Mascot slapped on the head by visitor at Shanghai Disneyland

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Trinh Nguyen : I guess they are just ignorant and do not know how it feels to be inside those character suits. I have not worn one but I can imagine how heavy and uncomfortable it must feel. That guy is such an idiot! Hope they bring more attention to this so others do not hurt the performers.

1hourOfLove : All mainland Chinese should be REQUIRED to wear mascot costumes when travelling abroad.

ucuz12 : The mascot could be a senior citizen you know? What an idiot

Pauline Sian : That's assaulting someone, that's a crime. He should not just getting kicked out, they should sue the shit out of the attacker. So others would see this as a lesson, not to do that again in the future.

Jeffrey Alvin : This is why japanese teach manners first n foremost

poortaiwanese : Thank god he was kicked out of the park immediately. I hope this idiot learned his lesson.

Chippie : I really don't get it. It is wrong to touch someone without consent, let alone hit someone. For some reason, since they're wearing a suit, it's somehow fine or funny. They seem to forget that there are people in those suits.

chiisana0sekai : His definition of fun is not fun at all... You don't just smack someone's head randomly. The mascot should smack him back. Just being kicked out and barred for a mere 6 month is nothing. I don't know why I feel so mad. Maybe because it is so absurd. 😡😡😡

I'm Bunny : Its hard to believe a country that taught Japanese people manners and etiquette centuries ago remembers little about how to be as polite and sweet as people who actually learned from them.

Francisco Munoz : Its China. How is this surprising.

Jaret Albaugh : Not just Chinese my fellow Americans have done worse to them here. I know a character that lost her baby because a "guest" punched her in the belly. So dont point fingers at only other countries.!!

Keepit Simple : Why open Disneyland there in the first place🤣

fargone2000 : Name and shame the guy

Uchiha Madara : Chinese not deserve Earth

Ray Mak : Poor bear

Rob sadler : I have not respect for tourists treating cast members like thatI hope that person has had a warning from Disney!

Lollipop Unicorn : Good he was banned.

Queen Shook : He should have been banned for life

Bee eats cats : man: there is a fly on your head *slaps*

孙仲伦 : God I can’t watch anymore of these videos. Makes me feel ashamed to be Chinese.

DRAKKENFIRE22 : I thought the Chinese were the worst tourists while outside their country. Now, I see they have no common decency while in their country. No wonder they are a backwards communist nation.

Yessica Rosal : I hate china:/

Alcatraze : This man bring the shame for all chinese people , too much spoiled by his parents .

Doughgo's World : They probably thought it was a possessed demon or the person inside was swallowed lol! They thought it would exorcise it by hitting it on the head lol! It's all pretty new to them I guess lol!

Mayannk Sharma : They should have made him wear the suit and perform on stage for 6 months without pay.

Peter Griffin : Mainlanders

Sajeeb Kumar : They really has nothing good to do at all.

SpinnerForever : For fun huh? How bout I smacknyour head for fun?

Amirul Azfar : Well chinese will always be chinese.

Baldoxxx4000 : How, that slap just grazed the fur of the custom, I see no Impact at all...

Philip Meredith : The leader approves this action. Next they'll kick out Disney while leaving it open and steal all intellectual property rights. That's the Chinese government way. What you can't create ..........steal.

Bobofook Low : #mascotlivesmatter !

Jaziel Lara : These visitors should NEVER be aloud to come EVER again

JIF peanut butter : Poor man in the Duffy costume

Grumpy Nayeon : I feel so bad idk it’s just those costumes make them seam like such innocent people :( I’m Chinese from hk and that was so disrespectful!

poortaiwanese : 低级支那人丢脸到网上了。👏

Vishnu Kamdar : The title made me smirk like Malfoy.

mOan taeil127 : Woah! It happened to fast!

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru : Not cool.

Wilson : 0:47 that mascot just dabbed

ant wto : HOW CAN HE SLAP?

questionable man : that's a hit not a slap

oppa ganang : welcome to china


Thufail Akhdan Zaki : Well what you can expect from China?

Kevin Start : UNEDUCATED, ILLITERATE AND DISGUSTING. THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM? I would have understood if it was a kid who did it but HES A FREAKING ADULT

Benny Rahmat : Hal seperti ini menjadi kasus pelanggaran hukum adalah bukti bahwa betapa hukum di negara maju jauh lebih matang dibanding kita

lovethai : Mainland Chinese. Again. And again...and again...and...SNOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Alfie Tan : How about i punch that guy in the face and say that i did it just for fun

Mingso Limbu : I hate the chinese now