Watch the Football! - That Mitchell and Webb Look - BBC Two

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MarcusAurelius : "........and indeed at most."


MrMas9 : "Every kick of it massively mattering to someone, presumably!"

Josh H : The way this is shot is just genius. Props to the camera people.

Vincent Clavien : Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

Rob Moss : Basically every advert Sky ever do.



Tom Hayes : In a match that is already being described as "on this sunday"

Hajir Azad : the GIANTS of tottenham play host to the TITANS of making them both seem normal sized

Comrade Pingu : He calls the channel "Sky Sports 4" which is supposed to be a joke at how many sports channels there are. At this point in time, Sky Sports 3 was seen as a bit excessive. Nowadays there actually is a channel called Sky Sports 4 and the joke no longer makes sense 😂

Kyrr-naion : this is such a simple joke/skit, but i love it. i dunno why, but this one just gets to me. maybe my favorite mitchell and webb sketch ever

Jonathon Cowley-Thom : As I understand it, two football teams football at each other and whoever footballs the hardest is crowned king of football.

UniqueSKD : What are you doing!? Scroll back up and watch the video! Don't you want to see the football move!?!

Thiru Siva : "Every kick of it massively mattering to someone presumably "

Greg David L : I hate football. Which is why I love this.

Jamie Smith : This is actually more relevant now than it was when it was made.

santino4561 : i love how he gets gradually louder and crazier


SharpeICE : Watch it, watch it, its going to move! That hit my funny bone hahaha

Jet From Gladiators : Who's here because of the 2018 World Cup?



QuorkEx : Sums up the utter arbitrariness of competitive sports.

Une Nombre : I love the imovable object of southhampton!

Hellwyck : *WATCH IT! IT'S GONNA MOVE!!*

MiG2880 : I've noticed that football fans tend to be of a certain type. In a word, tribal. People who feel the need to belong among a group of peers. Those with war-like mindsets. Competetive, often nationalistic. It's no coincidence that hooligan gangs emerge and fight each other over football. It's a natural extention of that mindset.

Billy Shears : If you are unsure of what is being said on screen, then do read the comments section, as most of the script is quoted verbatim, usually followed by 'LOL', to indicate the contributor has fully understood the comedic techniques employed by the writers of the original script that is clearly heard during the performance. Many contributors also use uppercase to further emphasise that they really have understood everything, and are very keen to make it known to the reader. Remember - the use of 'caps-lock' means 'My comment is really worth reading'. Please respect the time and effort that they have taken to reinforce their insecurities, and that they should be congratulated for their sharp observations and not ridiculed or labelled as a half wit, capable only of stating the bleeding obvious. Thank you. Please ENJOY.

ketmaniac : People often compare David Mitchell to Paul Scholes, and I can see why. It's because Scholes is better at football in almost every department. Mitchell's main weakness is that he's too much a master of the long ball, which would be great if it was rugby, but he struggles with the short round ball. He's often put one in the back of the net by bouncing it off the barriers behind. But those aren't goals. Scholesy had a way of putting it between the posts and into the front of the net. In the modern game, that's a goal. And to win matches in the modern game you've got to have goals. If you can get more than the opposition, you can take away all three points. No one knows the modern game better than Mitchelly. In his last match he proved a godsend for the men in blue, mainly because he was playing for the men in red.

Super Billie Piper’s Teeth : Ball Ball Ball. Footy footy footy..

Martin V : This makes me want to watch football

steve gibson : Tomorrow night on Sky sports Four it's the clash of the south coast as the irresistible force of Portsmouth meet the immovable object of Southampton in a clash that's gonna go down in history as one of the many football matches that are happening this weekend. Meanwhile there are old scores to be settled at The Dell, scores like "one - nil" and "two all" that have happened in previous years. Who will win this time between Sunderland and Blackburn? Then on Sunday, live, the battle for the Northwest at Shrewsbury with Macclesfield, in a match already being described as, "on this Sunday." Coming up midweek, the giants of Charlton play host to the titans of Ipswich making them both seem normal sized. Then Tottenham play Bolton for the second time this season to see who will win that. Also, Manchester United return to Aston Villa for a game of football to determine the victors for this year at least and indeed at most. Looking ahead to March, every football team will be playing football several times and in various combinations. Hope you can catch all of that football here where we'll be showing all the football all the time. Catch all of the constantly happening football here. It's all here and it's all football, always. It is impossible to keep track of all the football but your best chance is here. Thousands and thousands of hours of football each more climactic than the last. Constant, dizzying, twenty-four-hour, year long, endless football. Every kick of it massively mattering to someone presumably. Watch it all, all here, all the time, forever. It will never stop. The football is officially going on forever. It will never be finally decided who has won the football. There is still everything to play for and forever to play it in. So, that's the football coming up. Watch it. Watch the football. Watch it. Watch it, it's gonna move! Watch the football. IT'S FOOTBAAAAL!

Alberto Baglietto : Mitchell is the funniest guy in Britain!

wwgtg12 : So accurate it's painful.

leftymu : "And indeed at most" LOL!

Rowan Aboat : You wouldn’t believe this is 10 years old, would you.

starchaser77 : 100 people didn't watch the football.

MimM : "It will never be finally decided who has won the football!!" LMAO That quote is so brilliant. This whole sketch is just golden and so true!

Gaz 20 : This sketch made me wake up, I stopped watching football I realised football doesn't matter

Rogjp : Shot at Loftus Road, home of mighty QPR.

Matt Smith : This made me realise how pointless football is.

Streaky Haddock : I never used to think David Mitchell was fat, but seeing some of his old sketches makes me realise just how much weight he's lost.

Cameron Bruce : I love football and this is hilarious a perfect caricature of the shitty coverage the game gets

cdoherty 2000 : An accurate representation of sky sports

David McGinness : Watch it! Watch it! It's going to move! Watch it!

TumbleDwarf : Ahh, so he walked around that field until he got skinnier...

Cameron Spalding : Literally what happens when the World Cup starts

j : This is brilliant, David Mitchell's demeanour and the jumpcuts; hilarious!

Jane Doe : So ... anyone excited for the 2018 world cup?

supahdupahguy81 : How do you know when somebody doesn't like football? Don't worry, they'll tell _you.........._ ₒₙ ₜₕₑ ᵢₙₜₑᵣₙₑₜ.