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Gus Johnson : wow great video. wow subscribe to eddy burback. wow follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets.

MrBeast : Donating $50,000 To Gus Johnson

Natalie Alfera : I donated my kidneys to a random twitch streamer

RedRiot : Mrbeast should really donate to your kickstarter

Cyranek : wow so spot on

Nerd City : If there was a little more romantic tension with the best friend, this could have been uploaded to Beast’s channel and his fans wouldn’t know anything had changed

Dank Matter : Donating $40000 to myself

surreal entertainment : My current favorite video

Tiger Foam : High quality content at it's finest ;)

Veridian : Glad to see Gus is respecting wamen

watc : Hahaha you nailed his mannerisms and boring "look how great I am" content. top tier gussy goo

Average Steve : I love you.

rielitty : *_THE LOOFAMAN_*

I'm lost, please help. : Well I don't know who this person is, so please excuse me while I check the authenticity of this video. Weeeeell it checks out! ✔️

Senura Kaduwela : GUS is his name . God is his job 😘

Abbreviated Reviews : Had to look up who Mr. Beast was, but this seems pretty accurate.

Frogulon VII : My disappointment is measurable and my day is fixed

Sundhar VS : Reeally nailed that voice

Aaron’s Articulate Opinions : I’m going to do the longest uber drive ever. HARD CUT Wow that Uber drive was very long

DEAD MEME : You sound just like him

eko : I don’t see any difference between this video and his entire channel

_yeety : "are you sleeping?" "no im making content"

Lord Stinson : *Content Cop - Mr. Beast* (Bus Longson edition)

It's Thinzy : This video has been sponsored by 140 people.

Bulockeh : Mr Beast, Gus Johnson boxing match

Jessica Taylor Music : man puts ALL his twitch streamers in the SAME LONGEST UBER DRIVE?!?!

bennyshoe04 : Remember when Mr Beast made Worst Intros? Good days..

Zay Flacko : Waiting for mr. beast to comment and drop some cash money on Gus

Broziibeans : Mr. Beast is trash.


White Sardines : *_Hey guys, today I'mma take a glock through the head.... On the same location_* *_ALI-A INTRO INTENSIFIES_*

tokionovaloid : The squint lmao

MatDeV : I found beast at 20k and I loved his actually original content. However, The more subs he got, I noticed how lazy and clickbaity he was becoming. When he uploaded his counting to 100,000 video I started to realize that his content was getting worse and worse. When he started to make the "saying things a lot of times" videos a series I new that he wouldn't be the same as before, but he could recover. when the intense clickbait that he used to make fun of started to appear on his channel, I unsubbed and got a little disappointed that a YouTuber that I once loved had become the thing he used to make fun of. Now all he does is get sponsorships and shells out the money they give him to streamers for little kids to give him veiws. I miss the old Mr Beast.

Tyler Makes Content : *ThAnKs QuIdD*

Spoon Fellow Sigler : How long did it take to grow beasts mustache though

Mondo The Grunt : _Excuse me?_ I thought this was *Gus Johnson's* channel, what's a Mr Beast video doing here?!

Chr1z2 : Holy shit, the facial expression or the lack of it is just like Mr. Beast :D

AmazingMrZach : DUDE. I guy named MRBEAST is stealing ur content!

Daigle : Silly Gus, you could've given him the money while saying a random a million times to make the video longer!

dream : inb4 Justin Y.

TurtleWhisperer : i used to watch mr beast like 2 years ago i dont Anymore

Voidy : buying content for 10000$ (not cumbait)

Low Pc Gaming : *MrBeast wants to know your location*

Ronan M : Just so so accurate 😂


lilrednightmare : The downside to this video is it made me watch a Mr Beast video because I had no idea who that actually was...

fiftyfive16 : Great vid. I laughed. Thanks.

Bendy Wire : This is actually accurate

Darkest Knight : Donating my Roblox account to twitch streamers. (VERY EMOTIONAL)