State Meeting - SNL

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Virginia state representatives (Halsey, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney) call an emergency meeting in response to multiple blackface controversies. #SNL #Halsey #SNL44 Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:


Dylan Noah : The Halsey part is so genius it’s so funny

Erika Myers : I dont mean biracial, I mean one year I was both Micheal Jacksons..omg 😆

Kayla Achten : 2:57 That person who yelled ‘oh my god!’ when Beck said the contest was for blackest face 😂😂😂 the live audience definitely added to this sketch

Adam Woolhouse : The best SNL hosts are the ones that blend into the sketches seamlessly. Watching sketches like this I forgot Halsey was the host and not just a cast member. She did a great job with this episode.

Evan Bak : Pete doing the guilty dog routine

Sinon's Life : "What if the costume won a contest?" "What was the contest?" "Blackest face." Got me rolling!

deepvybes : 2:19 when SNL goes meta and includes Pete in the shot of the most breakable joke.

britnee jackson : “I’m a take a 2 week lunch” 😂😂 me every time I go to work

steff : "Am I in hell?" lmao

Cognitive Harmony! : What if you are "Half-Black?" That stole the show.

Phoenixx Trih : Jeez.... now I'm curious as to what "Blackvoice" sounds like.

luckyjasonfan : "We can still do the voice?" WHAT VOICE!?!! 👀

Not Just Donny But Other People Too : I love Keenan so much, he is so great in every sketch lmao

Travis Mccoy : "Well what was the contest" MF said "Blackest Face" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mirenda Rosenberg : Keenan is so good at playing the disappointed, lovable authority figure.

Liz B : I think the al Jolson reference went over a lot of heads lol

Stick Fu : Is it ok in movies like Tropic Thunder because Robert Downey Jr. did an amazing job. Also Dave Chappell did great job doing white face on his show.

Wolf_GuySB : How in the heck is it that Gov. Northam got the whole media to refer to it simply as a “blackface scandal”. That’s probably the least controversial part of the entire photo. Why is it that the media refuses to focus on the fact that he thought having a black man in front of a Klansman (aka implying horrible, terroristic events) was humorous. He needs to resign immediately, so that the party can get back to it’s true message.

Antonio Ross : Blackface never has or will be cool in the 80s the 90s or Now And the reaction Kennan gave after black booty lol snl

Cooldrop02 : "See, he's getting mad" America's response to any complaint the black community has ever made lol.

Lily Fenster : "what if i dressed in black booty?" "how could anyone tell that it was a black booty?" "because i had shoe polish on my face" SDFGJGFDSFG THE BEST PART

Alex Schuman : "I'm doing that next year!" 😂😂😂

Tanya Juli : This shoulda been the opening sketch. Best sketch of the show!!

Becca Josephine : Just had a conversation with my son’s teammates parents and they kept saying it was the 80’s! Totally changed my opinion of them

Victor Galloway : Pete couldn't keep character to save my life lol

Dave Brickley : What if you laughed at the movie White Chicks?

Eric Johnston : Takin a 2 week lunch haha, that's pretty legit..

C. Smith : Well I'm gonna take a 2 week Lunch break before I lose my damn mind. Lol

Courtney Bush : Halsey is the most beautiful state rep ever!

G Pacman : I definitely chromecast the previous nights snl every time I wake up hungover Sunday 🤴🏾blunts n laughs with scrambled eggs on the side is the recipe

Not Your Average Trucker : I'm going to take a TWO WEEK lunch...

Annette Goka : Lol both MJs

Hephzie Berry : "BIG OLD BLACK BOOTY" Pete is dying in the background lmfaooooo

academic person : I am laughing so hard it hurts...this gets right the intelligence level of politicians.

Truck Taxi : ... well for next time ... On a different note Kenan is wearing an extremely expensive [$2k - $5k] well tailored suit.

audrey weiss : literally my favorite snl sketch ever

D Tschuor : I'm it wrong that as a white person (who never questioned that black face was inappropriate and not once ever entertained a costume using it) I find this whole sketch utterly hilarious? I keep thinking, "What do they not get?" But the half black costume, that was the funniest part yet. The rest was really just them delivering the actual statements of these people in a satirical manner...

Jimmy Swenson : "I'm not mad, I just didn't think this would be that complicated." Yep that pretty much sums it up lol

Levan : *I don't get it, please not that i'm from a country where there is no racism, just intolerance!!* How is it bad if you are wearing a costume with "black face" to celebrate that person ?! I understand and know about black face historically was used to portray a race like lazy, unintelligent etc... so in this case i understand why it is wrong but if you are celebrating a person and acknowledging his achievements i don't see anything wrong.

Infamous J-H00ĶŻ : *Aye You Said You Weren't Gonna Get Mad* *You see he's getting mad*

crushpetals : *waving finger* "NO MORE BLACK FACE."

hoody shorts : I'm black as hell but this is CLASSIC COMEDY

Steven Marshall : Pete can never keep a straight face 🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

WestOfEarth : So bizarre really. I mean it never crossed my mind to create a blackface costume ever.

Elizabeth Harttley : Omg 'But what about' should be stricken from adulting. Truly small minded limited thought processing. SNL you are a saving grace, helping ppl think with humor as an overlay.

Priscilla Jimenez : 3:35 finally someone shuts the chaos up Btw she's gorgeous 👏😃

LoveliAngelVibes : This episode was actually very funny. I’ve not laughed this much since Dave Chappelle was there last...

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Virginia hasn't been this popular since the Civil War. Enjoy the moment while it lasts boys. Or just hide in shame. Either one works really.

Cupavi Kurcic : Country roads take me anywhere but Virginia.