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Van Vuuren Bros : Hey guys! Some people have rightly pointed out that we got a few facts in the video wrong, or some things might be slightly exaggerated, so just wanted to clarify a few things: - Funnel Web Spiders lack the dexterity and strength to carry knives, and there's never been a case of a Funnel Web killing an entire family. - Blue Ringed Octopi don't just sit around in rock pools waiting to kill kids, they also do whatever else Octopi like to do. - Red Back Spiders aren't under every second rock, and they don't bite you because they're bored, they probably do it because they're pissed off about some shit, or scared. - Despite the fact that a Magpie will swoop the shit out of you, there's never been a case of a Magpie stealing the eyeball of a happy singing man. Also, Magpies don't have abs. - Brown Snakes aren't invisible, they're just hard to see on brown ground or in brown leaves. I think brown ground is more commonly known as dirt. - There's no evidence that sea snakes take pleasure in killing people. - A platypus is not a beaver-duck thing, scientifically speaking. - Stingrays don't wear Universal Solider style cyborg eye-pieces. - Copperhead snakes don't wear reflective aviators. - Box Jellyfish don't go to counselling and there's never been a single one charged for murder. - Both Tiger Sharks and Tiger Snakes don't have actual tiger heads. - Most Bull sharks don't have nose rings. - There are no lizards with a mouth inside a mouth inside a mouth. - Taipans don't look Thai, or any kind of Asian whatsoever. - Irukandji Jellyfish are not actually made of dangerous radioactive material. - Drop bears are a real hectic deadly thing that we forgot to include. That about covers it. Sorry, and thanks for understanding. Van Vuuren Bros

Van Vuuren Bros : This comments section is saltier than a salt-water crocodile.

joredyn kama : They should make this our national anthem. Like if you agree.

ExtinctSombra : Ooooooooohhhhhh shots fired! not in Australia of course

Joelle18 MSP : This is why Australians survive everything

zdcgbkm dh : y’all forgot the bloody needles in our strawberries

Julian Cavaleri : If you really think about it it's almost like the world doesnt want humans on australia lmao

maipe tallis : I’m so done with America’s gun laws, I’m moving to Australia! _immediately gets eaten by a magpie_

Ivona : I live in switzerland and we watched this in english lesson at school hahahaha

floradox : You forgot long lines at the canteen...

IdolMike : I don't really understand how Americans like myself could get mad at stuff like this. I think it's pretty funny, actually. These are just facts now. Maybe if we spent less time whining and getting offended over stuff like this, and spent more time trying to fix the problem, we would be in a better situation.

Amikyuu worl : At least Australia has cute animals like Koalas, wombats and Kangaroos oh wait, they can kill you too :D

Jimbob_j4 4 : Who else is looking for triggered Americans lol

Eli- Chan : And in America we have an animal it’s called “The People”

ii Circuit : This is music to my ears lmao. I'm a proud Aussie 👌🏻 🇦🇺

Jaxon Daly : I live in Australia and I’ll tell ya this is frickin accurate

issa osama : We have an onion eating ex-prime minister more dangerous than any other animal or AR-15. 😂

Pxpi444 MSP : Lmao I’m an Australian And I love this XD AT LEAST WE DONT HAVE AR-15s! Because damn I’m suicidal

Gordon Sun : This song never directly said about America.

Conner Wiseman : And at least Australia’s not leaded by a Fake spray tanned Meme, Also thank god we don’t have giant angry bears

Abbie : we can forget having tourists from now on..

Mr Echo : I’m from Aus and that was pretty accurate not gonna lie LOL

Jack Hounihan : I’m from the USA and I think this is so frickin hilarious! I can’t stop laughing, and rewatching! I’m gonna share this vid!! Hhahahahah

Sammy Jones : And people say Australians are wimps ... 🙄🙄🙄

DrunkenLupus : 0:25 caught me so off-guard. I tip my hat for you sir!

Sad : Can this be on spotify

VLOGS DUDE : But at lest we don’t have AR-15

debsreno : I live in australia have been for 7 years and i rarely see most of these things hmm lucky me🙃

WeeabooWatchers : AND WE HAVE A NEW PRIME MINISTER Called Scott Morrisonnnn And the Public wasn’t able to vote for the PM only the liberal party cannnnn I don’t think this is part of the song!!! Cuz I made it my own!!!

SHISTARS TEA IS BOILING : Once I got stung by like 3 bluebottles ( one was stuck around my neck ) and while I was trying to get them off a freaking magpie comes and pecks me on the head , out of the 150+ people on the beach it chooses me , who was already panicking to peck ( Welcome to Australia )

TheZivix : 0:39 oof he got me

Leon Le : And now they have needles in food.

Tom O’Connor : Well, we have AR15s in NSW here But you can’t walk into a gun store and walk out again with one But we only sell them to people who we know that will be trustworthy with them.

Quinn Reverance : This video is the best thing ever. America is deadlier than australia lol

Fire Pixie : "We've got salt water crocks who'll death roll you to death" That line got me.

thy6god 5150 : Emu war :3

BIGGVS HAVTIVS DICKVS II : Where’s Russell Coight when you need him?! 🤔😂 Cool song, guys!

Mr FBI man. : I dont even think the toughest american can handle australia.

lyrissa johnson : 0:40 Got em'

LilBoyMen : We were gonna watch this in class but then we heard then we heard the rude words and the teacher took it off.

go away : Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T

Just a guy : Hectic fuckin homocidal box jellyfish 😂😂

HH bad bitches : pls tell me im not the only one who sang along to this😂

Ace The dog : I love this because I live in Australia

I like Fortnite : We got dangerous animals in Australia like koalas they look cute but they will kill CRICKEY

Emmanuel Maida : Who ever disliked this video should reconsider their life

Midget Gaming : Legend has it that he is still reloading.

Samantha Wareham : This is my favourite Aussie Song!! Great Job Guys💖

Pathetic Person : Australia: * in a war * Australia: *RELEASE THE RED BACK SPIDERS AND THE MAGPIES!!!*

BIGGUSSDICKUSS : U forgot drop bears