State Meeting - SNL

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Obi-Wan Kenobi : Virginia hasn't been this popular since the Civil War. Enjoy the moment while it lasts boys. Or just hide in shame. Either one works really.

Acts17Apologetics : 89 people who wore blackface in college disliked this video.

DylanTheSceneFreak : The Halsey part is so genius it’s so funny

Kayla Achten : 2:57 That person who yelled ‘oh my god!’ when Beck said the contest was for blackest face 😂😂😂 the live audience definitely added to this sketch

Adam Woolhouse : The best SNL hosts are the ones that blend into the sketches seamlessly. Watching sketches like this I forgot Halsey was the host and not just a cast member. She did a great job with this episode.

Dave Brickley : What if you laughed at the movie White Chicks?

Wolf_GuySB : How in the heck is it that Gov. Northam got the whole media to refer to it simply as a “blackface scandal”. That’s probably the least controversial part of the entire photo. Why is it that the media refuses to focus on the fact that he thought having a black man in front of a Klansman (aka implying horrible, terroristic events) was humorous. He needs to resign immediately, so that the party can get back to it’s true message.

Phoenixx Trih : Jeez.... now I'm curious as to what "Blackvoice" sounds like.

Acts17Apologetics : On the bright side, all the politicians who resign can have a second career as song and dance group called "The Blackface Boys."

britnee jackson : “I’m a take a 2 week lunch” 😂😂 me every time I go to work

deepvybes : 2:19 when SNL goes meta and includes Pete in the shot of the most breakable joke.

jssangel416 : The only time I think blackface is an issue is when it's purpose is be offensive, demeaning or racist. Like the little white boy who dressed up as MLK for a school assignment in which the kids had to dress up as a historical figure they admired and speak in front of the class. He was punished for that by the school and I wasn't in total agreement with the school because he was actually trying to honor MLK,not mock him or be disrespectful.

VMWashington25 : This is hilarious but scary that this could be a real life chat with out of touch Caucasian people.

jwsm2 : "What if the black face was just part of your costume of a black person" that was probably asked at the real press conference LOL

Liz B : I think the al Jolson reference went over a lot of heads lol

Lonesome : Kenan killed it this week!

WestOfEarth : So bizarre really. I mean it never crossed my mind to create a blackface costume ever.

Travis Mccoy : "Well what was the contest" MF said "Blackest Face" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Foolin with FLUFFY ! : Unfortunately this is funny but the fact of the matter is IT is TRUE. people be playing and this shit is serious !! Black face propaganda is making its way back to mainstream.

Xtoriez Novel : Joy Behar admitted to wearing blackface and nothing happened.

Bryan : The sketch satirizes this, but it's pretty clear that most present-day white politicians from the south who came of age in the postwar era (i.e., those in power now) did a whole bunch of things which, by today's standards, would be considered shockingly racist. It's probably more prudent, though, to judge them by their conduct since those indiscretions instead of labeling them as 'unredeemable' racists (especially because it's only going to be Democrats outing and crucifying other Democrats - a Republican in 2019 - wouldn't even consider this a scandal - it would just be a brief period of gaslighting and then a big ol' sweep under the rug...)

Tania : you need alexandria ocasio cortez skits! it writes itself!!!!!! LOL

Antonio Ross : Blackface never has or will be cool in the 80s the 90s or Now And the reaction Kennan gave after black booty lol snl

Cooldrop02 : "See, he's getting mad" America's response to any complaint the black community has ever made lol.

Legendary King : Not surprised Trump's both kids were in it

Vinny Banana : I dressed as Michael Jackson once. I'm latino and a bit brown so I pulled off the look of MJ in thriller without any makeup. Does that still count as black face?

Alex Schuman : "I'm doing that next year!" 😂😂😂

LoveliAngelVibes : This episode was actually very funny. I’ve not laughed this much since Dave Chappelle was there last...

Mirenda Rosenberg : Keenan is so good at playing the disappointed, lovable authority figure.

Tanya Juli : This shoulda been the opening sketch. Best sketch of the show!!

Chris Wolf : Hilarious !!! Great writing, perfectly executed.

Cheron Smith : Well I'm gonna take a 2 week Lunch break before I lose my damn mind. Lol

travis Papy : Jimmy Fallon wore blackface to play Chris Rock on SNL

Evan Bak : Pete doing the guilty dog routine

steff : "Am I in hell?" lmao

Cupavi Kurcic : Country roads take me anywhere but Virginia.

dan ol'branch : does it count if you dressed up as robert downey Jr from Tropic Thunder

Tyler : What is with this misconception that just dressing up as a black person, regardless of style or intent, is 'blackface'? It is like everyone forgot the actual definition of the word within the last few years.

TRUTH, GRACE & SERENITY : What if you are "Half-Black?" That stole the show.

Erika Myers : I dont mean biracial, I mean one year I was both Micheal Jacksons..omg 😆

Lea Jones : This sketch is like the internet.

Justin Buergi : Never seen Pete Davidson go so long without laughing

Will S : Funny how people compare things people did in the past to todays values without putting themselves in the shoes of people back then

Dee Torres : SNL thanks for 4 mins of humor... I was having a difficult day until now. 😆😆 This is a great...fantastic, very, very talented team! I have to say... Kenan! Just funny!

Tsetsi : Blackface halloween government propaganda

antonio volpe : viginia is for lovers ??? time for a new state motto

Isabella N. : “Am I in hell?!” 😂😂😂

Hephzie Berry : "BIG OLD BLACK BOOTY" Pete is dying in the background lmfaooooo

herbportillo33 : Hypocrisy from Libtard biased SNL: Back in 1984, Billy Crystal wore blackface on Saturday Night Live portraying Sammy Davis Jr. But it was never funny or cool in the 80's I thought.🤔😉👌