How do you score a film? | What is Music

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Fujaskanerv : This was one of the best videos triple j has produced. Keep stuff like this coming.

Zac Lewis : Awesome!! Would love more of this

Ssgt Griggs : can we have the blooper reel please? I know there is one!

stratocatto : Yayy!! I love this series. Wish this channel would've gotten more view

Seth Bogan : this is the best series from Triple J. please re new for 115+ seasons

Polk Sound : This was such a great episode. I love all the different styles of music. So much fun.

Orlenna Bretherick : Brilliant, that was so interesting, thanks

G Flip : this is great

J Peabody : You two are awesome. I am loving your videos.

Ricca Shaps : I didn't know a video about musical scoring would be so interesting.

no el : I love you Linda... always have...

Chevy Chelios : Pls make the subtitle or enable the auto subtitle


5t757 : Inception, specifically the track Time

Turbat G : such a well made video surprised

Mark Anderson : Hi linda, dan Great show,would like to help with funding,noticed you did a couple of extractions on linda happy to buy these,purely too be used for Stictly personal scientific purposes.🙂🙂

ntlatm : I wish I was that bee mug, so jealous

Shabi_no_Samuri : people who feld the nazis . so who where those guys ?

Ed Gooden : I just want Dan back at Swinburne :(

Matheus Queiroz Pedro : I dont mean to be picky here, but you landed FAR OFF on the Willians and Zimmer emulations mate. Good video though