Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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Fan Boy : Who's watching this on their iRefrigerator . 😀

Javier M : I stil have my iphone first generation 🙃

Sumukh : I was so hyped while watching this idk why

magburner : I am not an Apple fan, but boy was the original iPhone a revolutionary device.

SEA : “Nobody wants a stylus, ugh”

DudeManGuy : I'm watching this on my refrigerator

daniel7173 : Here i am, watching this on my iPhone. Great job Steve.

Eternia : Gotta be honest, you can't deny that back when. Apple released the iphone, they were really revolutionary, android wasn't quite a thing back then Android user here but you gotta respect history and progress Apple died with Steve jobs

josahagun : and boi have we patented it

Estuda Debby : 2007- “Today we are introducing the first touch screen iPhone” 2017- “we are introducing, an IPhone that not only watches you 24/7 but it also has a talking poop emoji”

Drenwickification : 2:06 it's funny how that got barely a clap compared to the touchscreen ipod and phone. Yet that is basically 90% of what smartphones are and what makes them such incredibly powerful tools... these guys just didnt know it yet

Jorge Moreno : SAMSUNG

Greedy Pot : Who else watching in 3007

Damian Brown : nah, it'll never catch on

Lapse : its sad how many people dont even know what OS X is anymore...

Roddy Dykes : And 1 year after this happened... I got a flip phone... and it served me well from grade 9 to 12

FLW Videos : I really enjoyed this. This man will be missed

WolfieGamer 7009 : Whos watching in 2018?

Freshin Yt : R.I.P bud

OustFoX : 8:37 he predicted iPhone X

BuzZaw3752 : Who would’ve known.. now most of us are watching him introduce the iPhone with our even smarter iPhones

ΜΛΧ Κ. : Apple died with Steve Jobs

KhaosNG : Whos here in 2076?

Ismail Emre Akcan : Can't believe it's been 10 years today

malkamusik : Watching this on my cat.

Commando00721 : Viewed on my iPhone X

NathanieI87 : You can say whatever you want but Apple started it all and this was a turning point in IT history. I'm not a fan of Apple but i have to admit that they Made it happen! All the other manufacturers back then didn't have faith in a device that had no buttons and a large Screen. Now 11 years later nearly everybody owns one (doesn't matter which brand) and our lifes would be a lot harder to manage without one. What I absolutely dislike is the way "the big ones" Like Apple and Samsung are distributing their products. It is unbearable that you have to pay 800$ and more to get the latest device. That is the reason that made me personally change from Samsung to Xiaomi (no advertising intended). Anyway a great moment in History :)

Hitler's Missing Testicle : Anyone watching in 1944?

luna ͈̆ ૢᴗ ͈̆ : WE JUST MAKE A GIANT SCREEN! *2 inch screen appears*

Andrew guajardo : who else is watching this on there iphone ? 😂

Black Sabbath70 : He says it changed the entirely music industry: so it got worse

Mac Sudfeld : 6:53 the stylus didn't feel so good...

_*x Laczek*_ : I wonder what would Steve Jobs say about today Apple’s “revolutions”. I have an iPhone 6s, it works perfectly fine tho, but...comparing progress with Steve and without...a huuuge gap! :(

Lavar Ball : crazy how those 4 phones aren't relevant anyone , iPhone made them go extinct

Juanjose Moreno : Samsung👌💪

Jack Evey : Watching this on an iPhone X eleven years later..

4473021 : The day that changed the tech industry forever- the onset of planned obsolescence in your pockets, mass censorship of said planned obsolescence, and service fees out the ass for design flaws from said planned obsolescence. As well as the beginnings of the formation of an impossibly ignorant fan base that will defend anything the company shits out. Lol

Parker Dolan : The moment smartphone took over humans lives

btsbiased : I thought this was a meme video

Cyber Cyborg : Overpriced piece of garbage! RIP Jobs.

Abradolf Lincler : Watching this from my Galaxy.

get2choppa : 3.5 inch display....."a giant screen!"

l3gacy : i watched the entire thing and i dont know why

INITIAL _L : Im an android user,and I agree this is really a revoutionary device

ThomerTD : Anyone else getting nostalgic yet?

Jdundee 21 : *whos watching on an iphone*

Rick S. : All those idiots hooting and hollering. Laughing hysterically at stuff that's not even funny.

Gabriel Marmanillo : watching this on my microwave

Thomas Krebs : apple retards

pranksters 911 : Why the hell I am watching this???2018 anyone