Bacon pancakes 🥓

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Corsair Carl : My god that is the cutest fraggin' thing, in fact, it's so cute, it causes physical pain.

1M subs with no video Please? : ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ :D makin bacon baking pancakes :D ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Cam Good : That's what he gonna make!

ShadowWhelp : I was really hoping for the last, melodic "bacon panCAKESSSS!"

Doge : who would win bacon pancakes or a highly trained fluffy boi

yepisuredolikecats : I can't believe birds watch adventure time


Spud Gremlin : My heart can't handle this

Kuba ! : Green birb does a *((rap))*

Angela Klein : Breakfast with Birbs are all fun and games until they release their morning poop.

Leafoe278 : LYRICS: Bacon Pancakes! Makin' Bacon Pancakes! Get some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake! Bacon Pancakes! That's what it's gonna make! Bacon Pancakes! -Jake or this birb

Pika peri Shock : But I don't like bacon

Kêrmit la Frœge : seemd cakes are better sing boi

albert animations : This is the commercial for my breakfest resturant.

Threo : Officially my new favorite birb video

Shadow-Monger : It's actually sort of catchy too.

Madison D : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

Rachel Gerrald : Plot twist The bird is vegetarian

Killian Crown : Adventure tiem

ImmortalCockatoo : Who the frick who would let the bird watch Adventure time..

Linnéa Hurst : I wasn't prepared for something so adorable from this channel. But I ain't complaining. :3


The Pam, Who Death Forgot : Jake boi

dela. : Bacon Pancakes!

Wee woo Memes : BIRB


bla bla : ((G R O V E Y))

Butters The Bean : I could go for some of those.

The Fox : I was mad and sad the whole day but now I'm more than fine.

PegaGamer : This cured my depression

TheHullabalooGamer : I've watched this at least 7 times, and I can confirm I've find genuine fuel for the soul

Dani Cz : I think this birb is an Adventure time fan!

O K : What a cute birb

TheSonicfan129 : First there was "Peanut Butter Jelly Time". NOW there's "Makin' Bacon Pancakes"!

The Mangle : That fking smol blink pause at 0:03 kills me everytime aaAH 💗

Andrew Barnett : 🎶 Makin’ bacon bacon bacon pancakes 🎶

ΛutistiЄ : IHOP’s Mascot. Wait, IHOP changed their name. Never mind... xD

Xany Derkod : I cant watch these, my parrot died today, he was 17.

Niku Hael : sweet dreams are made of bacon pancakes

Tony cortes : Birb Want Bakon Pankakes

Reddytheteddy Reddytheteddy : <3 Birb Singing on open refrigeraroter. Birb no care fore climate :(

Davito2000 : Birbfast is served.

Tony Davis : I love adventure time This skng is from there if you didnt know

SpicyRaccoon : *Top ten best raps of all time*

Donny Joyce : His owner sounds cute too.

suisiiy : Lyrics - Mgeh miko pancakes Making Milo pancakes Mgh Miko pancakes Makin bacon pancakes Makin Milo pancakes We take the- Muh mikoh mgh pancake Milo bacon That’s what it’s gonna make That’s what it’s gonna make Mghing bacon pancakes Makin bacon pancakes Maghg miko maghing bacon pancakes We take the- Milo pancake Milo pancake That’s what it’s gonna make That’s what it’s gonna make Makghuh bacn bacn pancake Makin bacon bacon pancakes Makin baca baca baca bacn pancake We take the Miko pancake Milo pancake Maghing baca baca bacan pancake Makin bacon pancakes Maka baca baca bacn pancake We take the- Miloah puda puda pancake Milo pancakes That’s what it’s gonna make Makin Milo pancakes Makin Milo pancakes Maghuh bacn pancakes Makin bacon pancakes Maghuh baca baca bacn pancake We take the- Miloah puda pudaa pancake Milo bacon That’s what it’s gonna make

Shane : 0:36 "That's what we're gonna make!"

WalkinOSF : Go on Miloparrot channel to support original uploader of this video.

mpharaoh : That's cute and all but CLOSE THE GOD DAMN REFRIGERATOR DOOR