Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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Nero : Apple is nothing without Steve Jobs.

Luke Lisiecki : Who is watching this with their iPhone?

william hughes : Well Nero apple is know nothing as he is dead

TSLstudio2010 : The moment apple actually came with something new ;) since the touchscreen all they do is lacking behind and letting costumers pay for the brand instead of good quality! Trying to fool people by advertising with look "new" 16:9 screen, while other phones had that for over 3 years... "new" waterproof also 3 years later... etc. etc. And the worst thing mocking costumers of with terrible chargers! you could only use the ones from apple itself and they get broken really easily. Whole my old sony charger from like 6 years ago still works perfectly fine ;)

Ilse Tay : Iphone will be ABSOLUTELY nothing without STEVE JOBS

jason wong : "we are going to use the best pointing device in the world...our fingers" people with no hands: god damn it steve

Game Wizard : It's so sad that he died just 4 years later even after beating back the cancer demon for so long. He actually looks and seems healthy here.

VengefulSage : steve jobs is rolling is his fucking grave by what Tim and then are doing to apple. tim might have been fine..WITH steve there guiding him well as jony but FUCK!! they have totally annihilated anything that made apple APPLE.

Jeruel Suarez : Those were the days when apple was at the forefront of innovation, now they are just copying other companies' ideas, and now with the iphone X you can be a talking shit animoji....what the..

Claws4life : damn... 10 years ago......

BroEclipse 99 : R.I.P Minecraft

The Last Of Us : Touch screen = Revolutionary Emoji face detection = 💩💩💩💩

EverythingYouNeedToKnow : Birth day of isheeps.

Qnaug Ng : it was a smart move, but now its just removing things

John Smith : Oh look, back when Apple actually showed "revolutionary change" instead of adding one number to the previous model, making it slightly faster, and taking out features that people used all the time.

Andreas Lambropoulos : Why is this recommended for me? Pretty cool tho

ArunRaj Abraham : They did reinvent the phone

ilyes fcb : Who’s watching this on iPhone 📱 ?❤️✌️

Delilah Harter : I’m sorry, but I think the EXCESSIVE BOCKING during the newest keynote was more Innovative.

David Guerrero : That’s revolutionary and that’s how you present and iphone

SpikyPlayz2526 : I feel sorry for Steve jobs when he died

I W4TCH : Who else is watching this on the original iphone?

FORCEFULBURRITO : So now we know why they bring a new iPhone called iPhone X because of 10 anniversary.

Caitlin Hanna : Ten years later the giant screen is tiny compared to the iPhone x

Braden Reed : Did you hear people laugh when he first announced it and how no one applauded when he showed the design? Keep your head down and stay true to what you believe in

Mohamed Faouz : Hey I'm from the future and Apple make' s an iPhone 10 and it's sucks


ruben berrier : I thought they said Steve jobs was introducing it

U.iosalt : Steve Jobs 2007: We don’t need a stylus Apple 2013: Introducing the iPen

Sharpe Gamer : Well I bet if he was still here our phones wouldn't be so shit

Dumb Comment : I can still remember the feeling, the feeling that something big is coming, on the news, on the advertisement posters , around the world

yuanjao lzhou : im watching this with a 📱 5s

LeoThePoop Poop : Lol now the iPhone 8 is out

FiestaSTGuy : Why has this come up as a recommend video haha

TheBlackdragon936 : Tim Cook would have released that 3:35 iPhone design.

GAMING WITH ADRIAN : To be missed the most loved person Steve jobs

RaisinGaming100 : I Phone X for *X PENSIVE* !! - Ellen De Genres 2017 5 years ahead is 5 years ago -Me

jamie ellaworld : That crowd was excited, wait till they hear about the iPhone x

Unbox Sound : I wish Steve Jobs were still around!...

subin bajracharya : now iphone is years later than other smart phones ...."steve jobs" once said that stylus is easy to get lost and now they r making earbuds ......they r easy to lost too...hahaha funny joke from apple

Smashing Ness : A huge screen my ass lol look how far we have gone

Good Boy : The ceo of the apple is new. steve jobs is dead :(

Oliver Arine : Bork

Qwerty : I wanna come back to 2007 😞 😩😩😩

Sebas Dunn Vasquez : God... He is such a inspiration

Noelle the only : 6:49 samsung why? fingers using worked for 10 years

Thezerofreeze : Back when BlackBerry was the best on the market

Guido Mazzarone : Who wants a stylus? oh steve... wish u were here watching apple pencil introduction

simon lloyd : why are these schmucks cheering and clapping?? It's like an evangelical christian brainwash-a-thon... fucking pathetic...iPuke

Callity : Steve jobs *takes sip of water* *crowd stands up and loudly claps for 10 seconds*