The Spirit of Truth

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Creolee Boii : IceJJfish dad is trippin

Ardensity : the bad quality makes it even funnier

Darktician : best cameraman ever

Anon San : How can there *NOT* be a place in heaven reserved for this guy?!

Johnny Cab : The internet peaked around this time and hasn't been as good since.

Belarion A.D. : Everything out of his mouth is gold. So many memorable lines.

Snake Plissken : This just might have convinced me to accept Jesus Christ the creator of Heaven and Earf and every God damn thing in between as my Lord and Savior

TheAndrewj96 : 5:55 Earl.

HJR8581 : This dude has hair like Jet Li in Once upon a time in China

Kennedyworks : This man gives me the courage to wake up each and every day and pull through another one

Jared Robertson : I saw this for the first time almost 7 years ago. I swear it gets funnier every time I come back😂

Adam Khromachou : This is the only televangelist I would ever give money to.

Render Barn : Ruler of heaven and earth, and every god damn thing in between!

Zach CG : i'm gonna start asking people who enter my room "whose name do you come in? by who power?"



dieuson octave : The camera man bruh

MrTLsnow : "look like the yellow pages to me" hahahaha

ohbabyimpriceless : i don't follow whitey's rules! Lmao

AnarchyRipper : Expert Camera work here, it actually makes it funnier!..... BIATCH!

David B : If u take the cuss words out he made some points.😕

AndrewKillsSkating : By far one of the best videos on the Internet. I'm not religious at all, but I would go to church every day if Reverend x was there!

Ryan Davis : He finally hit 1m views!!! I have been watching this for years!!!

Shayna Bailey : When he said he make his ass available 😂😂😂👀👀

wavyboyo : ice jj fish pops been putting in that work

Neverly C. : The survival scroll though! LMAO

Derek Jones : Are ya laughin, BEYOTCH????

BrotherLeon2010 : 7:31 - u got me radd hann-nitt!

varmeer : This is comedy gold lol

Tainted Reality : Reverend X for president 2020

David Marte : That's some MID 1990s, I can picture this on cable.

luket905 : Finally I've found my saviour

piero fabricio hidalgo barzola : I see this... like 2 times a day... By who power..??

Kevstah420 : rule of heaven and earf

L. G. : Even after 10 yrs, this is still the greatest thing to ever be uploaded on YouTube.

Jerry Battle : Ain't no Corrupt com m m m mumicashum came out my mouf! :D

tytheevildeadguy : "That looks like the Yellow Pages to me."

BLAQK ! : Super funny 😄

Royal Lee : .......everyone knows someone like this.

David Wilson : man this video is epic period!

Tom Jenkins : This is what happens when a crack baby actually survives and grows up. LOL

Brooklyn Avenue : This is the only preacher I listen to and follow. 

Titos SS : Why he floating around thou lol...I know it ain't the spirit

rj31789 : Kids won't get the reference at 5:20

Jacno77 : i come in the name of jesus and the power of the holy spear

Neverly C. : He looks like Dragon Ball Z character 5:25

BuffHotWell88 : He don't follow Whitey's rules!!!

LeSean Walston : Lmao as a videographer, I can tell yall that even though the quality is terrible NOW, it wasn't that bad considering it was the 90's. Being able to make someone 'float' was actually a good job by an independent filmaker in the 90s believe it or not lol

Neilly Laura : Who came here from twitter lmao 💀

Mr. VOID-OUT : *H O U S E N I G G A*