Eddie Izzard on the US National Anthem

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robertantonnyc : Brill!

Adzie Hlupic : Glad for Teal Aswan to have reminded me of this skit. Thumbs up if she brought you here.

Turbo9987 : lol omg that is so true!

Dilandau3000 : Every time anyone makes a confirm or deny gesture, I can't help but think of this.

SvenTviking : US national anthem was an English drinking song. British national anthem was an American drinking song!

SethBlizzard : I don't know if it's the lipstick, but his mouth looks HUGE when he sings.

DebatingWombat : I think that Izzard's point is relevant to pretty much any anthem. Terry Pratchett made a similar observation, and in his fictional world, one anthem is actually largely composed of "ner ner ner" (in tune to the music), rather than actual lyrics.

Dirk Bogan : Only thing going through my mind just before Bane blew up the Gothan footy game

anhaFay : Oh God, this is so true! When it's sung at games, I swear I hear people mashing up words that are like, "Oh say can you see by the apple pie in base ball! We so AMERICA AMERICA AND..." trails off... Bwhahaha lmao

Wahine Surfer Girl : @itsjustameme How does the melody go for that "song"?

toddthedrysocket : i live in maryland where the state song is to the tune of 'o tannenbaum' - 'o maryland, my maryland'

dinolandra : @londongrl67 Did you know...that some people actually can't hear? It's called being "deaf".

dinolandra : What?

thatfilmgeekguy : well isn't that a nice change. i'm sorry but i can't stand people who think their country walks on water. and that goes for ANY country. but boy-oh-boy it is incredibly rare that i ever witness an "un-american" american. so good for you. maybe it's because i'm scottish that i just don't understand national pride XD

baycitystygian : I'm not very patriotic at all... most of it's anger at the army. It's useless.

OneHandHigh : That whole "And keep confirming and denying things" bit almost had me off my chair. Eddy, why the fuck are you so awesome? This and the "squirrel" bit, awesome!

OneHandHigh : Seriously, learn what irony means. Then read your comment again.

VidkunQL : This works especially well with the Spanish national anthem.

119fatty : i love how he says "Keep confirming and denying things"

Bjowolf2 : And the deep irony is that it's actually an English tune originally :-) - a great one though.

Max Montesi : Laa laa da da shar haar!

kukulzax17 : thank god for the subtitles. if not for them i'd think he was signing it correctly

fourthlayer : The make-up and costume are Killer!!!

warbabybites : park4488 What a peculiar & wrong, wrong, wrong idea you have of Eddie Izzard. You couldn't find anyone less xenophobic than him - he embraces & mocks all nationalities on an equal footing! I can't believe that you can't recognise intelligent, grown-up humour when you hear it. How many "xenophobes" do you know who can do an entire concert in another language? He already does it in French & , the last I heard, was getting ready to tackle it in German as well. Welcome to Village Earth.

Syco Figglesticks : dude I didn't even know that the americans knew we exsisted and yeah i have a similar situation, sometimes I go hey its the 4 of july and then go oh I totally missed Canada day :P

Tiamat851v5n : I find this hilarious, one-I'm amercan and barely know the national anthem, and two-because I forgot the 4th ofjuly this year and celebrated Canadaday on the 1st....so yeah, it makes me feel better about not being patriotic IN THE SLIGHTEST. along with the truth of the subject too.~

Tiamat851v5n : XD yeah, the thing is most americans dont, but one ones who do are very pro-canada I've notced(and im american, so noone reading this contradict me). I also celebrated the 7th, but that's not a canadian holidy. Heh, i guess it's just me being un-american.

terrier2468 : @bjowolf2 Well, I suppose that as a nation that was also originally British, that's no problem! :)

LEamaryllis : Really? Because if you come here, all anyone does is complain about it. (I have no idea about what it is like in the south, as all my experience of the south is from country music)

Elliebet : LOL!!!:) So true!!!

Nina Gaskett : @londongrl67 haha I was wondering that too. I think they subtitle anything British. We speak French as far as they're concerned.

d00mKn1ght : love the fact most of the likes are from Americans XD

Rachel Awesomebeans : @park4488 git.

Gooners Rule : Silly lyrics though.

Samjiri : Y is there subtitles on this? R yanks that dum..

itsjustameme : Reminds me of this: Morporkia! Morporkia! Morporkia owns the day! We can rule you wholesale. Touch us and you'll pay. We bankrupt all invaders, we sell them souvenirs. We ner ner ner ner ner, hner ner hner by the ears. Er hner we ner ner ner ner ner. Ner ner her ner ner ner hner the ner. Er ner ner hner ner, nher hner ner ner (etc.). Ner hner ner, your gleaming swords. We mortgaged to the hilt. Morporkia! Morporkia! Hner ner ner ner ner ner. We can rule you wholesale. Credit where it's due.

itsjustameme : @wahinesurfergirl /watch?v=EAqCbOJc6RU

Claire Conover : 2 people have no funny bones.

ncisducky4ever : As an American, I can say that he sooo nailed our national anthem! Those are almost the exact same words I say...not bad for a Brit! Bravo! :)

Aida Khorsandi : HE IS AWESOME!

Rachel’s Random Vlogs : I love Eddie he's brilliant and soo intelligent, he could be a history teacher xD. He's just hilarious ^_^!

Xander Taylor : He's just saying what most singers and entertainers know: if you forget a word or a line of lyrics, fake it.

screeningmimi : Someone needs to send this to Trump, who clearly doesn't know the words, nor does he have 'The Look.' Eddie for President!


Slade Davis : I'm American and this is fucking funny. get over it people!

Blob B : @WEENIE666 not funny? Ask him how he got on stage and how much he makes from it.

Angela French : I love the closed captioning!!! "du-du durpa sharr-harrrr" This man is genius! I'm so excited to see him on his american tour next week!!!

Alice Smith : it lina looks like one of hitler's speeches but to a tune and he's super glued his hand to his chest

Emily Long : @park4488 sorry, what? He's joking around and talking about Americans because he's talking to an American audience, and they obviously aren't offended. He's not insulting our national anthem or our country or anything like that, he's just poking fun. I don't know where you got the idea that he's xenophobic; he's bilingual, for fuck's sake. As an aside, what do you mean by "outdated, slurred speech?" Are you referring to his accent? Because that's not outdated, it's British.

MAzak : Acts just like Hitler xD