Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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clashb : this is a day ive been looking forward too everyoen claps also whenever they clap steve jobs looks like hes gonna like lose his shit lol

TheLego Guy : And now we have talking poop emojis....

Memphis Saoud : eBay:$8,000. Amazon:$25. WTF


Delilah Harter : I’m sorry, but I think the EXCESSIVE BOCKING during the newest keynote was more Innovative.

Andreas Lambropoulos : Why is this recommended for me? Pretty cool tho

Gildobrando : We need you Steve D:

Chester Glock : I see you comment scrollers 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

TheSWEET Productions : *Who needs a stylus?* *2017: Introducing The Apple Pencil*

Invalid gaming : “A huuuuuuge screen”. So. When is this iPhone coming out?

Matchstick 73 : Me : 'gets galaxy note 7 advertisement for apple video' also me: Whaaaaa? D :

Jerry T : Not sure why but YouTube wants me to watch this

Champion #1 : 2:56 legend was born And it even had a headphone jack

pools closed boi : It's so weird how good it his phone was that we still use the same thing but with just some smaller tweaks 10 years later

Tuna Simona : iPhone changed the world

Angelo Calderon : Fake, this is never going to happen..

Mrbeast2.0 : When is it released

mostafa mohammed : RIP steve jobs ❤️

Pato Valdes : So fucking legendary

Drive Slow : Sometimes the lazy man is the smart man. He killed keyboards for a flat surface

ABHIJITH GOPAN : Apple was great till the last breath of STEVE JOBS

Nero : Apple is nothing without Steve Jobs.

Pankaj Sandal : Can't believe all of this happened just 10 years ago. Thanku Steve Jobs!!

OpenEyedVex : Qwerty

Sal khan : Who wants a stylus

Gavriel Kenneth Maurellyno : Steve job will be so mad because iPhone X

Jarne_sikkema : Steve Jobs in 2007: You’ll lose a stylus Apple 9 years later: Lets bring AirPods to the market

Krabbel8beiner : Watching this on iPhone X

creative child : 2018?

TheRealMatthew - : If only they knew...

Alpha : at least the first iPhone has a headphone jack.

Danny M : Anyone else getting this in their recommended in 2017?

Jaturapit Boonpratuchai : Apple also dies when Steve Jobs dies

Joshua Manjania : It's funny because before the vid I got a Microsoft add

PROD. BY GLOKU : Damn Steve Jobs Is The G.O.A.T

Juho Painilainen : 8:40 iPhone X leaked

GT Bros : Guys i got a joke IPhone X

Elena Msp : whos watching in 30.12.2017??

Evan Gustafson : Who's here in 2018???

softballlover9 : I would have loved to be there. It seems so cool and it was history making.

Pri Kundnani : Hi I'm from the future and Steve jobs inventions go to shit when they remove the headphone jack

Frank Kristof : It's weird to see the audience being in the dark. Nobody has their smartphones up in the air recording lol

XTheDarkShrederX : 9:11 It’s like they Know the IPhone X wow *😮*


AbuPlayz : He talks about DESKTOP CLASS applications Animoemogi

Zoey Anderson : No wonder Steve Jobs was so smart he was drinking smart water.

Habiba Alsaeq : now we r waiting for iphone 10 Steve.without u .. so bad 😕

Conor McGregor : Apple needs to go back to the basics. Install the fuckin headphone jack first. Make it cheaper and make it easy to use.

Spartan Yt : R.I.P bud

After the Test : Jobs doesn’t want a pencil but there is Apple Pencil 😂😂😂