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Van Vuuren Bros : Hey guys! Some people have rightly pointed out that we got a few facts in the video wrong, or some things might be slightly exaggerated, so just wanted to clarify a few things: - Funnel Web Spiders lack the dexterity and strength to carry knives, and there's never been a case of a Funnel Web killing an entire family. - Blue Ringed Octopi don't just sit around in rock pools waiting to kill kids, they also do whatever else Octopi like to do. - Red Back Spiders aren't under every second rock, and they don't bite you because they're bored, they probably do it because they're pissed off about some shit, or scared. - Despite the fact that a Magpie will swoop the shit out of you, there's never been a case of a Magpie stealing the eyeball of a happy singing man. Also, Magpies don't have abs. - Brown Snakes aren't invisible, they're just hard to see on brown ground or in brown leaves. I think brown ground is more commonly known as dirt. - There's no evidence that sea snakes take pleasure in killing people. - A platypus is not a beaver-duck thing, scientifically speaking. - Stingrays don't wear Universal Solider style cyborg eye-pieces. - Copperhead snakes don't wear reflective aviators. - Box Jellyfish don't go to counselling and there's never been a single one charged for murder. - Both Tiger Sharks and Tiger Snakes don't have actual tiger heads. - Most Bull sharks don't have nose rings. - There are no lizards with a mouth inside a mouth inside a mouth. - Taipans don't look Thai, or any kind of Asian whatsoever. - Irukandji Jellyfish are not actually made of dangerous radioactive material. - Drop bears are a real hectic deadly thing that we forgot to include. That about covers it. Sorry, and thanks for understanding. Van Vuuren Bros

Julian Cavaleri : If you really think about it it's almost like the world doesnt want humans on australia lmao

Noenpegase : Miniladdd anyone?

bossatronkitty : In America we have a worse animal Politics

MrRayan : all 4.3k diss likes are from future school shooters

Call me mr steal Your girl : So relatable I sit in rock pools and eat kids

Van Vuuren Bros : This comments section is saltier than a salt-water crocodile.

MoniMa : I love the way Australia used to have guns and then one day they said "alright hand em in we're disposing of all of them." And it worked in 3 days. When we asked America why they can't just do that they said "nah it would be impossible to enforce. It wouldn't work. It would take years"

Gadfly _of_Greece : “At least we aren’t america.” *Loses a war to some flightless birds*

Joe : Who's here because of Isaac Butterfield?

Emperor Squish : bold of you to assume that Australia is real.

Amikyuu worl : At least Australia has cute animals like Koalas, wombats and Kangaroos oh wait, they can kill you too :D

Justin Y : The perfect song doesn't exi-

PoopooHead : The new national anthem

MBMC : Come to England we don’t have ar-15’s We also have have tea

anything and everthing : new zealand is like aussie but safer i guess no guns and no deadly animals

issa osama : We have an onion eating ex-prime minister more dangerous than any other animal or AR-15. 😂

Benjamin Howe : Those 4.3k dislikes are salty pro-gun muricans :")

isaac keppels : my dad just put our cat in the freezer okay guys so its been a while and im sorry to say he didnt make it...

speggy pegleggy : Can I move to Australia having no AR-15's sounds great

Stress is my Middle name : Me: *roasts another country* Also me: but what would i know im from another country

SC Plays : Miniladd anyone?

MERICAman 22 : It's a very dark song but the tune is so happy

the skullcrusher : what about drop bears?

T-man2405 : In Australia, self-defense is practically illegal.

Mr Echo : I’m from Aus and that was pretty accurate not gonna lie LOL

Madison Homewood : Come to New Zealand we have: no snakes almost no deadly animals gun control no school shootings since nineteen thousand and something good scenery a cool culture with lots of myths biscuits with 100s &1000s on them water sandwiches fish & chips summer christmas our school year starts in a new year other good stuff idk

slitza : I legit thought the song would go ".. at least we don't have A I D S"

mölsky mali : im from finland and we watched this in english lesson cuz we had visitor from australia who showed us this

ButterCubes : The only thing worse than these animals is Bunnings putting onions on the bottom of the sausage instead of the top.

TheZivix : 0:39 oof he got me

Pan-Wakka : I am Swiss. We are the third most armed coutry in the world. 25 guns per 100 citizens. In every other apartment is an automatic rifle. And guess what, nothing happens here. So I dont really think its the amount of weapons or the type. Not saying I like guns, never had one, dont want one. Just saying.

Penguin King : You missed the 31 prime ministers we have each month

AUSTIN B GAMEZ : Where are the emus

nuclearpower20 : This caught me so off guard and I love it

ExtinctSombra : Ooooooooohhhhhh shots fired! not in Australia of course

EbberDeeMills : My AR has killed fewer people than the Clinton family. So there’s that.

AlexMcMuffin’s GamingCave : Isnt this everything that kills you in Australia? Cuz if so, it should be a 10 hour long video...

holly flood : IM FUCKING CRYING😂

MistY : 0:40 I sEe WhAt YoU dId ThErE

joredyn kama : They should make this our national anthem. Like if you agree.

jeff joe : Austrailian propaganda must go there

Its Ripjaw : They could’ve just played this song and then they’d be finished reloading 😂

PFG. BLITzZ : Issac anyone?

6SamChat9 : we may not have monthly shootings but we got monthly stabbing

LilBoyMen : We were gonna watch this in class but then we heard then we heard the rude words and the teacher took it off.

Scott Johnson : 4,000 people are triggered [no pun intended] NRA members

Corbin Provis : Well I'm lucky I live in New Zealand the small island next to Australia

The Lambo Crew : But at least we don’t have ar-15s

Jai Baillie : welcome to Australia