Derek makes his nation proud once again - Daley Thompson's Decathlon
The Derek Fondas Archive Daily Thompsons decathlon

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Take to athletics field and become the best in the world at the hardest sports known to man, well, I suppose base jumping is quite hard and rock climbing has its difficulties...OK...The game has tiring sports. Hours of fun and sore fingers with Daley Thompson's Decathlon Patreon: Get yourself a high end gaming PC. Shadow is a full Windows computer you can access through a simple app. Enjoy your high-end remote computer on any platform you want. Only £26.95/month. Cancel anytime. Get £10 off your first month by using my code RONATBHO


Seniku Moonjewel : That was hilarious, please do more! :D

mattandrif221 : That game brings back soo many memories,love this dude!

Steve. : You sir are a retro legend

Pixel Vixen : Oh Derek, if this was 1984 I would say, take it easy fella, sounds like you was busting a move there with all that waggling. Maybe your favourite colour was magenta after all? Also, do you happen to know where that episode on windowless concrete houses in Cumbernauld is, it sounds right up my blind alley. No bother if not ;)