Six Second Screenplay Lessons by Brian Koppelman (Vol I)
You dont have to be a screenwriter to be inspired by Billions writer Brian Koppelman

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Brian Koppelman, writer and producer known for Ocean's Thirteen, Rounders, Solitary Man, and Runaway Jury dishes out 6 second screenplay advice for writers or any creative person. This is a collection of 337 lessons. Want more? Follow Brian here:


Carol Frome : Really good advice: Stop reading books about how to write and read about your subject.

Brandon Monahan : Nice try Nicholas Cage...I know that's you

Issac Dhan : Brian Koppelman, I love you.

white floss : starting to feel hypnotized

Paul Guyot : Never take this down, man! It's gold.

David Spann : Thanks for posting.

Carol Frome : I love Lou Reed's new York album.

W. Keith : Classic advice from a writer working... results.

cary bary : I studied a Roald Dahl story on how he writes description. Beats messing around with a how to book.

Stephen Manning : So helpful and so encouraging. I know I will return to these. Thanks for posting.

Debra West : Thank you.

Daryl Von Dunker : Yes! Brilliant and I could listen to it every day for a month. Lolol

objectivity gate : ...this is truly catalytic advice

Douglas Schlesser : Is there a second volume of these?

zero15388 : 106

Wendy J : Thank you, so much, for the time and effort it took to piece all those clips of Brian Koppelman together. I've watched this twice, taken tons of notes, and have been changed because of it. Really appreciate it!

sonicred007 : Joyous

FilmMagician : Does he have his own channel? Where's the original?

John Ta : Nice. Where is volume 2?

roger8654 : the funny thing is that every working writer I know gives the same advide you do. Most gurus try to keep aspiring writers in a panic in order to profit of their dreams. SLING BLADE is a great script and breaks every rule in the book.

Marta C. Weeks : Thank you! I wrote a book I would want to read. It came in a dream and as I researched the dream it took to the legend of the Nephilim but it goes beyond that. It is now a series, Fantasy/ Paranormal, published the first book, The Sylph's Tale, was told, it's too small to publish alone, but I saw it on the screen. Doing edits in the first draft, alternate title: Ayekah the Damned.

liu liu : THANK YOU

Hanniffy Dinn : Nice !

Hidden America : The comment at the 3:51 mark, describes John Truby -- to a tee!! I stopped writing for 3 months (I basically quit), after watching one of his (fu*king depressing) videos. Thanks for making this ... it's priceless.

Nick P : Thanks Brian, inspirational. A question though, if we shouldn't enter contests how will Agents find us international writers? The only way I can think of is to send unsolicited scripts to those that accept them? Is there another way? Guess I'd better get emailing!