Bacon pancakes 🥓

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Corsair Carl : My god that is the cutest fraggin' thing, in fact, it's so cute, it causes physical pain.

1M subs with no video Please? : ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ :D makin bacon baking pancakes :D ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Cam Good : That's what he gonna make!

yepisuredolikecats : I can't believe birds watch adventure time

Doge : who would win bacon pancakes or a highly trained fluffy boi

Kuba ! : Green birb does a *((rap))*

Spud Gremlin : My heart can't handle this

Soy Adrián :v O TacoJK :v : BEEK A BEEK A *PEEKA*

Angela Ziegler : Breakfast with Birbs are all fun and games until they release their morning poop.

ShadowWhelp : I was really hoping for the last, melodic "bacon panCAKESSSS!"

albert animations : This is the commercial for my breakfest resturant.

Pika peri Shock : But I don't like bacon

Threo : Officially my new favorite birb video

Kêrmit la Frœge : seemd cakes are better sing boi

Rachel Gerrald : Plot twist The bird is vegetarian

Madison D : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

ImmortalCockatoo Oo : Who the frick who would let the bird watch Adventure time..

9ah teh egg nina the silly shrimp : LYRICS: Bacon Pancakes! Makin' Bacon Pancakes! Get some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake! Bacon Pancakes! That's what it's gonna make! Bacon Pancakes! -Jake or this birb

Andrew Crown : Adventure tiem

Shadow-Monger : It's actually sort of catchy too.

Linnéa Hurst : I wasn't prepared for something so adorable from this channel. But I ain't complaining. :3


Salman The Nub : s/he says it so happily and excited but has no idea what does it mean lmao

bla bla : ((G R O V E Y))

dela. : Bacon Pancakes!

Dani Cz : I think this birb is an Adventure time fan!


The Pam, Who Death Forgot : Jake boi

Wee woo Gaming : BIRB

Butters The Bean : I could go for some of those.

ΛutistiЄ : IHOP’s Mascot. Wait, IHOP changed their name. Never mind... xD

Tony Davis : I love adventure time This skng is from there if you didnt know

Salman The Nub : pls someone do a remix of this

Tony cortes : Birb Want Bakon Pankakes

TheSonicfan129 : First there was "Peanut Butter Jelly Time". NOW there's "Makin' Bacon Pancakes"!

Reddytheteddy Reddytheteddy : <3 Birb Singing on open refrigeraroter. Birb no care fore climate :(

Xany Derkod : I cant watch these, my parrot died today, he was 17.

Brandon Valdez : What a cute birb

TheHullabalooGamer : I've watched this at least 7 times, and I can confirm I've find genuine fuel for the soul

mpharaoh : That's cute and all but CLOSE THE GOD DAMN REFRIGERATOR DOOR

WalkinOSF : Go on Miloparrot channel to support original uploader of this video.

Donny Joyce : His owner sounds cute too.

Andrew Barnett : 🎶 Makin’ bacon bacon bacon pancakes 🎶

The Fox : I was mad and sad the whole day but now I'm more than fine.

Shane : 0:36 "That's what we're gonna make!"

Niku Hael : sweet dreams are made of bacon pancakes

Davito2000 : Birbfast is served.

JosephVideos : *Top ten best raps of all time*

thέ mAηglẸ : That fking smol blink pause at 0:03 kills me everytime aaAH 💗