Climate Change Researcher Describes Challenge Of Pulling Off Worldwide Global Warming Conspiracy

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Adam Hijazi : I'm worried about the amount of people who will take this seriously.

Mom's Spaghetti : I bet at some point in the future someone will use this video to show that people in 2017 were clueless

JackgarPrime : This is what Rush Limbaugh actually believes.

JLsoft : When did The Onion stop doing satire?

Subri Subrika : It's sad, but I bet some fool conservative will look at this and think it's true.

o00o0o0o0o0o : Just want to add that barrier reef dying is due to chemical pollution and local human activity, same with shit like honey bees dying and most other major animal death events. People should be taking a look at pesticides/fertilizers/lotions/toxic chemical outputs from major corporations etc...

Matthew McPhee : too many triggered global warming deniers below

avicohen2k : The earth created us so we can give plastic. It couldn't make it by it self. Thanks to us the world now has plastic.

MrTacoSr : I feel like this is going to go viral in conservative circles haha they still dont understand what a satire news site is

Yoshi5020 : Ho ho ho! 9/11 was an inside job!

Vher : Ok but don't let that distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation

Peter Chikov : I see Onion is moving away from satire into hard investigative journalism... Not sure how I feel about the change.

rsmith02 : Smart video but I wish they had fact checked it. Kyoto Protocol was 1997 and I don't think they discussed the ozone layer (though HFCs are ozone depleters) as that was addressed years before in the Montreal Protocol.

William Jackson : The earth is flat

GalaxyTraveler : I thought thought the Onion was sattire...looks like they are reporting real news now..

AnnaSun27 : This is hilarious. I fucking love how subtly The Onion roasts every dumb person who believes that climate change is fake.

connardman : Somebody was quick to steal your video... Here: Love you brah.

atomicdmt : LOGICAL FALLACIES.............oh my


grauster423 : I used to believe in the Ozone layer...luckily, I opened my eyes, and realized it was all FAKE NEWS!!!

Brian : If carbon dioxide is pollution, it would be cheaper and easier if people just stopped cooking their food and breathing. We could even set up punitive taxes to punish people for living. Problem solved ;-)

notablegoat : I laughed until I read the comments, saw the climate deniers, and realized how fucking doomed we are

James Peterson : "As the leading climate scientist of our time, what would you say is the most useful lesson we can teach our children to prepare them for the future?" "How to use a gun."

BlankFacedUser : Global Warming is perhaps the World's Greatest Completely Fictitious Crisis. We must somehow reduce Carbon Dioxide, that "Pesky" gas that we are actually "Breathing out," which is itself necessary for enabling Photosynthesis to occur by establishing the United Nations as an actual One World Government with the ability to determine what industries each nation can have and who lives and who dies.

shiningcross : It's not a parody. It's only half the story.

sparrow2202 : Remember when the Onion did GOOD satire?


Brian : The Onion is supposed to write parodies, instead you are red pilling the masses. Well played Onion, well played.

lolnopound : Wow these really stopped being as funny

Rick Thom : Funny cause it's true. Climategate ftw

jesso777 : So why did the Ice age melt???? were #cavemanfarts to blame???? it's the sun stupid #solarcycles

MindFlowersDotNet : The Onion's deceptive, misleading intention is becoming more apparent to me.

WiseGuy02 : Obviously this is fake, but also trying to sell the idea that global warming is real by making it seem so ridiculous that you can only get every scientist to agree it's real unless it is. But not every scientist agrees global warming is real, but that's what the climate alarmists would have you believe.


GreyboSneed : Morons. Climate change is real but humans have nothing to do with it. Read about the ice cores they pulled from antarctica. Catastrophic global climate change has happened on seven occasions in just the time span covered by that sample.

Jeff Whitlatch : Haha it's funny because it's true!

fenriz218 : So, has The Onion really gone that broke? I remember ellaborate and and very satirical (fake) newscasts - not it's a minute of shoving somebody in front of a camera and trying to make pseudo-intellectual jokes. Is it the budget or did they figure that they're simply no competition for CNN any longer?

Ricovali : The Onion is fake news.

Pac Oo : Propaganda disguised as comedy. These same scientist also claim that if humans didn't produce any greenhouse gases the planets temperature would've risen anyways. The planet will warm, the planet will cool, we'll continue to have storms, droughts, heatwaves and blizzards. All I wanna know is how will paying carbon taxes to these global agencies calm the planet. Are they gonna build a huge screen out of dollar bills and place it between the earth and the sun?

stefan diaconu : telling the truth under the form of satire

Dzooky P2P : The Onion, do better. Yes, People contribute to clumate change. We don't know TO WHAT EXTENT people are responsible for climate change. Honestly !

The Dog Whistler : When government grants pay you to find evidence of man-made climate change, you'll do just that.

[Kokorov] : Black people are a hoax.

Aratas Man : Hurry! Someone send this to Chowder or whatever his name is!

Gristle Von Raben : global changes happened before human beings were on the earth, because guess what, it's a globe, it's exposed to sun changes, orbital changes, galactic changes, ice ages, volcanic pressure changes, eruption changes, et cetera, et cetera....

TheBardmp : At the point where the lies start "every scientist in the whole world..."

tjr3145 : Science once believed the world was flat and that lead could be turned into gold. Just because a lot of scientists say it is true doesn't mean it is true. And they are being paid to say it is true, so not a conspiracy. Just a lot of people cashing in on an economic trend.

AKBuilder762 : Al Gore screams about carbon emissions but has multiple houses and flies on a private jet. He cries about sea levels rising then buys a beach house. Give Al Gore all your money you schmucks.

The Ultimate Reductionist : To rightists: When government welfare pays the FBI and police BILLIONS of dollars in WELFARE (taxpayer money) to find "evidence" of "crime" or "illegal immigration" or "terrorism", you'll do just that. So hilarious that brainwashed bleeding heart cuntservatives NEVER point that out.

S9y Advent : Oh yes, don't worry everyone humans don't cause the earth at all. We're a blessing upon the environment./s