Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

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Dark Dom : Lmao here I am thinking Gordon served the raw burger lol

junior fio : "My son has resentment towards me, and I don't know why." Maybe it's because you stole money from him?

Jacques Marais : "Too bad I can't dissappear from here."

GoingLoqo Cinema : Steals £150,000+ from son “My SoN rEsEnTs mE bUt I dOnT kNoW wHy”

MrCloud : Just like to say on behalf of Australia that wasn’t our pie. -Thanks

Brian Dauch : 39$ for a 🍔 no wonder your losing money that is way too overpriced

Mari Anna : I did some digging online and found out that the chef actually has a quite popular restaurant called Central Food in Spokane. Happy for him since he actually seemed like a pretty good chef and not a looney like the family xD

Macho Toast1122 : Gordon Ramsey laughing because he can't bite the burger gives me life

Andrew Yang : all australians right now are looking at that 'meat pie' in disbelief.

Feta Cheezz : DISGUSTANG!!!!!!! Nino never serves raw burgers. Nino has pictures of teaching the chef how to cook a burger.

Shay Phifer : David Blaine "Too bad I can't dissapear from here", lol😂😂😂

Jonathan Nguyen : So many cows wasted for this restaurant. That’s sad.

Shiina Ai : You don't understand why your son resents you? Seriously? After you invested his money in unprofitable venture without even informing him? Also, I can understand the chef's frustration. He's in a lot of stress and with the owners neither helping nor knowing anything about business, as well as trying to blame everything on him, I can understand him walking out. Did he make mistakes? Sure, but I think the fault lies mostly in the owners, not him specifically. If my employers are like that, I would've probably resigned myself.

M'aiq the Liar : "It's one of the tastiest burger i've tasted in my whole life!" You live in a cave m8?

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Do you eat your burger with or without the peel?

Flare : Has Gordon found the lamb sauce yet?

james kushman : Hah, you stole someones money, given he is a son or not. You steal, bad things will happen..Take 200k plus from me, it wouldn't be a cooking show, lul..

Ben Wadsworth : I will never understand why people cook burgers medium rare and all that, in nz you cook a burger until it is cooked, steaks get cooked mid rare, not mince

Vangus Khan : I'll save you some time. Burger is served at 5:18

Dat : "Award Winning Burger"

Jake Wooten : The executive chef looks like the dad in drake and josh lmao 😂

scoutbravo1 : 10:12 God bless the editor.

SomePolishDude : Gordon's forhead wrinkles make me feel insecure.

Bobbie Mason : I'm Aussie and that was NOT a meat pie

Greg's Kitchen : How would you like your burger cooked? Medium rare Gets medium rare burger "IT"S RAW!!!"

Vixiiz : *IM A 64 YEAR OLD WOMEN*


Anthony Bohnet : I never thought I would say it but it looks like McDonald’s makes a better burger

Reactor Number 4 : "it's raw ughh" *Takes a bite*

GHOST TOMBS : That meat pie really triggerd me because I am from Australia and that was just a disgrace 😡

Yasmine Art : *A cowboy..with a very small hat* xDDDDDDDd

JXSHY : Do you know how many Australians have just been pissed off wtf was that pie

Nikki Bhashkar : That is NOT an aussie meat pie. That is dog food. Actually, dog food might be more appealing...

TheProfessional : Wow and I thought BurgerShot in Los Santos was bad.

LukaJMG : That Austrian pie was crap. What you need to try is a mince and cheese pie from here in New Zealand. Or actually any pie in general from NZ

sakimah stook : I'm Australian and I am absolutely APPALLED AT THE PIE!!! Looks like bloody shepards pie not a plain meat pie

BomaderryBoy16 _Gaming : That ain’t no meat pie

Noobie Flautist : ☹️ 👚 👖 This is liza's mum. She is homeless and has 0 dollars. 1 like is 1 buck. How rich can we get her?

David Miletič : Doctor: it's a healthy 7 pounds baby boy. Gordon: it's RAW!!!

Majestic : Disappointing that such a disgusting restaurant had to represent our amazing meat pies over here in Australia

Kane Aquino : "This burger is so raw, it's still mooing!"

hermaphrodite jr : What episode?

airwickfreshner : Owner's as crooked as his father

BongMasters99 : "My son has a great deal of resentment towards me. I don't know why" Maybe because you spent $250,000 of his money I would have resentment towards you also

Poot : I heard that Nino makes the best burgers in town

Kayüm yahya : The head chef looks like German general from ww2

Scar Face : Have a New Zealand meat pie instead

Bredah : Ngl. The restaurant I worked in, not that clean. But there were only two chefs. Both of them really good at making tasty food. Best food I've ever in my life. The main chef is the manager, also he is strict, you can say he bullies. But we all love him and he knows that. Because he is really loving too. You can feel that in the food. They only have 5 staff including me and the chefs. Yet theshop fills with customers and ques every weekend. I left the job coz they paid me below national minimum wage.

Stephen Hill : Friendly reminder folks. Its VERY rare that the server is at fault for your food being terrible. I have seen a few occasions but, 9 out of 10 times your servers are innocent.

Mark N : Nino.