Mascot slapped on the head by visitor at Shanghai Disneyland
Mascot slapped

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: A performer in a Disney ShellieMay Bear costume was struck in the head by a visitor. Last year, another performer, also at Shanghai Disneyland, suffered a concussion after being struck by a visitor.


Pauline Sian : That's assaulting someone, that's a crime. He should not just getting kicked out, they should sue the shit out of the attacker. So others would see this as a lesson, not to do that again in the future.

Chippie : I really don't get it. It is wrong to touch someone without consent, let alone hit someone. For some reason, since they're wearing a suit, it's somehow fine or funny. They seem to forget that there are people in those suits.

poortaiwanese : Thank god he was kicked out of the park immediately. I hope this idiot learned his lesson.

chiisana0sekai : His definition of fun is not fun at all... You don't just smack someone's head randomly. The mascot should smack him back. Just being kicked out and barred for a mere 6 month is nothing. I don't know why I feel so mad. Maybe because it is so absurd. 😡😡😡

Jeffrey Alvin : This is why japanese teach manners first n foremost

1hourOfLove : All mainland Chinese should be REQUIRED to wear mascot costumes when travelling abroad.

fargone2000 : Name and shame the guy

Kevin Start : UNEDUCATED, ILLITERATE AND DISGUSTING. THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM? I would have understood if it was a kid who did it but HES A FREAKING ADULT

Ray Mak : Poor bear

Rob sadler : I have not respect for tourists treating cast members like thatI hope that person has had a warning from Disney!

Bush : man: there is a fly on your head *slaps*

Alcatraze : This man bring the shame for all chinese people , too much spoiled by his parents .

Lollipop Unicorn : Good he was banned.

Queen Shook : He should have been banned for life


SpinnerForever : For fun huh? How bout I smacknyour head for fun?

Kevin 333 kevin : That guy have some brain damage ( by the way 2019???)

Jaziel Lara : These visitors should NEVER be aloud to come EVER again

Nugraha Wisnu : China Mainland... The Land where all people doesn't have good manner for live... The Land where all people still live in barbarian ways...

Keepit Simple : Why open Disneyland there in the first place🤣

-のら : No.Japanese. That's Chinese. The bad of the manners of a Chinese tourist is a problem now in Japan.

Teddy Bear : "She"????? Why am I convinced the visitor/perpetrator was a guy?

Attention to all gamers out there : In china The man slaps the mascot But in Soviet Russia The mascot slaps the man

Baldoxxx4000 : How, that slap just grazed the fur of the custom, I see no Impact at all...

Steph k : Lmao that slap barely touched the mascot over reacting lmao

Vishnu Kamdar : The title made me smirk like Malfoy.

vanillax biscuit : Poor mascot. They work so hard to entertain people. 😢 They should not treat like that...

mOan taeil127 : Woah! It happened to fast!

Tom [GD] : Jokes are jokes but this is way out of hand 🤚

Doughgo's World : They probably thought it was a possessed demon or the person inside was swallowed lol! They thought it would exorcise it by hitting it on the head lol! It's all pretty new to them I guess lol!

Itchybell games : The mascot could have been a Real mascot you know

oppa ganang : welcome to china

Black Jesus : Typical uncouth mainlanders

nimay13 : Lemme smack your head "just for fun". See how you like that.

Farah : They just do their job dude!!! Omg. Can u respect them? Its a human inside too!

Maestro Tonic : Had no idea the costumes were designed that way, in surprised the performer got a concussion!

ScorpionsFatality : Costumes are expensive. You risk damaging them and hurting the performers. Would you go to some Random person and hit them? Like geez people. I don't care. Its a person inside. Its hot as hell in there as well as you can easily hurt them. Use common sense.

OS. Temli : Focker don't know sometime elderly people who are in financially poor situation do such jobs too

Anahi Loetz : Might as well close and dismantle the park. Millions of money gone to waste because of these people.

Hi There : I thought people in Disneyland CA were bad 😂

Greg Val : No respect to those who just make their job and us laugh!

Michael Lilley : That looks like a swipe. 🤔

Wan Leong : Me: *just bought ticket* Me: *enters and hits mascot* Me: *cant enter for six months* Still Me: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

itsmeyohta : Them crazy Chinese folks need to stop giving Florida a run for its money.

canco thegreat : Barely touched, I just saw someone getting touched and doing a Neymar

Tedy Wats : Kicked out? Should be put in jail for harming people. Lets see how much fun is that. Putting people in jail shoul be just for fun too.

Joel Robert Justiawan : Just *never kidding at all like L. PAUL something like that.*

C Y : YUP!!mainland chinese that is

DersNoNem : Banned? He should be sued for assaulting!