Higton Bros: If You Have Facebook Then this Is Probably Your Life...

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S R : I have facebook and this isn't my life because I'm a troll.

Siblings World : Okay! *NOT EVERYONE THAT USES FACEBOOK* has the life your showing. I have facebook and this isn't how I live my life.

midnightsmoker37 : FB is a disgusting pre-experiment of the mind of the human being in our quest to make the perfect species. A.I.

dannybooyaka : This is so real that it's scary!

Řené Kotlař : I hate Facebook because it's fake all ...people what to use Facebook are the most depressed and also fake.. Don't give up and delete your Facebook like me...I delete my Facebook and now I feel very good..... Facebook is sad for us..for human being......That's hard work to end the Facebook...

グーチ動画 : I didn't have Facebook for years. My life was falling apart so I added it back. Now I'm tired of the fake people on there. So I deactivated again. 3 days of no Facebook and I'm already happier :)

JZ INVESTIGATIONS : I never joined, and I was a weirdo to so many people. What happened?

Paulino Calimag : Been looking for this. It was featured in our local news channel long time ago.

vsonic86 : The best ever!

Matej Franken : When I saw this, I simply log out of my FB profile and my life now is better, more joyfull and happy.

Abuelita * : The only social media I use is YouTube and Quora. I do have snapchat but RARELY use it don't even have it installed as a matter a fact. If this is what Facebook is all about thank goodness I never made an account. A bunch of fake ass losers wanting to make their lives seem so perfect.

jake jakobs : Quitted facebook just now

Mark Spires : I have deleted my Facebook Twitter account and smartphone there nothing but timewasting get a life and enjoy life

xfire7 : That's the point. Facebook is all about lies. Its propaganda central. the whole thing is set up to feed the populace crap. I sat round with a group of people talking about the world. one slight problem, it was all from Facebook. Ten minutes on the web could have told them the truth about the crap they were repeating. But they didn't want to know. its brainwashing by media.

Sandro : Music???

1maamo0마무 : I don't use facebook and I think my life is fake :'p (Internet 👎)

Patriot 1776 : Man I don't miss the shit show of patheticness called Facebook AT ALL! Tried it for 2 months and said no way no thank you...

Michael V : black mirror


Leonardo Lopez Madrigal : where is name of the song?

Ricky Ibarra : Well, there's always the option of buying lots of beer, to listen Mastodon, Crowbar or Pantera, visiting Best Gore and Live Leak and get drunk until fall asleep.

Afro God : Who left these onions here?

Raymond Chen : im guessing this is the die part from funny or die

Darren Leavitt : so true

mephistophales1990 : it is like that video describes my damn life now!!

ImVeryImportantAndVeryPretentious : The only people who use Facebook are creeps in there mid 30s

Danasssssd : good video.

Denis Kosykh : Wtf? Facebook? Seriously? If you are a lazy ordinary piece of crap then Facebook can't make it worse. Everything depends on you. I don't fckn care about your opinion. Peace to everyone

kILLERゴースト : YouTube needs to remove the comments section, we tried it out, but people can't handle it. Initiatiate troll response sequence.

Victini HaloFang : i want to vanished on this world... now..

real scrub : lmfao 1600 likes

RagingMonkey2009 : This is just incredibly sad. 

Abbas Hasan/An7hRaXalfa : The Internet...

danphobic : Very good and very true!

Burgundeh : I'm on twitter so I should be ok xD

MrTiredmatt : whats facebook?

e nd : Sounds about right.

chris Tapia : ya, i dont have a facebook. i wanted one before but now that i really think about it ill pass.

Alex Leo : this is so accurate I almost started crying from laughing so hard 😂😂

Matthew : Wow. that was so deep its not even funny.

Julianne Hannes : Facebook is the home of insecurity and alienation. You go there for validation and instead you feel more useless and hopeless.

Evening Buzz : Kool (I think?)

Supernova : Well that escalated quickly..

Jamie Power : This wasnt funny at all, just kind of depressing

Crimea_River : +1 Like!

Julianne Hannes : This is why I've avoided my Facebook page for 3years, it makes me contemplate suicide. Constantly comparing yourself to others and the need to compete for approval is the path towards self destruction.

Anairany Zapata : This is so sad 😕

Joel Vega : Why is there water comng out of my eyes

Elle R. Apaytor : People Like you when you lie and pretend everything is A-OKAY but when you're honest they don't want to know.

ball day : Where have i seen this before