. (Or even Academics who didn't take linguistics)

Myths n' more : Could you mix scripts similar in style when creating an conlang and still have it be usable?

Avery Boudreaux : Þytteł ăijŋoš pikkţörręnes

John Canino : Do you have any videos regarding testing a stealth/natural language? I would loveto put my languages to the test, but I don't have the slightest idea how or where to begin. Thank you. / Vonqžé.

Dimitar Mitov : ive been keen on linguistics ever since, and the first artificial language i tried to create was in 3rd grade (i was then 9) but it wasn't very complex, since i literally copied my native language - vowels - same; consonants - same; grammar - same; the only difference was me and my friends used a different, made up words. it actually worked pretty well, because nobody was able to understand us, despite being so amateur and simple.

Neomyte Diquama : Sé' sti ni dèykjian'kovfara' Sakyûd idsaoka zûn'sprah' Soka'èycoca dû I've been creating languages for ten years now. I'm glad someone's talking about this art. Nice video.

Inky Scrolls : I just added the leapday like - from 365 to 366. And no downvotes!

Daniel The Nerd : 1000th subscriber

Lupo Astronomico : I'm creating a language just for fun, I choose the most harmonious sounds and I'm making the grammar and the writing very original. His name is ge'obhe.

tokyogirl2005 : do you have any advice for fantasy writers who who have multiple races and need multiple languages?

Dimitar Mitov : After my first try in 3rd grade, in 7th grade me and my brother made... um, it wasn't actually a language, we just dislocated the consonants of the words, keeping the vowels in place, making our native language sound completely different and not understandable for others. We still speak like this once in a while, when we don't want to be understood. We tried to pass the "language" to others, but it didn't work out.

Germán Crippa Silva : Hello, My name is Germán Crippa Silva, I'm 30 years old and I am a member of the Language Creation Society (from Buenos Aires, Argentina). First of all, Congratulations on all your work, I am an admirer of your work as conlanger. In my case, compared to many of you I am an amateur. However I would like to start a Youtube channel talking about Conlanging, and related topics, with the idea of spreading what we do and attracting more people to this wonderful world of Conlanging. So I wanted to take a big part of your videos (citing the source, obviusly) and translate them to Spanish by adding or changing some content. In that sense, I wanted to ask you permission to use your videos as a basis to prepare something in Spanish. Sorry for my English, Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Germán.

Psycho Production : I am french and i want to creat à languages with some one.

WinTER REMiro : Hello! I'm creating a Artlang, and i don't know how to create my own acent, what tips you give to create one?

shy bound : when i think of stealthlang i think of yourpa dadpa smellspa like a womanpa

Sophrosynicle : I want to create a conlang that is very very hard to understand, has little resemblance to any existing language (no borrow words, grammatically exotic, phonemically and orthographically noisy). That way, I can talk to myself all day to train my "speech center" and vocal cords without anyone ever understanding me, muhahahaha. Oh, and my creative works would remain obscure to any outsiders that have not put in the work to decipher them.

Sir Jaojao : Great video

Savannah Swizzles : I am currently creating a personal language and really I’m just winging it. I will just write a word in English, next to that an equal sign and then randomly think of a word that sounds good. Ok make more lists of words until I have enough that I’m satisfied.

Mr. Parabola : Mine is a fictional spoken language. The language is mostly spoken by another intelligent humanoid species that lives alongside humans.