How to deal with a cat in heat

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Here's a simple trick to calm down your annoying cat in heat for an hour or two.

Comments from Youtube

124Nightwing : I did not need to hear those words leave that man's mouth.


Radu Baran : Man, you totaly calmed her!

343434 : Yeah, that demon cat looks pretty calm if you think exorcisms are calm

PastelGrave : I'm so glad I learned how to make a cat cum today.

Freakzilla 8250 : that's how i reacted after my first orgasm

Alex Anderson : WHY those words!?? WHY!!!?

Gacy x : I tried this with my girlfriend but she made me do it the other way..

Duskstone109 : Now I've seen everything.

Lilacsbloom : What is this doing on my recommend list?

Amine CHARAF : After 7 years ... REALLY YouTube

MasterCeddy : It worked!!! LOL I thought it would never work but it did ! LOL My cat had the same reaction as yours. Looking angry then rolling herself on the floor like crazy.

- : I think you broke your cat

Arkanos 87 : Hahahaha i laughed my arse of watching this.

Brandon Shave : A lot more honest and less graphic than the other guy "fingering" his cat.

Ashly Campbell : very strange but I tried it and it works must relieve pressure. I wonder if vets know exactly what it does ..more info would be nice... and for the sicko's no u do not insert fingers in you cat just hold her like you would picking her up and squeeze her like a bear hug putting the same pressure on the bottom as well. I was skeptical but it works ..I don't think it works the same for male cats thou just females.

George Squires : Successful pressure relieves kitty. This only works on the days they are in heat and only once every 6-8 hours.Do not attempt to give kitteh more than good medicine.

N i l e s : hahahha WTF was she doing after release xD

Gianinna : why does this not have millions of views?

Ojib Gaming : Let's just say I almost lost my eyes that's day

akif aga : i used this technic and my cat is dead now rip penelope

MrAntennaBall : poor dan... yeah I know why you're wearing a robe, it's because the cat shredded your entire wardrobe. and tell your neighbors to turn down that tejano music, it's making the cat more crazy!

mausoleul14 : Tried it. Highly recommend it !!! She calmed down after that. Although I guess it depends on the cat, because in my case, it took a bit longer and she was more aggressive and made more sounds. But in the end just squeezing her butt makes her cum and calm down.

Dean Hughes : My innocent mind just thought, it’s too hot for the cat Like she‘s sweating or some shit

Olivia Soule : funniest video on youtube!

StarCaster : The music, the camera pans, the final pose at the end = 10/10

Carmen Guerilla : you W H A T

Ana Highley : My cat just about bit me. Deffinetly not for every cat.

Jo Moo : Finally, a useful video in my recommended feed..

DynexFilmzz : HAHA that was funny as hell but i am not doing that to my cat that is disgusting

kevin carballo : Yeah Im not doing that...

Kirmu : Yeah nice i tried this and my cat hit me in the nose with head

MIS315 : could, you know, spay

Christopher James Young : Literally started crying laughing when he delivered the punchline. And again when I tried it on the cat.

Emily Ann Clemente : he could have said any other word out their.

Gabby Ski : Why am I watching this. I don’t even own a cat.

aimarov. : How to deal with cat in heat: *Bring fire extinguisher*

Lysergic Casserole : Just another day in the McPoyle household

Elaine Davis : I CAN SLEEP!!!!!!

Thomas Malin : Umm how bout you get the cat spayed.. can't be more than $50 and you can sleep at night without your cat moaning every damn 5 minutes

teejay3000 : What am I doing.

Luis kpi : jesus what i just see

Yeah Whatever : I tried to help my car with a marker. I just rubbed it on her area and she started making demon noises.

I'D RATHER WASH MY OWN CAR : I just prefer to do the old classic of sticking your finger up its butt.

ern : Does this work on my anime cat girl waifu?

Marine Veteran USA : Wow good trick. That Meowing can be a nightmare especially at 3am when you're trying to sleep. Thanks for sharing.

Squealy Animations : Oh freaking get her fixed. I have 8 cats, every single one we fixed, it was expensive and not all at once, but they are happier and less annoying.

Feuertaufe : What did i just Watch Did that guy just rape a cat?

Ato Noel : I wish I did not see this video