How I applied to 1500+ JOBS!

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j102srf : Great perspective that many people should take towards employment hunting. It is true, finding a job after graduation nowadays is completely different than it was even 10 years ago. I cannot count how many jobs I have applied for in the last two weeks, and I have valuable experience and two college degrees. We are competing with algorithms to ensure our applications are even seen, and if they are, we still have to compete with HUNDREDS of applicants in the pool. This problem is especially compounded by the devaluing of education across the globe. People see college as a waste, and if you have earned a degree, you must be "out of touch" or "lazy". I am looking forward to your future videos in this regard. Even though I have no doubt that I will find a position that fits my skills, there is much to be learned about our current hiring climate.

ABDURAHMAN MUSE : This a great determination in which current job seekers have not. I thank you for sharing your experiences on job seeking while others have gone same challanges and came over it but failed to share their experience with others to help them. I solute you and very happy to follow you as I will gardtuate soon. Regards.

Rahma Timer : Great stuff!