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Part 1 of 3. Street Smarts: How To Avoid Being A Victim w./ Det. J.J. Bittenbinder, was a PBS special aired back in October of 1993 I believe on WHYY for us in Philly. The Det. went through a thorough process of how avoid being victimized in various stages, the last being taking some form of action. At the time I was 11 years old and applied the techniques in this special and hope others will benefit from it also. Hence, why I've uploaded this video. Naturally, there are aspects of it which are outdated, please adapt accordingly; i.e. not putting keys away in pockets/purse until getting out of car and inspecting surroundings. We have smart keys now, this is irrelevant, there's no need to take out the keys at all. This is NOT for purely entertainment value, it is useful.