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Epic Music World : Cool and funny :D

Martin the Warrior : umm, am i the only person who genuinely really likes the end result?!! tsfh is the kind of music i listen to, and your composition is a pretty fair attempt at their style

Marcus Warner : Can confirm that this is the exact creative process for every 'epic music' composer. If you haven't sampled a rubbish bin, you're doing it wrong.

theRISEundaunted : hahahahaha yeeaaa this is so sad hahahaha ha ha haaaa *furiously takes notes*

Лэнки : It sounds like Russian song meme called «Димоооон»

Darsh Kale : Composerily, could you please do: How to sound like Hans Zimmer

Opalium : I will allow this absolute blasphemy against our saviors, TSFH, just this once - because that's a pretty damn good video.

Globox : The thing with Two Steps From Hell is that it's much more than just epic music. Try recreating something like High C's, Children of the sun, Into darkness or anything from the Vanquish, Unleashed or Amaria albums and you've barely scratched the surface of all their different styles. Only talking Battlecry music, then you're pretty much spot on with the concept, but maybe not the execution.

XONIXSM : It is like you took "Never Back Down" and then put it through the wash and it shrunk kind of but it still like, technically fits, but it doesn't feel the same ya know?

Some Thing : "Justin bieber of orchestral music" You legitimately triggered me there until you explained why.

Sporemastercreator : Is it just me, or does this sound alot like their track "Never Back Down" 😂

torus dfgdfgdfh : dont you dare compare tsfh with justin barbie you noob.

k a t s u k i : I think I’m offended but you did it so well I just can’t be?

Knödelcrafter : Next video: How to sound like Bach /several people are typing/

Ben Hoyt : How to sound like PewDiePie, LWIAY intro pls

Joi Towns : I'm an avid (TOO AVID) listener of TSFH and your explanation of their music is spot on.

xChenda : This video made T-Series shooketh 😂 Nice one, bro! 🔥🔥🔥

EpicZeph : I love Two Steps From Hell, love their music.

Unbiter : How is Bergersen hard to pronounce?

Pfoxy : Thats so pretty much the dumbest video i have ever seen, but also one of the most impressive ones

Ray L : sounds like never back down lol

Aleksi Niemelä : No ABLETON??! I unsubbed the next day.

Loss : I feel like you just disrespected tsfh with that justin bieber part

Whitesand : Do How to sound like Hans Zimmer!

PSPbrtag : 8:20 it looks like you accidentally composed the Stellaris soundtrack.

TheSam54123 : Your song sounds like Never Back Down.

PantherFXTM : Ha 😂 actually dying when u do the "BuT coMpOsiRelY. . ." Anyways love the vid and its very nice that when i subbed to u u had around 100 subs and now u have around 100k subs, BUT you definetly deserve more! ;D

Vishu Chakradhari : Are U Ghost Producer 👻 😂🙏

Ryze : HOW TO SOUND LIKE SEVEN LIONS!!! P.S. I just found your channel and you are seriously talented my friend! Keep it up

xX fruitbowl35 Xx : Nick Phoenix: Illenium’s first name is Nick His logo is a Phoenix... Coincidence? I think not. Hotel? Trivago.

Alex Merlin : As long as their music sounds great, I don't care even if they produce it on a bucket with a couple of bones :))

Kenshiro Comnang : How to sound like Google translate

Fully Fledged 78 : That was actually pretty good **BUT** it was literally **THE SAME** as TSFH’s “Never Back Down” soundtrack. You were most definitely inspired by that song, as the beginning was literally the same thing except for a few different notes and rhythms. The end was a little different though.

wiebe V aken : You just took the beginning of Victory man.... I listen to TSFH diehard myself, not because they're overused in videos. But just because I love it. And videos like this always confront me. I'm not hating nor do I intend to. But the content (the beginning) is true, but later in the video it isn't. But I don't like it myself. (Don't hate me for expressing my ideas.)

Hentaihatchback ❻❾ : How to sound like S3RL

sleW-CS : 2:40 hmm sounds like Victory.. only.. very off

SyndicateSupreme : The melody of the track sounds like the melody of the song "Blue Man Raid / Rapids" from the "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron"'s soundtrack, just at a different tempo.

The Fearful Gamer : Thomas Bergensen is from norway that’s why he’s name is like that.

111 000 : "Music makes you danker" Wise words

Nathan Deuxieme : How can you not pronounce Bergersen.

FullPowerDomino : Funny to see that it actually sounds really good! great video!

Wubba lubba Dub Dub : Now, how to sound like madeon to complete the porter robinson episode

Izzabella 33 : Hmmm... Resembles Victory waayyy too much at some points but nice job

atlass. : oh man now I'm hyped up to go cry in my bed again lessgo

Mostafox : 1:08 "oh shit that is too big " That's what she said 😅

Stefan Selier : Let’s make it happen, How to sound like John Williams!

Nisci Music : Can you finish this pleaseeeee? 😬💗

I Am Ostrich : Bro this guy needs way more subscribers

TrotelHD : This video is like Spinal Tap, it goes all the way up to 11.

Newmono : How to sound like bill wurtz