Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

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junior fio : "My son has resentment towards me, and I don't know why." Maybe it's because you stole money from him?

Flare : Has Gordon found the lamb sauce yet?

GoingLoqo Cinema : Steals £150,000+ from son “My SoN rEsEnTs mE bUt I dOnT kNoW wHy”

Peter Lagemaat : *takes 250k from his son* My son is showing great resentment towards me and I dont know why

Jonathan Nguyen : So many cows wasted for this restaurant. That’s sad.

Dark Dom : Lmao here I am thinking Gordon served the raw burger lol

Lenox Covington : “I don’t know why my son resents me, I only stole 250k from him and forced him into this dying business”

Anthony Bohnet : I never thought I would say it but it looks like McDonald’s makes a better burger

Douaa Nada : Gordon : can i have a cup of water please Server : right away Gordon : waw the water is so bland .. dreadful

Kane Aquino : "This burger is so raw, it's still mooing!"

Greg's Kitchen : How would you like your burger cooked? Medium rare Gets medium rare burger "IT"S RAW!!!"

Reactor Number 4 : "it's raw ughh" *Takes a bite*

Vixiiz : *IM A 64 YEAR OLD WOMEN*


JXSHY : Do you know how many Australians have just been pissed off wtf was that pie

Dat : "Award Winning Burger"

mcmilliøn : The whole time I couldn't keep my eyes off of Gordon's forehead

PureTalent : “We made some errors in staffing” uhhhhhhh no, you made an error in even starting a business you insane woman, get some help please, and same to you other owner

Sean : Who thinks they just make the food really bad for Gordon just for better television content.

Aldonos : I haven't watched the full episode, but I'd be sorely disappointed if those two maggots didn't get their business shut down and sent off to prison for how they treat their son.

Jacques Marais : "Too bad I can't dissappear from here."

Minor : "I forced him into it, by taking his money" YOU DONKEY !!! YOU JUST ADMITTED TO EMBEZZLEMENT ON YOUR OWN SON. Only logical solution is violence, the son must force his dad into early retirement by shooting him

scoutbravo1 : 10:12 God bless the editor.

Devin Cory : "I forced him into it by taking his money... My son has a great deal of resentment toward me and I don't know why."

Nikki Bhashkar : That is NOT an aussie meat pie. That is dog food. Actually, dog food might be more appealing...

TheProfessional : Wow and I thought BurgerShot in Los Santos was bad.

PaulyG Speaks : How’s the “chef” blaming anyone else but himself and his staff for severely undercooked burgers??? What a child

Bobbie Mason : I'm Aussie and that was NOT a meat pie

Precious Coles : Do they cook with seasoning? ... she said salt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yasmine Art : *A cowboy..with a very small hat* xDDDDDDDd

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Do you eat your burger with or without the peel?

Tømbs : That meat pie really triggerd me because I am from Australia and that was just a disgrace 😡

Robert Romero : Sack of shit father. Most obvious reason the son inherited that money was for a college fund. But instead the selfish old fart of a father thought of himself and not his sons future.

sakimah stook : I'm Australian and I am absolutely APPALLED AT THE PIE!!! Looks like bloody shepards pie not a plain meat pie

navypapercut : "I was managing his money, so I actually took part of that money..." I believe that's called fraud/theft/embezzlement/you literally stole from your own child.

Feta Cheezz : DISGUSTANG!!!!!!! Nino never serves raw burgers. Nino has pictures of teaching the chef how to cook a burger.

Jake Wong : I hate this grandmas facial expressions

Bredah : Ngl. The restaurant I worked in, not that clean. But there were only two chefs. Both of them really good at making tasty food. Best food I've ever in my life. The main chef is the manager, also he is strict, you can say he bullies. But we all love him and he knows that. Because he is really loving too. You can feel that in the food. They only have 5 staff including me and the chefs. Yet theshop fills with customers and ques every weekend. I left the job coz they paid me below national minimum wage.

Dominic Schwenke : Australia has trash pies. New Zealand's pies are better

Ethan Morales : I love watching these while I eat my Top Ramen

Fudge Ward : *uses sons inherited money without consulting him* My son resents me, I don’t know why?

ms believerr : *likes comments about how bad the food is before the video even starts*

Azn Pride : The waitress is pretty cute. I'd like to eat her out instead of those raw nasty burgers.

julius low : He had that steak pie at 8:36 at the side of his table. And in 9:20 it’s only served. Coincidence?! I think not!!!

David Miletič : Doctor: it's a healthy 7 pounds baby boy. Gordon: it's RAW!!!

Jerry Purp : Which season and episode is this i can't find it.

Dr Green : 9:55 Thats not an Australian pie lol

Rayane Kab : you know troubles start when he says " Wow" and the beat drops

Wild_ Rush123 : what episode is this from

Naśty : Don't do a kitchen business with relatives