Higton Bros: If You Have Facebook Then this Is Probably Your Life...

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Julianne Hannes : Facebook is the home of insecurity and alienation. You go there for validation and instead you feel more useless and hopeless.

Julianne Hannes : This is why I've avoided my Facebook page for 3years, it makes me contemplate suicide. Constantly comparing yourself to others and the need to compete for approval is the path towards self destruction.

Elle R. Apaytor : People Like you when you lie and pretend everything is A-OKAY but when you're honest they don't want to know.

Tewi7Inaba : 99% of facebook users

Peter Herff : this may be the most sad thing I have ever seen

John Man : I'm watching this while sky diving! **Tips Fedora**

alize0623 : Wow. The one thing you were missing to make this like something I would write is him commiting suicide and writing "Goodnight" on his wall (I'm depressed as shit I know...)

FooledbyRandomness2 : This is gonna go viral, because everybody's life sucks

S R : I have facebook and this isn't my life because I'm a troll.


xfire7 : That's the point. Facebook is all about lies. Its propaganda central. the whole thing is set up to feed the populace crap. I sat round with a group of people talking about the world. one slight problem, it was all from Facebook. Ten minutes on the web could have told them the truth about the crap they were repeating. But they didn't want to know. its brainwashing by media.

Afro God : Who left these onions here?

Ife Olaore : Wow....This is deep.

グーチ動画 : I didn't have Facebook for years. My life was falling apart so I added it back. Now I'm tired of the fake people on there. So I deactivated again. 3 days of no Facebook and I'm already happier :)

real scrub : lmfao 1600 likes

MrTiredmatt : whats facebook?

Matej Franken : When I saw this, I simply log out of my FB profile and my life now is better, more joyfull and happy.

Nz0s : What's the point of stealing their video ?

Paulino Calimag : Been looking for this. It was featured in our local news channel long time ago.

Eric Schnorbus : add a DUI to that list and you got my life

Dani was invented : Similar to Fight Club where the main character tries to cover up his sorry life by making his apartment look real nice. -iRRi

Michael V : black mirror

nonchalantd : perfect

Red Vodka : Anyone know the song?

M : I'm a crazy artist/musician with crazy artist/musician friends, so I really do see incredibly exciting things every day on FaceBook! It's great being surrounded by creativity, but in some ways maybe it's easier for us because we express our joy and pain through our art & music? Even though we aren't really the normative 9 to 5 type, we still know how it feels to post something positive when REALLY we feel broken inside. :/ Either way, I really dislike the culture or lack of culture that FB is creating... Sometimes words fail, but art and music cannot lie. Maybe we should start a new site where people get rewarded for BEING HONEST? Imagine that!? lol Either way; *HUGS* for anyone having a hard time and just remember, online is different from real life because EVERYONE HAS BAD DAYS, they just don't all share it online. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, AND THAT'S OKAY! :)   #BePositive   #BeHonest   #LoveYourself   #GetOffTheInternet  

Jamie Power : This wasnt funny at all, just kind of depressing

ImVeryImportantAndVeryPretentious : The only people who use Facebook are creeps in there mid 30s

Graham Weatherall : Well this is a little depressing

Abuelita * : The only social media I use is YouTube and Quora. I do have snapchat but RARELY use it don't even have it installed as a matter a fact. If this is what Facebook is all about thank goodness I never made an account. A bunch of fake ass losers wanting to make their lives seem so perfect.

JZ INVESTIGATIONS : I never joined, and I was a weirdo to so many people. What happened?

Raymond Chen : im guessing this is the die part from funny or die

Glyn : Funny how we delude ourselves and others into thinking everything is ok, not unlike our media and politicians when we are teetering on the brink of destruction.

Matthew : Wow. that was so deep its not even funny.

ElementalSkater001 : It has that Fight Club theme

S.E.J : This guy has such a sad face

ArticalWolf : old

RagingMonkey2009 : This is just incredibly sad. 

Red Means Recording : Bravo

Rick Nois : That is how facebook destroy people

Řené Kotlař : I hate Facebook because it's fake all ...people what to use Facebook are the most depressed and also fake.. Don't give up and delete your Facebook like me...I delete my Facebook and now I feel very good..... Facebook is sad for us..for human being......That's hard work to end the Facebook...

Mark Spires : I have deleted my Facebook Twitter account and smartphone there nothing but timewasting get a life and enjoy life

Siblings World : Okay! *NOT EVERYONE THAT USES FACEBOOK* has the life your showing. I have facebook and this isn't how I live my life.

dannybooyaka : This is so real that it's scary!

midnightsmoker37 : FB is a disgusting pre-experiment of the mind of the human being in our quest to make the perfect species. A.I.

Supernova : Well that escalated quickly..

e nd : Sounds about right.

Mike Van Veenendaal : uhhhh this is about me

bio nett : he reminds me from the guy from fight club....pretty touching video btw

Bjørn Gryttingsodegård : Share this on Facebook.. This is actually very true lol

hola tio : Lol