Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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Timus the Fox : 10 years ago...

Edu R : 2007 - innovation 2017 - poop emojis

Champion #1 : 2:56 legend was born And it even had a headphone jack

Jason B : iPod; woooh iPhone: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH internet thingy: ok

Gavriel Kenneth Maurellyno : Steve job would be so mad because iPhone X

Memphis Saoud : eBay:$8,000. Amazon:$25. WTF

First Name Last Name : Watching this on my Samsung😂

Alpha : at least the first iPhone has a headphone jack.

Evan Gustafson : Who's here in 2018???

Kean Cruz : 2007: We have made a revolutionary phone. 2017: We added talking poop emojis.

Zoey Anderson : No wonder Steve Jobs was so smart he was drinking smart water.

Dan Bate : Downfall of society begun on that day.

Joey Vahrmeyer : I just realized i have never heard steve jobs speak

Hari Mavani : Changed the porn industry aswell

creative child : 2018?

Gabriel Marmanillo : watching this on my microwave

After the Test : Jobs doesn’t want a pencil but there is Apple Pencil 😂😂😂

Joshua Manjania : It's funny because before the vid I got a Microsoft add

ItzNickYT : 9:11 It’s like they Know the IPhone X wow *😮*

softballlover9 : I would have loved to be there. It seems so cool and it was history making.

TheLego Guy : And now we have talking poop emojis....

luna ͈̆ ૢᴗ ͈̆ : WE JUST MAKE A GIANT SCREEN! *2 inch screen appears*

GT Bros : Guys i got a joke IPhone X

Shaquille Stapleton : Watching this on my note 8...

bleh151 : And this is the day when everyone would turn into zombies.

ansaree97 : Watching this after the Apple iPhone X video

Mystics Fates : What if you don't have hands???

Cookie V.3 : Thus must've been mind blowing at the time.

Plester : Apples creativity and innovative spirit died as a whole when Steven died.

SillyTube : "Nobody wants to use a stylus!" Little did he knew that the Galaxy Note series will put the IPhone to shame.

FB3K Gaming : I thought it was an iPhone X commercial at 8:38

rohit gupta : After steve jobs apple becomes totally shit

Estrading Co : Too bad your rotten apple company is going down.... R.I.P.

Briannaae lala : 2018???

Golden state Basketball : R.I.P. Steve jobs😭😢😓😥😰

Ismail Emre Akcan : Can't believe it's been 10 years today

AmiDoesStuff : You know these days Apple isn't the same anymore because at that time Apple was in front of everyone they were doing something no one else was because of Steve Jobs, this was what got them their popularity but, nowadays Apple is not about being in the front of everyone they are now so far behind every other smartphone company like Samsung see, Samsung had all the features which are now in the iPhone x from the past 2 years, hell I'd say it has more but Apple got those features today and now everyone is loosing their shit but the truth is Apple is now not the company they used to be they are not in the front now because they think they don't need to create something better than everyone else because they know that everyone is still going to buy their products.

ziheng : Wow apple already have IPhone X in 2007 and it is release 10 years later. Great Job Apple

Ali Bhatti : A 'Giant screen' ........ A 'giant screen'.......... 😝😒

Ray Wang : when apple was all about innovation

Lavar Ball : crazy how those 4 phones aren't relevant anyone , iPhone made them go extinct

iknow dewei : when steve jobs is alive: iphone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>android when steve jobs is dead: android>>iphone

AceMystical : R.I.P The Revolutionary Apple

Mystics Fates : Now I'm waiting for the ITelivision

Seth Bard : Watching this on my Samsung

Spartan Yt : R.I.P bud

StumpyTheSniperGuy : Fresh clothes Steve 💯

Sean Sheckles : The hero has lived long enough to see itself become the villain

chacha79081 : Who wants the stylus! Lol. Look at Apple now

Clorox Bleach : Who has a rose gold iPhone 7