How to deal with a cat in heat

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SingHouse : i wish that worked on my wife


124Nightwing : I did not need to hear those words leave that man's mouth.

Radu Baran : Man, you totaly calmed her!

Yagami Raito : Yeah, that demon cat looks pretty calm if you think exorcisms are calm

PastelGrave : I'm so glad I learned how to make a cat cum today.


Duskstone109 : Now I've seen everything.

Freakzilla 8250 : that's how i reacted after my first orgasm

Gacy x : I tried this with my girlfriend but she made me do it the other way..

Alex Anderson : WHY those words!?? WHY!!!?

Brandon Shave : A lot more honest and less graphic than the other guy "fingering" his cat.

Ashly Campbell : very strange but I tried it and it works must relieve pressure. I wonder if vets know exactly what it does ..more info would be nice... and for the sicko's no u do not insert fingers in you cat just hold her like you would picking her up and squeeze her like a bear hug putting the same pressure on the bottom as well. I was skeptical but it works ..I don't think it works the same for male cats thou just females.

Amine CHARAF : After 7 years ... REALLY YouTube

- : I think you broke your cat

MasterCeddy : It worked!!! LOL I thought it would never work but it did ! LOL My cat had the same reaction as yours. Looking angry then rolling herself on the floor like crazy.

Lilacsbloom : What is this doing on my recommend list?

Dean Hughes : My innocent mind just thought, it’s too hot for the cat Like she‘s sweating or some shit

Danyal Al-Hasani : Hahahaha i laughed my arse of watching this.

Squealy Animations : Oh freaking get her fixed. I have 8 cats, every single one we fixed, it was expensive and not all at once, but they are happier and less annoying.

akif aga : i used this technic and my cat is dead now rip penelope

Jo Moo : Finally, a useful video in my recommended feed..

George Squires : Successful pressure relieves kitty. This only works on the days they are in heat and only once every 6-8 hours.Do not attempt to give kitteh more than good medicine.

Ojib Gaming : Let's just say I almost lost my eyes that's day

N i l e s : hahahha WTF was she doing after release xD

Lupus Butterfly : Omg seriously?! Spay that poor baby! 😡👊🏻

Profezor Snayp : Was is consensual? Seems like rape. Triggered.

Gianinna : why does this not have millions of views?

VerwegenG36 : What did i just Watch Did that guy just rape a cat?

Ato Noel : I wish I did not see this video

aimarov. : How to deal with cat in heat: *Bring fire extinguisher*

MIS315 : could, you know, spay

mausoleul14 : Tried it. Highly recommend it !!! She calmed down after that. Although I guess it depends on the cat, because in my case, it took a bit longer and she was more aggressive and made more sounds. But in the end just squeezing her butt makes her cum and calm down.

Carmen Guerilla : you W H A T

MrAntennaBall : poor dan... yeah I know why you're wearing a robe, it's because the cat shredded your entire wardrobe. and tell your neighbors to turn down that tejano music, it's making the cat more crazy!

Olivia Soule : funniest video on youtube!

Yeah Whatever : I tried to help my car with a marker. I just rubbed it on her area and she started making demon noises.

Renee Calpin : not how to deal it's called get your cat spayed and neutered millions and millions of cats are homeless and euthanized in shelters all the time Please spay and neuter all your cats

Ana Highley : My cat just about bit me. Deffinetly not for every cat.

Kirmu : Yeah nice i tried this and my cat hit me in the nose with head

KevinE Everon : Just get the old snip snip at the doctor

Thomas Malin : Umm how bout you get the cat spayed.. can't be more than $50 and you can sleep at night without your cat moaning every damn 5 minutes

Emily Ann Clemente : he could have said any other word out their.

Luis kpi : jesus what i just see

attractive boy : Is this bestiality?

ghostSalamander : Ummm she was growling at you

Christopher James Young : Literally started crying laughing when he delivered the punchline. And again when I tried it on the cat.

Angel 666 : 0:30 R.I.P. the chair

teejay3000 : What am I doing.

Elaine Davis : I CAN SLEEP!!!!!!