Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

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junior fio : "My son has resentment towards me, and I don't know why." Maybe it's because you stole money from him?

AbnormallyNormal // : I stole 200k from my sons bank account to open my business, but he resents me and I don’t know why Smh

sithlordsoup : Turn captions on at 3:35

Jamie Mansfield : >takes $250,000 from his Son's trust fund without asking first "My son has a great deal of resentment towards me and I don't know why"

Kiesch 23 : Waitress: “Gordon was like, Chef David Blaine? Like the magician?” Chef: “Hahahaha, too bad I can’t make myself disappear from this place.”

Felix : "I took his money... Yes, i forced him into it and told him eventually" "My son has resentment towards me and i dont know why" Is this asshole for real?

JayJ TV : Anyone else binge watching these?

OliverFiles : "My son has a great deal of resentment towards me and I don't know why." Well, you stole $250k of his money to open a failing business and then on top of that, you make him work night shifts at this restaurant when other young men his age are probably having a social life in the evenings.

Scott Valerius : "My son has resentment towards me, and I don't know why." See this is perfect babyboomer sociopathic behavior theres just no end to their greed and stupidity. I can't wait for this generation to die out.

Dark Dom : Lmao here I am thinking Gordon served the raw burger lol

JUSS Ronard : I feel so bad for that great waitress

Manufreak Soccer : I'm australian and that wasn't an Australian meat pie

The Heir Of Slytherdor : 2:39 “I stole tons of money from my son but I have no idea why he resents me!” C’mon man you know better than that.

big man : Gordon Ramsay is responsible for 87% of wasted food in restaurants lol

Dat : "Award Winning Burger"

Artur Babajev : 3:38 Why wouldn't you go for the award winning boner? I love the captions sometimes

Diegomc72 : The waitress is gorgeous!

MTrayy : The dude looks like he eats raw ground meat straight out of the packaging in the store at Kroger, giant eagle, Walmart etc... he’s that weird dude lol

Haytam Marraha : Anyone noticed that gordon is wearing his shirt inside out

Jacques Marais : "Too bad I can't dissappear from here."

Jonathan Osullivan : Is it just me or do they deliberately cook bad food in order to make the series more intriguing....

SirCrazie : Burger was so raw 6:51 sounded like he’s fingering a wet..._____.

Radian Elemos : The title makes it seem Gordon made the bad burger raw.

k m : “It’s raw” takes a bite

Feta Cheezz : DISGUSTANG!!!!!!! Nino never serves raw burgers. Nino has pictures of teaching the chef how to cook a burger.

reverse card : 2:25 why is she happy that they stole 250k from their son

Vincent Ciccone : Do they season it? Yeah with salt. Well they are obviously blind cause they are missing it. 🤣🤣

Limitless : As an Australian I can tell you that is not even remotely like a meat pie.

Adam : does this dude know how YELP works? people can't and don't delete reviews lmao dude needs a tinfoil hat with his conspiracy theory that YELP is out to get him

TheProfessional : Wow and I thought BurgerShot in Los Santos was bad.

Moron : I just stole thousands of dollars from my son, why would he be angry?

Max Towers : "May I have a glass of water please? (Sips water) UUGH!! WATER IS BLAND!!!"

Grace Nordby : *Is Gordon’s shirt inside out!?*

Trash2Treasure 2000 : Owner Says the cowboy is 1lb but says 24oz on the menu doesn't even know his own menu 3:32

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : Do you eat your burger with or without the peel?

Kevin Kunkel : I stole my son's money. He has a great deal of resentment towards me and I have no idea why.

BVBrocks927 : god could you imagine your parents stealing 250k from you

Shaylee Goodman : "Chef David does not like me" I can see why

Gravity : “It’s so raw it’s still running around the field!”

Greg's Kitchen : How would you like your burger cooked? Medium rare Gets medium rare burger "IT"S RAW!!!"

rocketraccoon : David copperfield your dessert chef 😭😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Smith : "A cowboy with a very small hat" hahaha

Revolver Ocelot : I'm an Australian, and when I saw that pie I gagged worse than I have in years.

Omegalol E : The owner sounds like peter griffin

Tristan Dennewitz : Has Gordon found the lamb sauce yet?

I missed : Isn't this lady from a different restaurant? The "I'm 64 yeard old" lady?

FREAK56001 : That’s nothing like a Aussie meat pie, give that to an Aussie you would get punched on the mouth.

Dawid Zygmunt : That server is absolutely gorgeous 😍

pArkerdapotato : I love the fact that the waitress allways agrees that the restaurant is absolute trash

David Miletič : Doctor: it's a healthy 7 pounds baby boy. Gordon: it's RAW!!!