Dave Chappelle - Ja rule

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drcadillac : Chappelle is the funniest man I've ever seen. I wish his show was still on the air so badly. Instead we get fucking Amy Schumer...


silverdrizzle : haha and now, the Hilary Clinton endoresment WHERE is JA???

SpareRibzz : Does anybody know where I can find the clip of Ja Rule calling in to MTV/TRL?

Remi .PH : We need Ja Rule's thoughts on the UK leaving the EU

Tiffany Zoe : Every time I watch this I cry laughing.

BJMcB92 : Dave Chappelle was way ahead of his time...Ja Rule was interviewed on national news about the Baltimore Riots and the 2016 election lmao

AyyGin : this ebola thing is getting out of hand... where is JA????

ExtraOrdinary MUSIC : late at night before bed I think about my life and wonder what advice ja rule would give to me

Shannon Chanhthanam : WHERE IS JA? i need his thoughts on Dallas.

MADVLN47 : Ja Rule just got interviewed about the upcoming election... I couldn't stop laughing... LMAO!!!!

franksoul : "I don't want to dance I'm scared to death" LOL

Godzilla R32 : I know you came here because of that "ja rule on 2016 election" post.

OMEGA-P _74 : "Where is Ja" I'd like to know what he thinks about Paris attacks?


Mag-nito Muzik : Fyre Festival, Where is Ja Rule?? lmao

Brandon Hall : Where's Ja? I need to make sense of these election results!

Justin McBride : Dave Chappelle called it! Ja Rule was just a political commentator on Fox News!

cvhashim : where is ja????

Romeo Juliet : 147 people didn't find Ja Rule to make sense of all this.

shabbadoo22 : the pause, and then the way he says 'FIND JA RULE!' every time

Jason Cox : this just got way funnier after the fyre festival fiasco hahahahaha

DVSNN GNG : This Zika Virus is getting out of hand! Somebody please get a hold of Ja Rule so I can make sense of all this!

Raymond Adams : #HelpUsJaRule

Ruger : "Wow so Trump is the new Potus... 🤔Ain't shit gonna change... CARRY ON!!!" - Ja rule's twitter The man has spoken, carry on!!

dacooten : Ja Rule interviewed about the recent shootings.

LuisLEONFC73 : Even more relevant now. Americans have this insanely weird fascination with celebrities. It's pathetic in many ways.

Manski : When Ja Rule posted about the Mike Brown situation, I thought about this video. This joke will never get old, Dave Chapelle is a legend Lmao

Apk24dc5 : People at fyre festival be like "where is Ja to make sense of all of this?!" Lol

KillaCam camshep : Everyones saying that Dave predicted this but he was literally talking about when Ja talked about the 9/11 and it just so happens in 2014 he talked again about the baltimore things. This joke will be forever lasting if Ja keeps going on to talk about serious moments LOL

SoupCan113 : Never gets old haha. I must say "Where is Ja?!" Like once a week. Love you Dave.

Goreface69 : Today you can replace Ja Rule with Kanye West.

Mark Ricks : The Undisputed had Lil Wayne on to discuss race. Is Ja Rule next?

CPGoat #3 : When in doubt, ask yo self, What would Ja do?

Stephanie Feliciano : I need ja'rule to help me make sense of this election and trump being elected

SaraDavis !9989 : We need Ja Rule RIGHT NOW, I need to make sense of all this

Gamelogic : We need Ja Rule thoughts on the 2016 election ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mast3rShak3zilla : Ja just got interviewed about charlie sheen and his HIV news .. lmaoooo

Listen Toit : i dont wanna dance im scared to death :D


Jacob Strelnikov : This video @0:45 is how everyone currently at the Fyre Festival feels

Dee ___ : Ja rule was on TV about the 2016 election and Baltimore riots 😂😂😂

GoSu MonSteR : WHERE IS JA!??! lmao

Soultronics : It's 2014, what does Ja think? Is Chappelle finally not afraid to dance?

ken muaiava : I have a feeling this videos going to get a whole new lease of life...

Kasim Moore : Fyre Festival brought me here again

David Johnson : In light of the recent Fyre Festival...this is even funnier now.

Raford146 : #FindJaRule

Klausnomi : First thing I thought after hearing the news of Ja Rule leaving his wife for a prisonmate was this clip.

Chipwhitley274 : WWJRD