Dave Chappelle - Ja rule

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drcadillac : Chappelle is the funniest man I've ever seen. I wish his show was still on the air so badly. Instead we get fucking Amy Schumer...

silverdrizzle : haha and now, the Hilary Clinton endoresment WHERE is JA???


Remi .PH : We need Ja Rule's thoughts on the UK leaving the EU

Mast3rShak3zilla : Ja just got interviewed about charlie sheen and his HIV news .. lmaoooo

BJMcB92 : Dave Chappelle was way ahead of his time...Ja Rule was interviewed on national news about the Baltimore Riots and the 2016 election lmao

Tiffany Zoe : Every time I watch this I cry laughing.

AyyGin : this ebola thing is getting out of hand... where is JA????

Shannon Chanhthanam : WHERE IS JA? i need his thoughts on Dallas.

ExtraOrdinary MUSIC : late at night before bed I think about my life and wonder what advice ja rule would give to me

franksoul : "I don't want to dance I'm scared to death" LOL

monkeystyle90 : I know you came here because of that "ja rule on 2016 election" post.

OMEGA-P _74 : "Where is Ja" I'd like to know what he thinks about Paris attacks?


Shady Mike Gaming : I came right here when he endorsed Hillary Clinton lmao "Let's see what Ja's thoughts are on this tragedy..."

SpareRibzz : Does anybody know where I can find the clip of Ja Rule calling in to MTV/TRL?

Justin McBride : Dave Chappelle called it! Ja Rule was just a political commentator on Fox News!

Brandon Hall : Where's Ja? I need to make sense of these election results!

cvhashim : where is ja????

Mag-nito Muzik : Fyre Festival, Where is Ja Rule?? lmao

Romeo Juliet : 147 people didn't find Ja Rule to make sense of all this.

Jason Cox : this just got way funnier after the fyre festival fiasco hahahahaha

Leng Moua : This Zika Virus is getting out of hand! Somebody please get a hold of Ja Rule so I can make sense of all this!

shabbadoo22 : the pause, and then the way he says 'FIND JA RULE!' every time

Raymond Adams : #HelpUsJaRule

Ruger : "Wow so Trump is the new Potus... 🤔Ain't shit gonna change... CARRY ON!!!" - Ja rule's twitter The man has spoken, carry on!!

dacooten : Ja Rule interviewed about the recent shootings.

LuisLEONFC73 : Even more relevant now. Americans have this insanely weird fascination with celebrities. It's pathetic in many ways.

Manski : When Ja Rule posted about the Mike Brown situation, I thought about this video. This joke will never get old, Dave Chapelle is a legend Lmao

SoupCan113 : Never gets old haha. I must say "Where is Ja?!" Like once a week. Love you Dave.

Goreface69 : Today you can replace Ja Rule with Kanye West.

Mark Ricks : The Undisputed had Lil Wayne on to discuss race. Is Ja Rule next?

SaraDavis !9989 : We need Ja Rule RIGHT NOW, I need to make sense of all this

Gamelogic : We need Ja Rule thoughts on the 2016 election ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Knightphall : 5 cops killed by military trained snipers. Let's get Ja Rule's thoughts.

Stephanie Feliciano : I need ja'rule to help me make sense of this election and trump being elected

CPGoat #3 : When in doubt, ask yo self, What would Ja do?


Jacob Strelnikov : This video @0:45 is how everyone currently at the Fyre Festival feels

ken muaiava : I have a feeling this videos going to get a whole new lease of life...

D'Maree Bonner : Ja rule was on TV about the 2016 election and Baltimore riots 😂😂😂

Raford146 : #FindJaRule

Soultronics : It's 2014, what does Ja think? Is Chappelle finally not afraid to dance?

Kasim Moore : Fyre Festival brought me here again

Klausnomi : First thing I thought after hearing the news of Ja Rule leaving his wife for a prisonmate was this clip.

David Johnson : In light of the recent Fyre Festival...this is even funnier now.

tr00th : Where is JA!?!?! We need him to help make sense of this election results!

Caliche316 : Watching Snoop Dog and the game with LAPD trying to rebuild relations today immediately popped this into my head... 😂😂😂

Faith Palmer : Dave had me rolling when he said "who gives a fuck about what Ja rule thinks at a time like this" Shit had me in tears LMFAO!!!!

Candace O : Can't wait for Ja's thoughts on the Fyre Festival flop.